Last night I thought I would begin the training to get the young ducks in the Quack House with the old ducks and with very little herding they all just walked in.

Though it was very noisy in there once the little ones discovered they were trapped. I was caught by surprise also, I had not expected that result and so I ran to gather more supplies and had to reopen the room and quickly put in more food and water- no way did I think it would be that easy. Apparently the bigger the flock of ducks the easier to herd.

That room will need daily cleaning now.

The hay is rolled and slowly cooking in yesterday’s warm thick humidity. If I do get three days dry I might even bring it in.

I have never been one to grow single species pastures and so I am pretty pleased with the second year of plantings in this field.

The winter peas are starting to flower and they are so delightful in my pastures that I am reluctant to let these mud monsters in to gobble them up!

Just as soon as I have time I will clear out the Tane and Wai’s sleep house. These rags all need a good shake. Did I tell you the cadet is coming again – once a week for the summer. I might get her to do the barn sunroom on Thursday.

Another week commences!

Talk soon.


15 Comments on “JUST WALKED IN

  1. Welcome back to The Cadet. Yay for the ducks and holding thumbs for the hay. I am missing Tima, is she still wth Jude and Freebee? Laura

  2. Maybe the ducklings instinctively followed the older birds, the way ducklings follow their mama… Hurray, the Cadet is back, a familiar gentle pair of hands with the little creatures.

  3. I just thought of the Cadet the other morning. She might be a Pleeb by now or the next level? She will be a help & Boo & Ton will welcome her too. Wonderful to see 0 chance of precip there. I just heard the forecast here in the Blue Ridge for a week of thunderstorms ahead. One or two days a week would be preferable, weather gods.

  4. Fingers and toes crossed for hay drying. Good ducks, lovely pig/dogs and what a beautiful field; my next screen saver, thank you very much.
    Twill be lovely to have the cadet back with you once a week.

  5. Glad to think of the weekly visit to help you. Your days seem impossibly busy and complex. Hoping for sun for more hay drying! Such a strange weather year.

  6. Welcome back to The Cadet! Hope the hay drys out nicely for you so you don’t have to be concerned.

  7. The farmy friends have said it all, but know that my good wishes are with you. So glad to hear about the Cadet! Maybe you can catch a wee breath? That’s why quilting bees and canning were so much fun – the more hands, the quicker it went and there was great chatter and laughter along the way. Have a wonderful week, Ceci !

  8. I’m THRILLED to see the Cadet is coming back. What a joy!

  9. I never get tired of hearing about the ducks and seeing pictures of them. It really is such a guessing game when they are young…you’re never quite sure until they finally mature. I remember mine went through many changes. I’ve got my fingers crossed that yours are all girls! How fascinating the young ones went in with the old ones. That really is something.

    Say hi to Boo and TonTon for me. I really enjoyed meeting them! 🙂

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