And now it is blowing – hard. I can hear it but cannot see it yet. The wind is what will make today unpleasant.

It snowed in the night. In fact the temperatures are rising so the snow will become rain soon, before we begin the inexorable drift down to -23f (-30C). But for today it will rise up above freezing for a few hours so I hope to get the hoses out and fill the big water troughs.

I do hope it does not rain – this ridiculous rain in the middle of a terrible winter week just means more ice. I have enough ice. And I have to drive this water to the other side twice a day.

Still, it was a lovely sunny weekend.

I have three more days before Our John returns from the West Coast.

As long as I don’t get a power cut I will just plod on. I have to admit to being a wee bit anxious about ice on the power lines. Ice can bring my whole pack of cards tumbling down.

But until then it is warmer so I am going to rug up and go see if the outside faucet is running. If it is I will get the hoses out.

Lots of love


51 Comments on “BLOW HARD

  1. Those are some smart ducks! I lay hay down for my goose and she goes the opposite direction. Silly bird.
    To me the hardest part about taking care of animals is the water and more so in the winter. It’s also the most time consuming barn task. My goat will not drink water unless it’s impeccably clean so the minute I fill it up, she drinks half.

    I am dreading the temps on Wednesday and Thursday, because I have to be gone both days. We are expecting below zero, it’s gonna be bad.

  2. We just have to hunker down until the weekend. In the 40’s by Sunday ….or so they’re saying .

  3. I hate wind and those temperatures are wicked. Good luck with the hoses today. Laura

  4. Oh, how I remember those winter days with snow and ice and, especially wind! A power outage was a big worry until we got a standby generator that turned on automatically when the power went out.

  5. oh my stay warm- cannot get over how dedicated you are! A generator would be a wonderful thing!

    • I do have a generator and insisted John bring it back from the workshop to my shed before I left. I did not win on the firewood but I do have a generator. It takes a bit of setting up ( and I hope he filled it with diesel) but worse comes to worst he can talk me through it on the phone

  6. A fierce cold will engulf many stay warm and my best to your farm animals.

  7. I think the temporary warmth is more of a curse than blessing – creating ice instead of snow. Snow is manageable. ice is just… Ice.
    But the only way out is through i guess. Especially for you. You don’t have the luxury to just stay inside and wait out the cold. You are a mountain of strength. I admire you. Be safe.

    • I think my main skill is tenacity and positive self talk. In fact much of my self talk is out loud! But – keeping in keeping on is my best. It is good for us to know our strengths!
      And yes – the ice will be the killer. ESP on the drive to the other side.

  8. I’ve just been looking at the ducks on the canal. It was down to about zero last night (nowhere near as cold as you) and as far as I can tell they swim sleep all night on the water. The foxes would get them if they slept on land. They really are quite astonishingly hardy birds. Yours look quite content on the straw.

  9. I have a friend that has ducks and the ducks are stuck in the middle of their frozen pond and they are trying to save them because right now the foxes can just walk across the ice and the ducks cannot get out.

  10. Miss C, do you have a Plan B for *yourself* if the power goes out? Temps down to -30°C, no power and no firewood is a bad combination…

    • Yes! I keep Six buckets for animals and three drinking containers for me full of water at all times. The bad cold is actually only for about 36 hours. So worst comes to worst in that I am iced in – I will put all my woolies on – take the dogs and go sleep with the pigs.

      • Excellent idea. Miss Sheila should be great at providing furnace service, especially if you can line yourself up between her and Molly. Now THAT would be a calendar-worthy shot…

  11. Lordy, Lordy, Lordy Miss C! Today it’s a ,minute, by minute affair, as will be the next few days. May Saints preserve and the winds be at your back!

  12. I remember watching ice coated power lines near our farm when I was a kid. The wind started blowing hard and steady across them. The 2 lines, one above the other, started to oscillate. As they gained amplitude, they touched, making a brilliant blue flash. Our house lights dimmed briefly, too. Here is an example of some galloping but not touching.

  13. Thinking good thoughts that the power lines don’t come down. Wishing you lots of strength/stamina. We’ve got snow coming down slowly and steadily with lots of wind so there’s not much point in going out and trying to shift any of it yet until it’s done.

    • I agree. The wind is the trouble . In the last hour the wind had swung to the north and our temperatures are spiraling down fast – being blown down. I am off out to dole out more straw. Then laid up with more water and go across the way again. The roads are icing up as I write. Bad luck.

  14. This is just too cold for me to even think about properly… I am waiting for you to come out the other side. And no firewood… for me firewood make winter doable. But then you need to indoors to get the benefit, and it doesn’t sound like that happens there as much as here. Maybe hang out in the warmest spot in the barn in between outside trips.

  15. We have wind today too along with a good foot of light fluffy snow. Thankfully I got the majority of it shoveled and plowed today before the temps start to plummet and yes, those predicted windchills Wed. are -56F. I’m afraid I’ll still have some new drifts to clear by tomorrow. All told I still prefer the snow over the rain/ice in mid winter though I’d like it if my skid steer had an enclosed cab! Got a might chilly out there today. Take care with the ice, so glad to hear your faucet opened up and hang in there til the weekend!

  16. Make sure to have something to cover your face with the deep bitter cold, skin doesn’t deal well with those wind chills.
    The hill is a sheet of ice under the new snow and no one has attempted it in days. There is a wonky gas regulating valve on the boiler and the spouse is on boiler watch with this frigid period upon us. Smoky wisely refuses to go down the stairs at all and we’ve got enough snow on the porch to just shovel away his deposits out there. With it so dangerously cold and him at 16 years and almost 4 months the less time he’s out the better (I will I had a supply of newspaper so he didn’t have to go outside at all until it warms up). This winter is more than enough to leave me wanting to live someplace it never snows, I’ve had enough.

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