The Australorps are in the big brooder with random branches, learning to roost. They are still very sweet birds.

The electric fences are up so Tia and Aunty can go to graze in the Dairy Mistress field. Though the paused for a long time in Daisy’s paddock hoping could stay. But there there is no standing hay in Daisy’s Paddock. It was grazed way too low last autumn. This is why I am keeping them off it for a while. I had too much stock last summer.

We had a wild squall yesterday afternoon – it poured so hard and the wind was so strong we could not see out the windows.

The ground is not absorbing water yet -everything is very wet after our sopping winter.

The Quack Den looks perfectly at home in the landscape of the farmy.

I did get in the do a quick clean in Molly’s suite. It smells much better in the barn now.

Today I will send John to town with the trailer to buy a load of pig panels, a lot of T posts and two little gates. I hope to make a new pen around the old stock trailer. Plus a newly designed mobile pig pen in the thistle patches in Pat’s Paddock. The pigs can start grubbing them out. Intensively.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

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  1. At least it looks like it will be warm enough today to start drying things out. Hope your hand is getting better and Molly is settling down. Have a lovely day too. It seems a good thing having John there to do some of the work as well?

  2. Hmmm, it does look like Boo found the missing duck eggs. Beautiful post storm photos, full of drama and water. So glad Molly is allowing you in to clean up again. Laura

  3. I’m glad your hand is coming along…
    My hubby always cleans the pig pens with sow and babies underfoot. On the flip side – I have always let the sows out into an outside pen while I clean up. They seem happy to stretch their legs and enjoy some fresh air without the piglets. I’ve had mellow sows, I’ve had grumpy sows….in the back of my mind I’m very aware that they outweigh me by several times, and as they’ve poor eyesight it might not take a lot to startle them. Be safe 😊

  4. Oh dear! Looks like you’ll need hip waders to get around in that slosh! The blak and white of Boo an the tractor looks lokr a charcoal drawing – beautiful!

  5. The Quack Den is so darling and it really does fit perfectly in with the farm. But dear Boo is darlingest of all~~looks like he’s ready to go for a spin.

  6. Oh I bet those ducks walked out and thought they’d woke up in water heaven! Puddles as far as their little eyes could see! 😉

  7. It sounds as if John is slipping into a WWOOFer role, or is he more of an unWWOOFer? I’m glad the hand is better enough for you to get back to your *other* job. I had to think what you meant when you wrote T-posts, and then had an aha! moment when I realised we call them star pickets.

    • In NZ we fall them Waratah Standards. Yes about John but that’s the last about him. He does not want to be discussed or photographed. Fair enough, aye.

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