As with any addition to ones life the next few days will be a shuffle reconfiguring my day to fit study into my daily routine. I am creating a new timetable and so far so good.

I have never been a night time studier. By evening my brain is a tired mush. I am productive but on auto- pilot. I read in the evenings but don’t retain enough for it to be anything but idle. So my best study time is now (early morning). Early morning is historically my writing time. All my life – so that’s ok. And the hour before chores that I usually spend on housework can become study time.

And I will study again directly after chores until lunchtime.

Then farm work all afternoon – with pop-ins on the study. Because I carry my phone in my pocket I can be writing the essays as I go. Every time a good thought pops in to my head I will train myself to write it down on the fly.

I am only telling you this so I can work it out in my own head and drop in to say hullo to you as well! Multi tasking!

The blog will take a mild hit- I will not be uploading the weather in the mornings anymore and there may be a few less images because if they don’t upload easily there are no second chances and maybe fewer publishing days. But we will see. Blogging does not take long and I like having you around!

And so to my reading.

I hope you have a lovely day.


31 Comments on “FITTING IT ALL IN

    • Deb’s idea is a good one Celi! You can record your ideas quickly, and even experiment with how you would write them by speaking them into your phone! 🙂

  1. Life is ever-changing and evolving, and you have taught us all this truth! I love following your journey, Celi.

  2. I often write thoughts and ideas I have for blog posts and other compositions in a draft in the email on my phone. This way no matter where I am when a thought occurs to me or I have a few minutes, I don’t waste them. Then when I have more time to sit down and focus or finalize a final draft, all I have to do is open up the email program on my computer.

  3. Law of survival: adapt. Cheers for you. (Blogs can take a hit and keep on chatting somehow – it is fun to sit down and visit with everyone, but if anyone can time manage it, you shall. 🙂 Love that barn pix – great t-shirt design for the west/farmlands (Ever consider selling your designs to companies? Hmmm)

  4. Sounds exciting. May the pleasure you derive from it ripple out in huge circles to attract good energy. One foot in front of the other and a little dance here and there.

  5. Okie dokie! I think we will all go with the flow with you. I’m so so excited for you and this school adventure. Maybe Sheila can learn some English from you? When you give us photos of her eyes, they just look like she wants to say something right to us! I had a dog once who by the age of 15 I really do think he could communicate with me. We were just so in sync that last year. Maybe I learned Dog vs him learning English. But we just have those animals that seem to ‘know’ things.

  6. Hi Celi! My brain works best early morning too! By 9:30pm, its hard for me to remember my name, much less retain new information.
    Hope all goes well with your studies!

  7. When I was working on my Masters degree I found that first thing in the morning before getting out of bed was best for my brain. After the day and then night school by the time I got home I was lucky to remember my name 😉 You got this, Miss c…. t

  8. You need this for you and the Farmy, so we need it too. If it helps with the studies, none of us are going to mind missing the odd post. And if you feel like it, I’d love to hear about what you’re learning and the insights you’re getting from your studies.

  9. Neither of my sons spoke English when we adopted them. You’ll find this journey both interesting and rewarding, which means you’re going to have fun.

  10. As a follower of your blog since 2012, when Charlotte sent me the link to one of your recipes, I have seen your amazing changes most of which involved a learning curve. There was the adorable-but-naughty goat experiment, having to say good-bye to the last of the sheep (Marcel!), the disappointment of the Tima + Tane breeding experiment and also so many successes, especially with the Wwoofers, the addition of the West barn, profitable egg production, the Air BnB. Happy to wait until you have time to share this new journey!

  11. It’s going to be exciting and challenging and fun……just what we need!

  12. I’m a productive morning person also, by the late afternoon I’m on auto-pilot. As well, a utiliser of draft emails to record ideas, snippets etc, and emails and texts to self as reminders. I’ve just finished my second year of full-time study, and signed up for another next year… learning of any kind is a wonderful opportunity, and worth the time & effort. But my blogging did take a hit due to that and new living arrangements.

  13. Celi – after having brought up four successful children, well, five really, on your own and had satisfying careers in NZ and England, I do think you are efficient at making up timetables. We all relish the opportunity to be together but a Mon-Wed-Fri ‘offering’ would be just fine and you would have four mornings to look after the important studies and farmy matters new to Big John ! Not one of us is going to walk away . . . Oh. I am totally unalike Dale and you . . . all my best essays are written around midnight and I would be absolutely hopeless ere about 9 am 🙂 !

  14. Yep, Miss C,, I’ll be sticking around too, no matter how few and far between the postings! I’m hooked on them and on your exciting new venture! What’s Boo going to do without being able to pose for his pictures as often? I’ll truly miss the beauty of your photos every day, but I’ll manage. Love and luck, wisdom and enthusiasm for you!

  15. So exciting! I love feeling the hills and valleys of life roll under my feet reminding me that it is, after all, a ride! The beginning of a new swell can be challenging, but soon you’ll be deftly skiing up and down slightly altered terrain. How long will the course last? Is it by correspondence? Off you go!

  16. I hope everything goes smoothly. Good Luck. We’re cheering you on…

  17. Gads! That is an understatement. I keep wanting to cut back on writing to make more time for everything else, but I keep going with it.

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