For the ducks – it will fit quite a number of ducks actually. The Matriarch and I found it yesterday and did the deal right on the spot. There is no kicking around when we get determined. John will make a few modifications once it arrives next week . Then at last our ducks are safe.

No sign of more mink last night but Boo took it upon himself to sleep outside. The chook house and the ducks in the stock trailer are within hearing and sight when he lays on the verandah. Having a dog outside is the best deterrent. Especially this dog.

Above are the three sickies. Floating. They are very carefully drinking water but not eating yet. The rest of the flock have begun running them off. The law of the jungle is not kind. Anything that will slow down the group is dumped from the group. Survival of the fittest is understandable but cruel. Though it does allow me to attempt to feed and water them separately.

I am collecting only two eggs a day now. The loss of six layers ( two dead, one missing and three out of action) at 60 cents an egg a day, has made a terrible dent in the summer farm plan. ( as is the way with farming). I am casting about for a little part time job – at least until I bring the new ducks online in seven months. That’s if they all arrive on-time and we don’t have any further mishaps. Having a bigger flock is sensible in many ways.

Sheila (above) is now back in the barn. She has very happily taken over the area that the ducks vacated.

The last bale of hay.

Now that John has brought all the 2 year old compost from across the other side to the asparagus patch ( driving down the bank) I will string up the electric fence in the long grass/wild garden down by the ditch. Aunty Del and Tia can eat the standing hay down there. The fence will block the back track but only for a short time. And the activity will interfere with the mink tracks.

The Six are being nosy.

Tell me if this system is cropping my images – in this one below you should have a couple of inches of seat – screen right of the ginger cat. Just checking.

When I looked at the blog on the computer the other day the images were different. Now that longer days are coming I feel in the mood to swap from the phone to the camera/laptop combo. Though building the blog in the app is so easy.

The weather has a work day feel. I guess I had better get on with it then. That compost is not going to spread itself.


31 Comments on “FOUND A SAFE HOUSE

  1. I am on an Android phone, and I think the cat image is cropped from what you described. Both cats are fairly centered in the picture without much of the bench showing on either side of the cats. I can only see one edge of the cement block underneath the ginger cat–the picture ends before the outside edge of the cement block shows.

  2. Let’s hope that’s the last of the mink. Good boy Boo! Those poor ducks do look sorry for themselves, finger crossed that they recover.

  3. I’m on a laptop, and I have what I think is the full image.
    I’m glad you’ve found a safe haven for the ducks. With luck, the injured ones will recover; fingers crossed! And my goodness, that compost is beautiful – it looks like Dutch cocoa powder!

  4. Boo is such a sweet dog!
    My parents used to lock their ducks and chicken in at dusk – there were too many foxes in Cornwall and they didn’t seem bothered by dogs.

  5. Such a pity John doesn’t like to travel, I would definitely order a large trailer of that compost 😉 do hope the 3 ducks are going to recover fully. Laura

  6. The cat shot looks good on my laptop. The cats are centered with seat showing both left and right of them. Beautiful compost!!! And two years old!!! Your asparagus will LOVE it!!! 🙂

  7. As with others on laptop the image looks to be centered. Must be a phone thing, which I know happens to me as well. Can John make a small trip to Washington state with a bit of that compost for my small flower garden…;)

  8. Viewing on an iPad, the amount of bench you describe is not showing. Will the flock accept the ducks back if they recover? Such a harsh reality. Is your ESL teaching certification completed? I know you were working very hard at that.

  9. Viewing on a Samsung tablet the image is centered with the same amount of bench (roughly ) on either side of the cats.

  10. I see both cats and a bit of space on either side of them. On a laptop.
    I’m glad you have a new house for the ducks. Boo is our hero.
    When will you get new ducklings? Or will you hatch some eggs?
    I remember it seemed to take so long for them to grow up into layers last year.

  11. Oh my! You are very busy C. I hope your ducks make a full recovery, as do your hens. I lock mine away every night as we have a fox den on our property. During the day they are in a large run that is electric fenced and our neighbours lovely lurchers are alway wandering over and spraying their scent which discourages the foxes too.
    Love your blog! xx

  12. I am curious what kind of duck house you bought…can’t wait to see it. I call my barn “fort knox” because I try to make it impossible for the raccoons to enter and mostly I have succeeded. I never get too confident though because right now I have a gopher or something digging holes in there which just gives the raccoon a tunnel to go through.

  13. Good on Boo – your star! Hope to meet him someday! I’m still hoping for the ducks – so good that there are 3 so that they can keep each other company as they heal. And good news about the new duck house. Disappointing about the lost revenue from the eggs. I’m confident you will find a way to sort out alternatives. Also good news that your activities that contribute to keeping the minks discouraged. Hope you get much done and feel more encouraged.

  14. Boo is one smart and caring dog. You are blessed. Hope the ducks heal quickly.

  15. I have no idea how these things work, but is it possible to make money off YouTube? I would happily watch any videos you put up, especially if it contributed to the Farmy Fund!

  16. As I do paidwork and studies on the computer I prefer a desktop and big screen – the cat photo seems exactly as you planned it. Understand the situation but feel it unfortunate that you have to look for making some extra cash off the farm: best of luck and do try to leave time for proper sleep and some relaxation . . . Hope the Coop has decent advance bookings . . .

      • As I live at ‘the end of the road’ I have done Market Surveys/panels for eight years . . . they pay a pittance but you work just as much as you want and just when you can or want . . . it does not pay the rent but buys the extras . . . just a thought whist you are looking around . . . or John might have the patience to try 🙂 !

          • Good and good luck !!!!! And however much I learn from such endeavours, and I do, sometimes it is a matter of 8-10 hours almost without a break , , , 🙂 !

  17. It does seem as though nature can be cruel … but it is survival of the fittest isn’t it! Fingers still crossed for those ducks … Love the pic of the kitties and yes you do have a couple of inches of seat! 😃

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