Slowly the colour is draining from the landscape. Very slowly. Inexorably. Without pity. Even though it is still a New Zealand winter the green is going.

Mainly because the cows have eaten it all!

In another month I am taking Del to the vet for a pregnancy check. She is different this time. She had twins last time and there is a good chance this might happen again so I hope to get the vet to do an ultrasound or whatever he does to check the progression and health. Somehow she is not as calm – not as friendly as usual – it is just a feeling.

Both she and Tia are starting to look pregnant though that could be my imagination too.

Jude has settled a lot in my absence. He is not nearly as pushy with me which is good. He has two commands now – OFF TO BED – which has him sprinting to the barn for a treat. (I keep a little bag of treats in there) and SIT. Sit is new but a pretty easy command for pigs. And they only sit until they get the treat then it is up and searching for more.

WaiWai’s skin is so thin that areas are showing through very pink. The top layer rubs off so easily. He has not had his zinc cream on while I was away but I think the cream disguised the problem more than anything else. In the winter he burrows deep into his straw so any cream I put on gets covered in debris. Anything sticky is a nightmare. Especially as the straw ages and gets dirty. Today I will work on him and change the bedding in the sunroom.

Wai is a work in progress. He is very sprightly though and still losing weight though not in his face. His head is the fattest part of him. Poor wee fellow. Well, not so wee really.

Talk soon.


53 Comments on “LEACHING COLOUR

  1. Oh dear, winter can be so drab and dreary. Sounds like you can perhaps add “stay” to Judes list? Hope Aunty Del is ok and just uncomfortable due to large calves? I do hope Wai’s skin doesn’t flare up again in the winter. Laura

  2. It’s difficult to tell from photos , but does Wai have better vision now? You say his face won’t slim down, but he appears to know where he is going. Taking pictures of dark colored animals is a tough one, especially their faces! Good luck on the pregnancy checks!

    • When I call him he hones right in on me. But if I open the gate he takes very very careful steps forward until he feels the gap. So I am not sure. He does see something I think.

  3. Aren’t we all a “work in progress”? Wai has shown us so much about learning to trust and how to survive.
    This is the difficult part of winter (at least for me). Winter seems to nestle in about now and it hangs tough for the next two to three months. At least we have it a little bit easier in the South.

  4. The hardest part of winter for me is the lack of sun. I can tolerate the cold and snow as long as it’s sunny. Each day is one day closer to spring. All of your animals are lucky to have you looking out for them. You care so much for each and every one of them. Glad you had a safe trip home. Maybe I’ll come out for a visit soon.

  5. I love the landscape when the colours have leached out. The colours are subtle but lovely. I find it peaceful, the land is resting.

  6. Okay, then only one more month of the ‘is she’ or ‘isn’t’ she pregnant?” 🙂 That is always a tough one! We have a little billy with us to breed with our goat girls, and are keeping him a while to make sure it happens. He is only 7 months, but our ‘goat lady’ says he is ready to go! 🙂 So fingers crossed they both get pregnant! Is the shelter to the left in the picture of Ton Ton and Wai for the ducks?

    • Everyone crowds in there in the winter – it gets lots of sun and is sheltered. The ducks come into the barn at night- my coyotes might be well behaved but there it would be counter- productive to offer them a free dinner.

  7. Is thin skin anything more than a place to watch for wounds? I guess it probably makes him more vulnerable to the cold. But your descriptions suggest that he is the master of a good warm bed. 😉 He’s such a tough survivor it’s easy to forget he might be still fragile.
    I like to think of Wai when I feel like my life isn’t getting better. Wai’s life was horrible, got much worse and then a miracle happened (you) and after a long journey of healing, he living in a bit of paradise from his perspective. It’s a tale of hope for the future, really.

    • He is hope. Yes he is. And such a nice pig too. I cannot put a coat on him because the straps would rub skin right off. But in some areas his back is as cold as stone.

      • Perhaps a large man’s shirt with the sleeves cut off? Our dog can’t handle the cold and can’t fit into a dog coat but we fashioned him a sweater from a child’s sweater cut to fit.

  8. I now understand that my dog is actually a pig. Only sits long enough to get his treat. Your title reminds me…there used to be an ad in Communication Arts magazine for a black and white photographer who had learned his craft in North Dakota. He claimed that it was the ideal place to perfect his skills as winter was long and colorless anyway.

  9. How I wish there were something that could be done for Wai’s skin! Just heartbreaking to see how far he’s come especially his sweet trusting personality thanks to your limitless kindness and compassion. I wish there were some magical elixir—something to protect his skin.

  10. Had to giggle at Recyclersa’s comment about the cows perhaps ‘just being uncomfortable with large calves’. I am too, when I do daily bicycle riding or a lot of walking in the warmer months. My calves get so big, I can scarcely get my jeans on! Chuckle! Winter – we’ve got sticky leaves everywhere and they love to come inside to hang out in the carpet! Happy New Year everyone!

  11. Colour is seeping from our surrounds as well, but because we are in the grip of a terrible heat wave that is turning everything brown. Day after day of 105F to 115F!! Awful. I can’t believe how much Jude has grown! x

    • I’ve just checked your weather on the BOM… OMG. Even the overnight mins are hot. Our festuve season weather has been summery but nice. However, there’s no rain forecast and with such heat in the centre I’m not sure what remainder of summer and early 2019 has in store weatherwise but it’s not looking kind for any of us. Take care.

      • It is bad here. The garden is really suffering, despite extra watering. We have had record highs and a record hot December but Jan and Feb are usually the hottest 🥵. It was 46 here day before yesterday, and yes, overnight lows are even hot. We are discussing modifications to house and garden if this is to be the new normal. Thx for thinking of us. I do hope we all eventually get some rain! x

        • Being a keen BOM follower myself think of you every night whilst feeling sorry for myself:: ninth day of over 35C, and four over 40C with no ac in my case . . . it does stop one in the tracks 🙂 ! Bricks and tiles too hot to touch !!! As long as the fire does not come . . I live in the middle of a gum gulley . . . .best for tonight and the year to come, Ardys . . . Eha

          • Sorry you don’t have ac! So many down south don’t. I don’t suppose it was needed much a few decades ago when most houses were built. Even in Darwin we didn’t have ac for years. Best wishes to you Eha, will send you a cool change as soon as we get one! x

  12. Slow and steady’s winning the race for poor WaiWai’s weight loss. And “DAMN!” about his skin. Hope you figure it out a workable solution. xo

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