The sun did come out yesterday. Towards the end of a very long chilly day. I am hoping we get even more today. After days of sunless cold the whole animal kingdom me included are longing for sun.

It is interesting how the birds and animals delicately position themselves to quietly absorb as much of that tiny gift of sunshine they can get.

Though very cold this morning: 14f (-10c) as I write – we will reach up to freezing point by this afternoon. And hitting just below freezing feels quite a bit warmer than the last few days.

I have a meeting up in the city today so I will be moving fast. No time to sit around this morning. I hope the ice has come off the roads a bit.

I hope you have a good day.

Love celi

21 Comments on “EVENTUALLY

  1. That rooster is a wonderful colour. So brilliant, I almost feel I could warm my hands at him! Drive carefully, Miss C, and come home safely.

  2. I adore those chunky pig bottoms! I just want to pinch them!

    It is unbelievably cold here, too. I am actually wearing PANTS instead of shorts. That happens for about 2 weeks out of the year because I spend so much time in 80 degree buildings or working under 120F lights!

  3. Gorgeous picture of the sun shining from behind the tree, the blue sky, clouds of different colors and the light dusting the land! Safe journey today!

  4. It was 22 degrees here yesterday…no sun for a few days so I worried about my chickens and my 15 yr old goat. But they are forecasting 70 degrees on Saturday! I”m in southern Indiana.

  5. gorgeous rooster shot- and I love the pigs snout reaching for the sunshine! Drive carefully!

  6. We must agree with every bit a sunshine that we can get during these cold days is the best. Love the pigs enjoying a little sunshine and a great close-up shot of the handsome rooster. Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos. We hope the weather isn’t too cold for you all that long. Have a great rest of your day.

  7. Happy travels, Ceci ! Please be safe and return home intact. Otherwise, have a wonderful time! Loved the photos!

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