It was really hard to get a sharp image of the piglets yesterday. Molly was in an unreliable mood so I just hung the phone down into their bedroom to see what I got and all I got was a whole lot of out of focus snouts as they rushed over to investigate the new toy.

The high winds yesterday did wonders for the sky.

And through the night we endured a few violent squalls. More of the same today I think.

I have begun to bring the cows ( Aunty Del and Tia) into the yards for the night-times. Tia may be getting close. Her udder is small but lovely. It is hard to tell with a big heifer like her. Aunty still has a while to go. Her udder is really loose. No milk in there yet.

However it is best to get them in the habit of coming up to the barn – we don’t want any calves born on the West Bank. They can easily roll into the ditch and it is a coyote pathway. My pack has never been any trouble – well not so far but there is no point in plating offerings for them out there.

Still thirteen eggs from the ducks – every day like clockwork. And around forty eggs a day from the chickens.

The asparagus will be liking this wet day. I think we will have enough for a small feed by tomorrow.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Miss c

23 Comments on “OUT OF FOCUS

  1. Great pictures! The weather is so unpredictable. I will be at your mother-in-laws post office beginning Monday….and for quite some time. The girl that was there received a promotion. So come see me if you need anything mailed.

  2. Love the spring green in the field! I am so looking forward to green up here! So happy that Jude’s new momma is sharing photos of him for us- he looks very happy

  3. Beautiful skies. The little piggies have filled out and grown, you and Molly are feeding them well. Laura

  4. The Baby pigs are so cute, we never raised pigs, horses and cows and all the birds, peacocks, chickens, ducks, a few turkeys here and there.

  5. The piglets look very healthy and alert, and full of the usual insatiable curiosity. Wonderful skies, that tell anyone with a weather eye that there are strong, fresh winds and rather cool weather on the way.

  6. Cheeky, alert little pigs. Great egg productions. I think the ducks must have taken to their new home like…….
    ducks to water! You must be SO pleased (and proud) of Jude’s progress seeing him on his very own
    instagram post.

  7. Charming creatures these little piglets. And with such delightful interest in the world. Lovely sky photos too. Always different and in motion—like the piglets. The Instagram is hilarious—that one rushing through at the last minute!

  8. Beautiful photos of the skies. Do you get any benefit from those windmills in the way of reduced rates on anything? Probably not is my guess.

  9. Is that third to last picture of sassafras flowers?! If so, why is it there? I wanted to plants ome here, but only because I have never worked with them before . . . . and because If find them intriguing.

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