And I think our haymaking window just closed. Just this minute the skies opened, the thunder roared and two inches of rain fell out of the sky in one wall of water.

You should have seen the ducks go to bed last night – all in a whoosh and cackle. I need to count them. Actually I can do that right now. Pictures are so useful.

Um – twenty something? How many do you see? The ducks – both flocks- are always gathered at the door of the Quack House when I come out into the dusk to do night chores. I have to have put all the food and water in their house earlier in the day because they give me no time to set it all up – they want IN. Once I open those doors they rush in for Tea.

There were fireflies last night! We will have more than ever this year because the GM crops have not been planted next to the house so no herbicides sprayed! So: more butterflies, more mosquitoes, more flies, more fire flies, more native bees. This summer will be great for insects.

The Thistle Eaters have moved to their new field. It is so full of feed I may not see them again!

The greenness of the farm is constant – the animals are having a summer of plenty.

The Fellowship Forest is having a good year too. I will add more tree this year. Maybe today I will go and look for trees on sale. Trees should not be so expensive- how can we cloak this earth in trees if ordinary people cannot afford them.

I have observed that cows graze in waves. Probably three or four times a day. And when they get into deep forage like this they will go in and eat for a short time, baby sticks very close to her mothers, then out they come to rest and doze in an open field. Cows are prey animals and very careful not to put themselves in positions where they cannot see approaching predators. That’s why I never electric fence behind cows. A. They will overeat. And B. They need a safe place to relax and chew their cud.

Well, the rain seems to be taking a break. So, I had better get to work between deluges. What a shame. I really was looking forward to cutting this field of shot alfalfa.

It is going to be hot today too!

Have a good one.



  1. I heard thunder here but not any rain. I’ll have to check my rain gauge. I’m so over this weather…..and so is my basement!

  2. Well, this isn’t going to be much comfort to you, but it’s always interesting to compare weather. It’s 87 here right now, with 85% humidity, and the heat index is 97. Sunrise in the swamp! Love the pic of the duckies. I counted twenty-seven.

  3. That pasture is so rich and green, and there’s such a variety there. I’m not one bit surprised the piggies love it.

  4. That is the most comprehensive body mud pack I have ever seen, even Sheila would be proud of that one. I also think this is the greenest the farmy has ever been. Laura

  5. Hey Miss C. Maybe when I can finally get a chance to go visit the farm , I could bring you some north woods seedlings- free for the digging! Amazing how fast a little seedling will grow when it is not surrounded by his bigger brothers!!

  6. If not for the bit of pink nose you would have the perfect mud pig statue happening in that field. Maybe if you get Wai to do that on a regular basis he’ll see improvements in his skin 😉

  7. Yep, it’s raining like crazy down here too! Started yesterday and looks as though it will continue today and into tomorrow.
    Is planting fruit trees on option? I can’t remember if there are any on the farmy? We planted apples, peaches, plums, apricots and pears
    when we arrived 8 years ago, and sadly have only really had a peach harvest one year and eaten the odd apples and plums that made it to the ripening stage on year. Late frosts decimated the fruit most years. But this year with the rain it looks like we will be able to put up some fruit, which will be wonderful!!!

  8. Last Monday I looked at the 10 day forecast. Thunderstorms predicted for 9 out of t0 days. Sigh.
    But that pig is LOVING the resulting mud, isn’t she?
    I counted 22 ducks, but I am also not sure. I cannot imagine counting them if they were moving around. Pictures are better.

  9. When I get sunburned, I sure could use a mud pack like ‘Miss Piggy’s’! Looks so soothing! I agree – that is the greenest green I’ve ever seen ! Oh, and I counted 25 darlin’ duckies, so your guestimate of 20-something seems quite accurate with all of our counts combined. Have fun with your fireflies, and have a wonderful Sunday! Hugs from across the miles……………….

  10. I am continually amazed at the amount of rain you are getting this year. It makes me wonder about food prices next year. And how hard this is on farmers. And your comment about the GM crops planted next to your HOUSE! Glad you will have butterflies and fireflies (joy!). Sorry about the mosquitoes. Thinking of you even tho’ I don’t comment often. Oh, and my son is transfixed by your pigs and their adventures!!!!

  11. Raining and snowing in the mountains here in Colorado ! I tried counting the ducks using different strategies….phew….first counted heads up then added heads”down and in” ! I think making a copy and crossing off sounds like a great plan….I got 24 ..twice 🙈😍

  12. They are cutting hay here – with rain due tonight.
    Duck rushing in for tea – great line and image…you would do children’s books well.
    So delighted there are fireflies – my favorite memory of being on a farm was night and all that showed up then.
    (extreme heat here – along with African dust which is supposed to renew soil..but sure is sneezy, too)

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