WaiWai spends quite some time in fly season trying to get underneath his rags. I cover him with the last of his bed if I am around. Since he was burnt his skin is paper thin and he is is always happy when totally covered up. He grunts in a satisfied fashion and settles down into calm sleep when he has his covers on.

He really does look like a pile of old rags.

Finally the broken down fence along the concrete pad has been torn down and replaced. I desperately needed a gate in there so I could get the tractor in for cleaning.

Yesterday I made the inside enclosure for the ducklings in the Quack House and even with no ducklings in there it took me ages to get the ducks to go to bed last night. They would go in then see the new gate then turn and pop back out in horror.

It should not take them long. The ducklings will not enjoy being locked in but I am hoping that after a while they will become one flock and I can let them out in the care of the older ones. But we will see – I am just feeling my way slowly through this process.

Having an extra day on the farm is a gift. I will be able to complete lots of tasks today

Have fun


So much for my drying out prediction. My friend told me we had four days without rain so far this May and yesterday was one of them. And April was just as bad.

Just for the record all the hay is ready to be cut. But John has decided to take over the hay this year so I am training myself not to be helpful. I think haylage/silage would be a good bet for this wet season. You only need s couple/three good dry days. Getting in dry hay is going to be difficult. But, as I said, I have to hold my peace to keep the peace. Though why women always have to be the peace makers is beyond me. I am in the rural Midwest, it is a different world for women down here. Poor old John got a stroppy immigrant for a wife.

In the fifties my first father in law went home to Holland to find a wife – who became my first husband’s mother. Lovely woman. He had been living in New Zealand, owned land by then but decided he did not like the New Zealand women – too lippy, too direct, ungovernable, argumentative and too often right. He wanted a quiet Dutch wife who cooked and gardened.

30 Comments on “PILE OF RAGS

  1. Ha ha – the Dutch wife story made me laugh!
    Poor Wai – I’m sure he feels happy in his new home with you.

  2. Mmm, some Dutch females I know distinctly like being in charge 😁 loved the IG video of Wai. Could use some of your extra rain here. Laura

  3. Ha ha, my dad had the same idea but decided Indian women was the way to go. The first Indian wife absconded with the money for the airfare to Australia and the second wife asked for money for the flight so he divorced her.

      • We’ve moved to Australia and I’m so sad to report I don’t have a garden at the moment 😦
        Instead I’ve been exploring family history and so far have found 5 convicts. The first two arriving 4 and 5 years after the first fleet. So unbelievably sad those early years.
        How I love traveling through the seasons with you on your farm. I’m so glad to see the back of another icy winter 😃xx

  4. From the couple of women of New Zealand I know in cyberspace & several whose stories I’ve read (Katherine Mansfield, Ngaio Marsh), I’d say any man she chose to marry would be very lucky to be chosen. Strength, savvy, brains, understanding, empathy & great compassion. NZ women rock the world.

  5. Thank goodness recyclers mentioned the IG of WaiWai. For so long, I was unable to figure out how to use IG and now I forget to look down, but oh oh oh what a treat. Not only the darling WaiWai protected from the assault of those damn flies, but also that spectacular photo of the “girls and baby”. It gives me chills, that shot.
    Thank you for bringing us up to date on Wai. Poor soul doesn’t even have a long-enough tail to swat the flies.
    P.S. Men! Don’t get me started. Please!

  6. How did WaiWai get burned? Sorry, but I couldn’t locate in ‘cast of characters’ so I am late to the table.

  7. my sweetie pie and I both know when to shut up and when to give advice…..after almost 30 years I think we have our “dance of closed mouth” down pat!

  8. Loved the ‘ducklings all in a row’! How long does Wai’s hated fly season last? Hope they’re not horse flies – they really pack a bite! Like our meat bees – they can take a chunk of hide, be it human or animal! Maybe make a cape for him to wear – AH! Super Piggy! Enjoy your extra day, Miss C!

  9. At the risk of being a pest, I notice Tia and Mr. Flowers also missing from the Cast of Characters. It would be lovely to have Mr. Flowers displaying his magnificent self.

  10. Hahaha That is really saying a lot about New Zealand women, given my experience with Dutch women being extraordinary in their outspoken ways … always with good reason, mostly. lol. I was also wondering about some kind of cape-like covering for WeiWei, perhaps a light cotton for summer and something warm for winter. I just LOVE the photos of your ducklings, really precious. Hoping for some dry weather for you. ~ Mame. 🙃

    • I have tried to get him to wear a dog coat but not in a million years. There is no way I can get it on him. Also he has areas that have never fully recovered and they will easily be rubbed raw.

  11. I think your first FIL was lucky in his quiet wife… My Dutch mother, my sisters, aunts, their friends and wide circle of acquaintances, all without exception are/were extremely opinionated and outspoken, not slow to direct, advise, issue orders or make displeasure known. I’m confident it’s a national trait. Although I know I share some of these attributes, it has at least taught me to bite my lip and count to three before speaking a great deal for the sake of peace in the house.
    I don’t suppose Wai would tolerate an Australian anti-fly rug like the horses wear, with flanks, neck and head all covered and mesh caps for ears and eyes?

  12. It’s not that the women have to be the peace keepers, it’s just that women have a finesse that men just can’t seem to emulate. It makes it easy to manage the men! I have to admit I became quite adept at making my ideas seem to be his – much more peaceful all the way around haha.

  13. Wow, lol, that sure doesn’t sound like my Dutch relatives. So, this is something that has never seemed logical to me… Why is it that some people are expected to be well-versed in all things since birth, instead of being able to learn from those who have the knowledge passed down by their Elders…) Ego and sexual apparatus should have zero bearing in the healthy function of the farm. Ancestral Knowledge is priceless (and weightless; )

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