52f was much anticipated after enduring minus 26f but it turned out to be a bit dull!

We quite simply sat in a cloud the whole day.

The good news is that the livestock waterer is all thawed out! No more carrying buckets of water to the cows and pigs on the West Side.

Every month I get an Amazon delivery of dog food, cat food and coffee. The driver always gives a treat to the dogs. My driver is so used to unusual sights at my house that she never even blinked an eye as she gave a treat to Boo, a treat to Ton who also gave his treat to Boo ( Ton hates treats preferring sticks) and then the pig who was last in line muscled forward to the ice cream van and Jude got a treat too.

Then the driver emptied her van of cats, waved goodbye and carefully drove off.

Have a lovely day.


47 Comments on “WHAT 52 LOOKS LIKE

  1. Jude is fast becoming an endearing fixture who just may think he’s a a dog. Have a great day. ~ Mame 🙃

  2. And why not, 2019 being the year of the Pig according to the Chinese calendar. Laura

  3. Thanks for today’s giggle. I can picture Ton handing over his treat to Boo then Jude asking for his with all the cats wondering where theirs are. What a scene. We are iced up here. Portland doesn’t do well with ice. I’m glad you got a break in those truly awful temps.

  4. Well, at least your delivery driver has an interesting route. And hopefully won’t get stuck in mud too often in the next muddy days. I should think rural routes would be full of being stuck in mud and snow and ditches.

  5. I can’t remember how it was left, is Jude staying? I love Jude. How is Miss Sheila? We don’t see much of her these days!

    • Jude will be going to a big gardens – they are building him a special area . He cannot stay here – it is fine to have him run about in the winter but he will play havoc on the lawns in the summer!

  6. Thanks for the grin you’ve plastered on my face this morning Miss C. Can’t believe how much snow we lost in just one day (and how much water there was to get rid of:/)

  7. Is the Outreach Farm open to visitors? Is it anywhere near you–in Illinois, Iowa, or Indiana?

  8. HMMM – horrible din with thunder, lightning, and rain all morning, turning to snow and power loss evening time, snowed all night, and it’s snowing again right now. Some of the limbs from our trees have fallen. BUT, the deer, squirrels, and hummingbirds are still out and about. Kitties prefer to be inside, but this weather sure has them wound up! I loved your blog today – made m happy! Thank you! You critters see happy, too!.

  9. oops! That is ‘seem’ happy., not ‘see’ happy. Sorry, Ceci !

  10. great snow mushroom! Jude is such a cutie and I love how Ton “shares” his treats with Boo! Have a lovely warm day…hopefully the sun comes out!

    • You got it ! This is how Ton shares / he gently takes the treat from the hand of the nice lady – then turns and opens his mouth and lets it drop out where she cannot see and grabs his stick – Boo has it caught before it even hits the ground.

  11. It looks much like it was here all weekend, soupy fog then rain yesterday morning – you’d never know we got more than a foot of snow a week ago! Much colder today with a sharp NE wind, at least it stayed warm enough long enough to get rid of most of the ice on my drive and my horses’ yard.
    I believe my FedEx driver has more pictures of Percy on his phone than I do! He says his little girl loves to look at them, maybe a lady farmer in the making!

  12. That really is hilarious. Your driver is quite amazing! This is a great laugh to start out my day. Especially envisioning all the cats in the truck. I enjoyed getting in line for a treat.

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