… in the middle of the afternoon. Yesterday darkness fell about 3.30pm. A storm was rolling in. All the animals took note and began to take their places in their barns. ‘Calling it a night.’ Early.

The wind began to rise and bring it’s freezing rain then later the snow. It howled all night. Not conducive to sleep. The snow barely touched the ground as it was carried past at face peeling speed.

We will see what the ground is like when I go out to do chores. Where the snow has been thrown. When John brought me my coffee at 5.30 am he said his work is canceled.

Well, mine is not, I grumbled. Though in weather like this I will let the big animals stay hunkered down until the wind passes. The forecast says mid morning the wind should drop but it is dangerously strong still.

Of course the birds and the little pigs will be wanting attention at the normal time. Thirty minutes past dawn. Especially Jude and Molly’s Six and the ducks. The little pigs big outside East facing door is closed – I closed it in the night when the wind got so strong that Jude’s heat light started making like a pendulum, gale force rain reaching in for his bed – so I will need to re-organize the little pigs food and water. Luckily the wind has begun its swing and is now coming in from the Nor’West.

I hate having any animal locked in – even when the weather is bad.

You should hear it. The weather is loud this morning. I miss the sea in weather like this.

It will be a wild day. God knows where my buckets will be. I did not take the forecasts seriously and even forgot to bring my boots in off the verandah. I don’t care though. At least I have boots. And it is kind of exciting.

I hope you have a lovely day.


58 Comments on “CALLING IT A NIGHT

  1. I spent yesterday congratulating myself on my decision not to travel to Kansas City for the holiday. Their blizzard’s part of your system. I hope it eases soon. The difficulties of travel are real, but it’s easier to postpone a flight than a pig’s breakfast.

  2. Oh celi, I hope all is well after your storm, and you don’t freeze doing your jobs..the animals always seem to know when bad weather is coming, and must love to know that they will be cosy with your help. I love all the pictures you take of your home/animals etc., and also hearing about all the trials and tribulations of your lovely, but hard life. Keep up the brilliant work, and best wishes sent from the u.k sue x

  3. I hope that chicken who favors the tree so much came down before the big blow started. You may be searching out a neighboring farm for her is she was silly enough to stay up there 😉

  4. I love wild weather – aside from it being a change from the norm, I get to see if there are improvements I need to make to things to accommodate it – we’re experiencing more extreme ‘weather events’ each year and need to be able to withstand them.

  5. Snow blizzard totally missed us,just a bit of white on the roof, but can hear the’s in the high 20’s now. Will have to be traveling to Chicago tomorrow, dropping off an offspring. Taking the boots! Stay well and warm.

  6. I now have a vision of you facing into freezing gale force wind searching for your wayward boots on icy ground, brrrrr. Be careful out there in the tempest. Laura

  7. I hope you find all your buckets!! I love wild weather when I don’t have to do anything in it. 😀

  8. There is something primal in having to go out into bad weather. It feels challenging in a fun way, at least to me. I hope your buckets are easy to find though. That wold be annoying.

  9. I live in wi and the wind is howling here too. You’re right. Its tough to sleep. No snow or rain just very very windy

  10. When we got our first rain since last spring, the abundant moon dust in the shops became a deep slurry of mud! All my colleagues were rushing around town to clear drains of months of much and scum. We were all soaked and muddy and filthy. It was RAD!

  11. “It is kind of exciting” hahahaha. Just goes to show that “exciting” isn’t always the same thing as “fun.”
    I read your blog faithfully, although I almost never comment. Just wanted to pop in to say, “hello” and let you know I’m thinking of you on your boot and bucket hunt.

  12. I finally had to get out of my bed around 3:30am and go close the barn doors and fasten the main one so it would stop banging against the barn. But I think the wind was worse than predicted, as I was a bit scared as I ventured out into the night with a flashlight with the wind trying to knock me over.

  13. Playing catch-up today as I un-tethered to the sunny shores of the Bahama’s last week for a resounding birthday cruise! The Mouse and I had a dance or two but there is no photographic evidence…. Winter has come I see. Now the countdown to spring begins. I’m sorry about Molly being bullied by Poppy. Does Sheila just ignore the young wild girls? Manu looks like a svelte handsome fella!

    Happy Monday dear! I hope the winds settle and you get some sun today.

  14. well too badyou don’t ave a long enough extension cord to enable you to wear an electric blanket while working….hahah just joking! Take care!

  15. We un-tethered for a cruise to Panama and Jamaica for my birthday. HOT! Came back to the coldness here and promptly ended up in the hospital with pneumonia. We’re still trying to unpack! But then I read about the blizzards back East and the thousands of delayed flights — I just shut my mouth in the lament/complaint department. Happy bucket/boot hunting, Ceci! You’ll love your ski pants in this weather!

  16. It was grey and raining here this morning as we set out to look at an oven on the outskirts of Barcelona. The vendor has an old factory in the suburbs with holes in the roof and nesting pigeons. By the time we’d finished the sun was out and I cycled over to the old city for lunch in a favourite spot and was welcomed with open arms …that really made my day!
    I hope you have some improvement with the weather tomorrow.

  17. I was wondering about the hen in the tree too. Hope she took cover in the barn!

  18. I watched the horizontal snow blowing up the back alley and the whirling dervish snow blowing up the busy street in front last night in the bubbles of light the street lights cast. Poor Smoky got blown off his feet when we went out early in the evening, a huge gust of wind came whipping around the east side of the building and blew him over, which at a wobbly 16 years old, isn’t hard to do. I picked him up and got him back inside where he snuggled against the baseboard heat and didn’t want to go out again till this morning when the wind had dropped off. We didn’t get too much accumulation (about 5-6 inches) but it’s wet, gloppy snow. The driveway and alley aren’t too bad but it’s the first real snowfall. We’ll probably end up housebound before the winter is out, that slope on the alley is miserable even in dry weather. Fortunately, whatever it was that caused the “glacier” that formed on the sidewalk in front of the building stopped during the summer. Stay warm.

  19. We didn’t get any precip but the wind, it did howl. I always have a window open when I sleep and it was actually whistling! I, too am glad I’m forced to go out at least a couple of times a day, I start to droop if I have to stay inside over long. I have to admit though that there are times when I get out there in the winter weather that I wonder what on earth made me think it was a good idea!

  20. My word, that blizzard doesn’t sound like much fun, but even if the animals don’t like being cooped up, they’re warmer and safer than they’d otherwise be. We are facing some fairly catastrophic weather here: 41°C/105°F, strong hot winds, bushfires raging inland from us creating a huge brownish reef of smoke overhead, terrible air quality due to all the ash particles, no rain or temperature reduction in sight… I wish you a warm change, and hope we get a breath of your cold air down here.

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