Thunder is tumbling around endlessly this morning as I write. It is hot and still. More noise than storm as it rolls on out.

I am in bed writing this morning. And my eyes keep closing as though they are independent of the rest of me.

Where does this tiredness come from!? It is early morning. I had a deep nights sleep.

It has taken me 45 minutes to write those five short sentences.

Let’s just do pictures. Obviously my mind is not up to it.

Talk later. Just one more tiny sleep I think.


15 Comments on “SLEEP

  1. I’m quite relieved to read this. I am sleeping and sleeping since quitting my job and heading to France for the summer. Just bone tired, and in need, I guess. It feels healing to me. But it’s also disconcerting. Glad I’m not alone.

  2. That’s just how I felt when I opened one eye at when at 6 this morning. Closed it again. ZZzzzzzzzzz…zzzz…… & didn’t get up till now. I’ve made tea & here I am at the Farmy but but still not very bright-eyed or bushy-tailed yet, myself. Pretty chickens & their Chanticleer resting in the shade. I guess he’s a bit tired from early cock-a-doodling.

  3. Glad you had some extra zzz’s, but I bet you were up 10 mins later to milk Del and collect eggs and release the ducks 😁 Laura

  4. Will we ever have a time where we don’t have so much responsibility that we can sleep in or sleep soundly without worry or thinking about things that still need to be done? I nap some days. It might be fifteen minutes or two hours. My body just lets me know I’ve had enough and I cannot do more until I recharge.

    Those chickens look hot. I’ve had to put a fan up in our barn to keep the girls cool. Once our rainy season ended the heat took over. It’s almost unbearable here with humidity this summer. And I’ve noticed… even the chickens have afternoon siestas! 🙂

  5. I slept in this a.m., too. Hubby Bill was a master chef and cooked way more than I usually eat, but he’s a big guy and cooks with his tummy – then gets too full himself! Watermelon for dinner tonight! Wish we had a cantaloupe -put some ice cream in it and have a Boston Cooler! Hope you feel more rested when you wake, Ceci !

  6. Before we tree-changed when the G.O. and I worked in the city and he had to be up at 5 am or earlier 6 days a week, those morning hours before going to my own work were my productive time. Since we quit we just can’t do very early rises… only when absolutely necessary. I miss that productive time but still after more than 3 years my body & brain appreciates a full quota of sleep… and two coffees in bed or on the adjacent corner of the verandah before anything else happens. Rest when you can.

  7. Those chickens look like they are making contented chicken noises. The pigs look happy. I hope that extra bit of sleep was snuggly and delicious.

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