Yesterday afternoon I was down the back spreading the compost on the asparagus beds. One down. Five to go. Some of the compost is still frozen solid. Anyway after I had finished my goal for this job, which was one bay, I wandered back up to the house. It was not until bedtime ( after- dinner chores) that I realized I had not called Jude back.

I had just walked off and left him mucking about down the back.

I went out looking for him but he was not on his usual bed – it did not take me long to discover him tucked in between Tane and Wai. Fast asleep.

Right in the last week of his stay here he finally makes friends with the Three Little Pigs. ( I had to use a flash to get this shot in the dark but I knew you would want to see this).

However the good news is that I can dismantle his corner room and turn it back into the creep for the newborn piglets. Molly is not too far off. Maybe ten days I think.

The ducks are laying eight eggs – the last two mornings. This means one of the injured ducks is laying. And yesterday I saw the worst looking one stretch her neck back and start grooming so that is a definite improvement. They still hang out by themselves as the rest of the flock graze from field to field but they all go to bed together which will maintain some cohesion in the flock.

In fact last night they put themselves to bed in the stock trailer. No need for me to herd them in at all.

Today I go down to The Mill to talk to Jill the mill manager – we will discuss my new part-time job down there. They looked like they needed extra help at the mill so I talked myself in the door. I will manage the internet sales. I like Harold and I like Jill so I will be with good people. And I will manage my own schedule.

With John retired he can do a bit more gardening and cooking. This will give me the time to work off the farm. I feel my wings spreading again.

I hope you have a good day.


30 Comments on “BED – TIME

    • Yes! And it is within my ideals of growing and promoting diverse chemical free foods. Actually that was a thought full sentence to write. I had to stop and think why this job might be a good fit.

  1. You must be the busiest most energetic person I know. A part time job on top of the farm!!! You work for 2 or 3 people.

  2. Celi when I have maintenance jobs to do around here I have to use a “rent-a-husband” agency. I was wondering if something like that would be of interest to John? That too would bring in extra cash. Good boy Jude and the ducks too. They must feel safer there. Good luck with your new job, you are going to be extra busy this summer, phew. Laura

    • Lordy i have enough trouble getting him to do maintainance around here. No, nice thought but he never much liked work when he was working- plus I need him here so I can work.

  3. I’m thinking it’s going to be a bit difficult saying goodbye to Jude at month’s end. 😦 So nice that he has a place to go. No doubt he will love his new home, and his new parents will love him! The part time job sounds interesting! And spreading the wings quite wonderful too! Any WOOFERS coming your way this summer? xo

    • The international Woofer’s are almost non existent now. With the changes in the immigration rules. Even a simple ESTA to transit through an American airport can take up to three months— no-one is allowed to come in to volunteer on a farm you need a work permit for that and etc.
      I have one girl who is interested in coming in May. We will see

      • Damn! I didn’t realize that! But guess I should have. 😦

        • Yes. Things have changed now. And you don’t know it has happened either unless you are an immigration lawyer- or like Logan got caught out at the airport unable to check in – without it. Previously it took about 15 minutes. We had to buy him a whole new ticket routing him through another country on the way to Australia for Sophie’s graduation. Not one to forget

          • I’m so sorry that happened to Logan. The news makes my blood boil so much these days.

  4. Oh how l will miss Jude, one of my most favourite characters on the farmy at the moment. You have done an amazing job
    with him. I don’t think he will ever stop thinking he is a dog though!
    Thinking of favourite characters l was reminded of Marcel the lamb who arrived at the farmy the same time as l did!
    He was quite a character too.
    Good luck with your new job, perhaps it will help with the wanderlust you get from time to time.

  5. Good news for you and Jill. She’ll be glad to have a savvy internet person to help.
    That little Jude is one smart pig…finding his way home with no problem. I thought he got along with the 3 but do recall WaiWai giving him a little kick in an Instagram video—which I would love to see again but have a hard time accessing and don’t even know if they are still accessible. Can’t seem to find them.

  6. So so happy the injured ducks are healing. Very very good news!

  7. Sounds like a plan is falling into place. Such a sweet note about Jude. We will miss him.

  8. I can’t believe how huge Jude is! That is truly amazing! Congrats on the new job…and the duckies recovering. Truly wonderful to see.

  9. So I see you are getting all your ‘ducks in a row’! Has Wai-Wai completely healed, or to the best he will ever be? Wai was just jealous because Jude took over the center stage spotlight! Probably why Wai would have no truck with Jude. Bless them both! I wonder who we get to rescue next, besides the little injured ducks?

    Have a great adventure with your new job, Ceci. I truly admire you!

  10. awww Jude is quite the pig isn’t he! and there is his buddy Boo keeping an eye on him! Your new part time job sounds perfect for you!

  11. The ducks must have strong necks to get through such an injury. I hope they do all recover. Your cows have such beautiful coats. Just shows how healthy they are.

  12. Look how that darling little rescue pig has grown and found a family. So sorry he has to go. It is good news about the ducks, and they must feel safe in their new home to have adapted so quickly. Hopefully the three will eventually be accepted back into the group…though maybe they are like humans who bond during traumatic events and they will never be the same again. Congratulations on the part time job. We only need to put these things out to the Universe and our needs are met. xx

  13. Clearly you are a born sales person – see, you have talked yourself into a job! And yes, I think you’re ideal for the purpose and passionate about the cause, and it will take you about 10 seconds to learn everything you need to know because you’re flexible and used to responding to whatever the Farmy throws at you. I reckon Harold and Jill are not only lucky to get you, they’ll wonder what they did without you in fairly short order.
    Do give us all a chance to say goodbye to Jude when he leaves for his forever home…?

  14. Wonderful that you will be able to work at something in which you believe. A satisfying and joyful way by which to earn a little extra . . . . and especially advantageous if you can set your own hours. Am glad you are getting amongst other like-minded people . . . best . . .

  15. A new job sounds like a great adventure! And there will no doubt be perks that come along with working there – scraps for composting or the pigs, etc.

    Good to hear about the ducks and that they’ve got the band back together. Some of the animals I have experience with will not re-form bonds once they are broken.

    • Yes / the flock was a real worry for me – I think forcing them to all sleep in s small trailer every night might have helped. At first the healthy ducks were shooing the injured ones away which could have been bad

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