Yesterday John picked up the snow plough on the way home from the airport and ploughed his way up the lane. A dramatic return. And now I can get my car out again!

That first image is of pheasant tracks in the snow. At least thirty of them now out in our field.

By the end of today and certainly tomorrow most of the snow will have melted and all the tracks will be gone.

I love how the six have such a soft lovely bed .

In the warm sunny windless day yesterday all the animals came out of their warm corners to play.

Ever Del seemed a little more cheerful.

On the inside.

The melt is not going to be pretty. But it will be pretty warm.

You can imagine the noisy joy of the ducks – having real puddles again. Both the ducks and the chickens stopped laying due to the cold nasty weather. So I have suspended sales until we have dug ourselves out of this mess and they all start to lay again- might be a while.

Yesterday’s high rose right up above freezing. Today’s high will be 46f and tomorrow’s high will be around 52f. We are going up so fast on this escalator rise into the unusual warmth that we are entering nose bleed territory. But I am going to get piles done in these few warm days. Possibly even clear the ice jam in the cows waterer and put in a new heater.

Fingers and trotters crossed!

I am very glad I don’t have bees anymore. These fluctuations in temperature would be the end of them. Though I still really miss the honey!

Love celi

36 Comments on “TRACKS

  1. Those lovely ginger cats looks as if they’re glowing from the inside. I’m glad you’ve broken free, even if you’re not going anywhere yet, and I’m even more glad you’re not on your own if some new disaster arises. I know you can do it yourself, but help can make life a lot easier.

    • The ginger cats caught my eye as well. And the snuggly piggies. And the happy ducks. We’re on day 2 of a great thaw. All that ice has turned into water (I put down salt and it’s making the process go even faster.) although the water is now standing in puddles until there are paths to get through the remaining piles of snow/ice to get to the drains. Glad to hear your John is back.

  2. I am so relieved by the warmth too. I feel like your ducks. I sat out on my balcony last night without a coat and found it quite comfortable. It’s amazing how the body adapts to winter. I would have been shivering and miserable just a few months ago in those circumstances but after days of arctic horror it felt like happiness and quite comfortable. I hope you all have an enjoyable, even if muddy, few days.

  3. I thought of you last evening as we sat with a guest at the fire pit down in the canyon, warm wind from the south blowing above us. I envisioned the warmth of the southern winds and heat from the fire carrying many miles north to you, my friend. “Noisy joy of ducks” reminds me of the geese and cranes that will soon be migrating to the north, honking and bugling merrily in flight. Noisy joy is found in nature in all seasons.

  4. It’s amazing how a little sunshine cheers everyone up. It’s the same here – there were lots of people out at the market this morning, when it opened, in contrast to last week when it was raining and empty.

  5. I like John’s dramatic return. It would be the big final scene in a movie with See the Conquering Hero Come or some other fanfare rising to a crescendo. And you the courageous capable Heroine who saved The Farmy throughout the frozen ordeal, running down the lane toward the rumbling snowplow, arms waving, barking dogs racing from their guard posts to catch up. And all the other creatures sounding their joyful noises. Finis!

  6. Yay so glad the Sun has found you again. Did the back of the snow plough perhaps have a cord of firewood 🤔 Laura

  7. Brrr—I can’t begin to imagine such cold! I’m a true Mediterranean, alas… You are my pig guru, so can I ask—when you feed the pigs hard-boiled eggs, do you peel them first? And do they make them fat—mine needs to be kept relatively slim, since she’s a pet. Although she has the run of the place and tends to walk a lot, she’s a real pig—pun intended!

    • Good morning – no I don’t peel them – the peel is good for them too. For Sheila and any pregnant pigs they get one or two a day only. Tane gets as many eggs as he can take and Tima only one. Tima is a real pig too! No amount of walking will slim that girl down.

  8. I am happy for you that you won’t be carrying all those pails of water! What a lot of work that is when you freeze up! We are still in the deep freeze up in Alberta! -28 this morning with a wind chill of -40 Celsius! We have another week yet before they predict a warming trend.

  9. Love, love. love your images today. They make me feel all warm and happy inside with the glow of the sun and the animals all enjoying a reprieve from the horrid cold you have had. Thanks for making me smile big this morning.

  10. your fellows seem to have survived the Arctic blasts! That comment about digging out the car reminded me of my childhood chores in the New England winter for my mom. Hope thaw stays a while!

  11. Your photos are so so beautiful today! What are you shooting with? All calendar worthy. In fact, I think you’ll need to do a picture for every day instead of one for every month.

  12. Beautiful kitties! JMcheney, I loved your ‘movie’! So glad you’re thawing, Ceci ! (Moved the exclamation point over a space – otherwise, it looks like “Cecil” .

  13. Glad you are out of the worst of the cold and are sky-rocketing into this strangely warm thaw! Hope you get the clearing done! I’ve been thinking of you and the animals in that dramatic cold. Glad everyone got through it ok!

  14. Yes they are really lovely photos–and I got a kick out of the ginger cat way way up in the tree. Wondering if you have to call the fire dept. to come rescue him.
    That little Jude running out to greet John– what a heart-melter. And one more thing–melting ice is VERY slippery as you say. Deceptively so.Easier to walk on snow.

  15. A fun and joyful post and comments today. I’ve never seen so many ginger cats on one farm! Lovely! I loved John’s return on the snow plow and Jude running to meet him! John must have chuckled at that one. xx

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