Pigs in wallows are one of my favorite sights. Just as pigs sleeping under trees and cows munching on grass. All favorites. I know I should have only one favorite but I have more than one and they change every day.

Yesterday as I was driving to work I saw two bales on new hay on the side of the road. Another favorite thing. I was in the little VW so I sped up rushed into work and told Jill the Mill Manager that there were bales of hay on the side of the road. Right on the bridge thing that goes over the motorway.

Immediately she leapt up, (you can tell she is a farmer) grabbed her truck keys and we roared back up the road and as she paused in the middle of the overpass I leapt out, waved to the traffic and hurled them into the back of the truck.

We went down a little further to turn around and head back to work and a man was standing in front of his own truck flagging us down. I thought maybe it was his hay but no, he had found two more bales on the motorway, saw us grabbing the other two and did we want these as well? Yes, we did! Much hilarity and thank yous and back to work we roared our booty firmly packed in the back.

(Hopefully this vid plays for you – happy pigs).

Everyone got fresh hay in their beds yesterday afternoon.

Poppy – the fields are so long – she is a happy pig.

WaiWai is an unhappy pig because I put his cover on. His skin is so thin even with sun tan lotion his skin is bothered by all this new sun.

We have run into a few issues with the new mower and it’s operator so the hay cutting is on hold again. Since my old hay man no longer does hay and everyone else is in the field I will patiently wait.

Maybe the four bales were some kind of cosmic consolation. Here’s four bales just hold on a little longer. Ok. I am holding on.

But we could have got the hay in twice over in the last week. But, there you are, my co-worker has run into some pretty bad luck. Ok. Back to patiently waiting.


20 Comments on “HAPPY PIGS

  1. Wallowing pigs, ahh. Great news finding those bales, you deserve them. Gorgeous photos today, well
    every day actually!

  2. Manna from heaven! They were set down in your path, on your way to work with a helpful boss for a reason, I’m convinced. I adore that video with the piggies hurling themselves bodily into the wallow. I can almost smell that luscious wet black mud! I’m enjoying those grubby little porkers with their tight, shiny, healthy bodies while I can.

  3. I can’t believe that you have had enough rain-free days for hay making to have begun! I am praying that this weekend’s stretch of dry days means hay making will begin here, finally. The grass is going to seed already.

    I loved your pig wallow video as well. Nothing like piggies having fun in the mud :*)

  4. Lucky piggies. Great to see animal shadows. Long may your Sun stay. Laura

  5. Little piggies – ahhh! Their mud wallowing looks like something to enjoy – as long as there was a shower to take afterward! It just suddenly soared up to 100 deg from the 50-60 range within three days. Now we need to get the swamp cooler serviced AND so does everyone else! Like you, we just queue up and wait our turn! Thanks for the great photos, Miss C ! The video was wonderful!!! Have a wonderful day – maybe find some more bales? Have to laugh – that was my mother’s maiden name – Bales.

  6. I’ve been following you for months since my little sis forwarded me a copy of your blog in an email. I have loved you accounting of farm life ( our Grandparents were farmers but, not as large, a 1 cow , 2 pigs (on occasion) coop of chickens and some barn cats). You bring back the memories of percolating coffee in the early morning, the smell of fresh mown hay, the wonderful smells of animals, whether they’re ordoriferous or not. We, as children loved it and your accounting of your life brings back the wonderfulness of it.
    Thank you so much. Your photos are OUTSTANDING. Today, I particularly like the sunset one.
    Ina the city girl, born and bred.

  7. I turned up my sound to hear the happy grunts! So enjoyable to just LET LOOSE! I’m sorry for dear WaiWai and his sackcloth. Is he ever able to “wallow” — I guess that be disastrous for his skin. Any chance it would work like a mud pack facial? Can he had a shower with the hose on sprinkle?

  8. What a good man to toss two more bales your way! I need cane mulch for my chooks to snuggle in out of the wind, but cutting has only just started so none for a few more weeks. And hay is expensive ….$14 Aussie dollars, too much just for chooks to poop in.

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