Hats and sunglasses against a cool sun.

Tons of sun. Clothes on the line. Animals all outside. Gardens planned. New feed in big reusable drums.

Pigs and cows transported to spring quarters. The calves wheeled across the way. Doors wide open to the cool bright sunshine. Ducks nibbling on the smallest of new shoots. Molly in her farrowing suite (she has a good few weeks to go yet but she needs to get used to the ducks in case I don’t get them shifted in time).

The barns doors opened wide.

Then this morning I awake to this.

And it is still snowing. Heavily.

Really snowing now. I have too much to finish today to be dealing with snow again!


50 Comments on “THAT WAS YESTERDAY

  1. We are basking in the first dry week since September. Seasonably cool but a bright orb in the sky that had been absent for months. Fields have new green hue, hang in there…spring really is coming.

  2. Is it just me or is Aunty Del looking thinner? Oh well, snow day it is then, frustrating for you I am sure. Laura

  3. We can’t count on spring quite yet. Even here we have one sunny day and then the temperatures drop and we have hail, sleet and more snow. Luckily the snow doesn’t last long but we still have ice covering the parks and our lawns and the edges of the road by the curbs.

  4. How cruel just a little teaser of spring and then bang back into winter. 😀

  5. It’s like March is bipolar. It starts to give peeks of the coming spring and then it reverts to winter. You never know what it’s going to do.

  6. 😑 but look at all of those beautiful birds! I just spent over an hour scrolling through Instagram looking at urban gardens and dreaming of gardening. I am so done with winter.

  7. Oh no! That was a shock indeed to see the snow pics. You could tell the animals were loving spring. Let’s assume that they just take one day at a time and deal with what comes, but as humans that rapid transition isn’t so easy or pleasant to work with.

  8. Yikes! We’re stunned by your last photo because there’s no hint of snow here. Cold though. But sunny.

  9. I feel your pain on the snow. You get so much more than us and we are feeling the same — so you must REALLY be over the snow. We have sun this weekend with rain and cold, maybe some flurries, next week. And all I want to do is play in my greenhouse. We have our very first wwoofer this weekend. What a wonderful experience — and discovered through you so many thanks for sharing your experience with all of us.

  10. Wow. Nature and her nasty bait-and-switches. I did not see that coming…in fact was about to comment on the glorious sunshine. All that comes to mind, quite lamely I admit, is a poster I had as a 7 year old of a kitten hanging onto a rope and the words Hang in there Baby.

  11. Oho, you brought some Melbourne weather home with you… ‘If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes’. Trouble is, you *did* like the weather and this change is the bit you don’t like. And have you noticed how it’s always the bad stuff that hangs around, and the nice stuff is here today, gone tomorrow?

  12. Crazy weather. I loved the picture of the chickens in their giant ‘coop’ with the sun streaming through the windows behind them.

  13. Oh dear, I am so sorry you have to go through more snow. We had a light dusting last night which I am sure is a remnant from your storm. Last week, just after we got back from Spain, we got a note from the guy we rent a house from in Arizona, mentioning that the house has become available as of March 19…I actually gave it a second thought!

  14. The old adage, “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb”, doesn’t seem to be too far off its mark, eh? Happy St. Patrick’s Day, too!

  15. Opposite here….a lovely cool change comes in, with a little rain, and a feeling of relief from the heat and the dry….. then the next day, temps up into the mid 30s C again (80-90 F). Love the pics of the animals soaking up the sunshine.

  16. and look at how big that little piglet is! and your photos …I could not believe what you woke up to! EEEEEK!

  17. OMG! it looked so fantastic yesterday, like here in Cataluña. I hope it goes back to sunshine tomorrow.

  18. We had rain, instead of snow, even though we’re north of you. Today was the South Side Irish Parade and there were lots of people walking from the Metra Station west to the parade route. I’m sure they were enjoying the sunny, if chilly, day.

  19. Bleh! I am sure you are as ready for Spring as I am. I am over this chilliness, and we have had barely the flake of snow. I can only imagine shifting farm animals about in the snow.

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