Merciful heavens how did that happen.

Things will be quiet at the mill these next few days with Jill the Miller away on vacation.

The skies are so clear and beautiful – no filters or additions necessary!


Tiny meat pies for dinner- with deliciously crispy galette style pastry made with Des Plaines our pastry flour . I have to admit to not having tried this before. So I put it on sale so I would be forced to bake with it. And it really is good.

Here is my promo photo just for fun.

In a few months we get our new packaging – I had nothing to do with its design but I can’t wait!

Perfect animal.

Tima’s new quarters. She is right next to the three little pigs with visits through the gate from WaiWai so she has company but is adapting with bad grace to her diet. She is very quiet though so maybe it is contentment.

Only greens and fruit scraps for her for a while. One piece of toast and One boiled egg a day. She will be fine. I know human old ladies who live on that.

I will train her to walk to the letter box and back with me once a day – in the evening. That will help balance her weight. She was never slim so we just want to get back to nicely chubby.

Ok! I am writing between chores – bread making – pastry making – and out the door to work.

Talk soon. And thank you for the summer baking ideas! The other day!

Gotta run!


18 Comments on “THURSDAY

  1. …hit Send prematurely. So glad you have some sunny weather. I’ve been meaning to ask. I’m reading up on No Dig gardening. Do you or anyone in the Fellowship have any feelings about or experience with that?

    • My hubby, who is our head gardener (and I am the head assistant :)) for our raised beds here in the Ozark mountains says it is the only way to go! With No Till gardening you are not disrupting the soil biome and can add nutrients to the soil by applying compost tea or any other kind of fertilizer to the top soil and it will filter down. Plus No Till also means mulch, which is critical to any garden as it breaks down to provide nutrients, feed the micro organisms and keeps the soil moist.

    • We constructed raised garden beds by layering organic material such as leaves (if you use grass clipping make sure they are hot composted, which is different -more technical- process to standard throwing your garden waste into a pile and let it break down compost- or you will have weed seeds coming up in your new soil), household vege scraps -also eggs shells, coffee grounds, tea leaves, fireplace ash are great, and straw with sheets of newspaper.. you can also use cardboard. Becausevwe had some, we added a little soil to the layers but you don’t need to. You need to add water to help the process along, and some liquid nutrients like compost tea or worm castings mentioned are a good idea. Earthworms will find the layers irrestiable and work their way through them turning the layered material into soil. Also good idea before you plant to do a soil pH test, so you know it’s good to go, then you can monitor it over time. If the pH drops or increases much, you can you adjust it by adding more organic material or appropriate soil treatments.

  2. When will be able to share scents/smells via e-device? I want to smell that bread baking.

  3. So good to see your skies without a raincloud in sight. Today I made cumquat jelly, which is a wonderful glowing amber colour and tastes divine. But what a sticky, protracted labour it was. I wish I had some pigs to feed the cooked, strained fruit to…

  4. Poor ole Tima! Diet plans are never fun! At least the walk to the mailbox should be fun! 🙂

  5. “Merciful Heavens” I haven’t heard that since my grandma died. It was her favorite exclamation in just such a situation. When things were getting away from her. She was farmers wife until the depression finally drove them to town. Even then when he had enough money Grandpa bought a dairy farm and hired his brother to run it. He just couldn’t give up on farming all together.

    Tima is probably just wondering where all the gift giving kids are. Dear old Pig. 🙂

  6. I’m glad Tima is back home. That is a very fine looking young bull.

  7. Those skies are beautiful! Summer clouds here are white, miles high piles of whipped cream over the mountains. We call ’em ‘heat clouds’ because they don’t render anything except beauty in their formation. These were the days for us of making blackberry jam or grape jelly – purple fingers lasted for days!
    My grandma used that delightful term ‘Merciful Heavens!’ a lot, too! Loved it – that and ‘goodness gracious!’. Have a great day, ladies!

  8. What a great variety of images. I’m taking my time with them, and your explanations–almost like a real visit. Also, I’ve missed the story behind the promo packages photo, pleasantly (and sometimes no so) preoccupied with family matters. I’ll be reading and looking carefully from now on.

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