From reading to writing my blog. The phone has my notes, my contacts, my connections to my family, my friends, my work. How did everything manage to download itself from my brain to my phone. I don’t surf the web or read the news or watch random utube entertainment. But I do look up words and research questions. I have my Instagram account for advertising and social connections and even create my blog on the phone. I talk to you from the phone.

The other day I drove down the track with my poor beleaguered face cracked phone in its worn out case, left on top of my car, it fell, of course, and since being recovered from the middle of the road it has been acting funny. As you would expect.

So, as I wait for Saturday when I can go to the phone store, I am living in fear that my little hand held computer is going to spit the dummy completely.

I do rely on my phone and am quite unapologetic about that. It is my life line in bad weather and houses my friends and my family. It is even my camera more often than not. In fact I could not live so far from my home without this phone, so maybe it encourages bad habits – maybe it allows me to get too far away. But there you are. I am in touch with my beloveds more than ever.

But they are so expensive – phones. These little computers in our pockets.

How do people manage? I am genuinely living in fear of having to buy a new one. But without it I could not talk to family on an almost daily basis. It is a conundrum. What if I could not afford a phone?

Ah well. At least this is a problem shared with millions of people.

Tia escaped the other day – did I tell you? So I have the home cows up on the concrete pad while I get around all the fences. One last repair to do today and I will let them out again. At least I have a little hay for them, but look at that calf! Still he has to stand in the boot of the car at every opportunity.

Time to get to work then get to work. This will definitely rate as my busiest summer ever. But so far so good! The days are long and warm. Beautiful weather.

I hope you also have a nice busy day.

Love celi


  1. If your phone has a dummy spit (and what an Antipodean phrase that is, to be sure), then I’m sure that the Lounge members would rise up as one to crowd-fund you a new one for fear of missing out on the news, pictures and doings of the Farmy. We are many, you and your phone are one. If I could, I’d shout you a new one myself. I know the feeling that one’s technology is a lifeline to the dear and distant….

    • Agreed, I’d pitch in on that one. A new phone for Miss C!!!!

      • Oh no! I am not asking for people to help with my phone – just thinking out loud as usual. I have it insured so I am sure the screen will be covered.
        I will work it out – this is just a wee financial adjustment.

  2. I would & I believe we all would give what we can & as Kate said, We are many. I can’t afford a smart phone either & have never had one, but then my only son lives 10 minutes away. I fear my old Mac desktop will give up its ghost – don’t know if it has a dummy, never heard the term. I certainly couldn’t replace it. I have a flip top phone in my purse for an emergency, if I will have remembered to charge it, though I have never called anyone on it or given anyone my number, or know it offhand. Maybe I ought to practice a bit on it. Soon.

      • I have never heard anyone use that term either about a phone or a desktop. That doesn’t signify anything though as I tune a lot out. When my son was a baby he had a “Binky” pacifier because that was his nickname in utero & ever since (Bink or Binker to his close family now in his 49th year. He would want you all to tune that out.)

    • You’re not alone. I have a Samsung flip phone that does just fine for me. I can’t afford a smart phone, but even if I could, I haven’t yet found a pressing reason to have one. I can text if I have to, and I can talk to overseas friends. I can call family members and friends — and that’s good enough for me. I’ll use a camera for photos, and email for business. It works!

    • OK – I do not know how matters stand in the US, but I have yet to buy a new computer ! We have a Govt sponsored programme called ‘Work Ventures’ which provides fully renovated strong commercial computers all set up to go and with at least a year’s guarantee + tuition and all other help beginning about $A350 at the moment – one has to be past 55 methinks or able to prove average income only . . . I have had three in 20 years and they could not be more helpful even with ‘silly’ queries ! There are other firms similar but this is Govt backed – there must be something similar going in the US ? Our Govt quite correctly feels that no person in the second half of their life should be without this lifeline because of finances !!

        • Lordie, no !!! But the computers about which I speak cost less than one week’s pension or whatever social support one gets and, being of commercial strength, last about 6-7 years . . . so are pretty easily amortized. The Govt does want the elderly to be able to pay bills, contact their departments, buy on line etc thus saving them money also. As I said, many of us do not use our mobile (cell) phones even if we have them . . . too much intrusion into local lives and too expensive to run 🙂 !

  3. People change phones so often, that there are some good second hand buys on eBay – which also means they are being recycled instead of thrown away.

  4. So hoping your phone will get a second wind on Saturday! So true, the expensive of a new one is huge! I am nursing my along, cracked face and terribly short battery life for as long as I possibly can. I will follow up on Mad Dog’s suggestion of a second hand one of eBay when I absolutely must spring for a new one.

  5. Apple trade old in on new phones here. So that would offer some relief if you have an iPhone.

    I am with Kate, not having some contact with you and the farmy would be very distressing. They are very expensive which ever way you go – but essential.

    Cows, ducks and piggies all look fat and happy. Laura

  6. They have payment plans for new phones , it adds 35 or 40 dollars to your phone bill. They also have sturdy cases that withstand drops from high places . also about 35 dollars , but worth the expense .

  7. I just got a new phone because my old one suddenly quit working and my carrier split the cost into payments and added it to my monthly bill. I couldn’t have done it otherwise–it is insane how expensive these phones are! But, like you, I do a lot on it, and more and more all the time. I love that it keeps family and friends close, wherever they are.

  8. Oh gosh, that sucks that your phone fell! I drop mine all the time, but my bf Alex put some kind of plastic coating on the front of it so that it won’t crack when I drop it. I have a case for it too. I think it’s just called a “screen protector” – worth it! I really don’t know how you manage to do all of that on your phone!! I use my phone as little as possible, mostly because I find the keypad to be too small for me. But…my laptop is my lifeline! The only way I could afford a phone was to take a 2-year plan because I didn’t have the money up front to replace it. Beautiful photos!

  9. I do everything once phone also and have dropped it , I bought an off brand safety case for it ( Otter knockoff) and it has not broken since. My children are able to capture moments with my grandchildren since they always have their phones with them. My generation and before weren’t that lucky to do that- just have those stored in my brain memory!

  10. I have a refurbished phone. It works pretty well, but does have a few quirks and gremlins that taunt me. I remember the advice you gave and have written down key phone numbers Celi. I couldn’t rattle off a phone number to save my life. Good luck. I’m admiring the glossy coats of your cattle. That calf is huge! I’m sure any gaps in your fencing will be pointed out to you in due time. Fingers crossed for your phone to last til Saturday phone shopping.

  11. I use a Tracfone that cost about $100 and is a pay-as-you-go. That’s all I’m willing to invest in, though it is how I keep in touch with my college student and my family. I despise actually TALKING on the thing!

  12. Good luck with phone, I hate replacing them, not only the cost but mucking around setting everything up. I’m in awe of you tapping out blog posts using a phone keyboard… I can barely manage a text message without typos. Definitely shop around we picked up new phones but several models prior to current for a fraction of the cost of latest model.

  13. As I mentioned up above, I’m still living in flip-phone land. I’m no techno-phobe, exactly — I’m tapping along on a computer, after all — but I’m still happy with a paper calendar on the wall, grocery lists written on the back of envelopes, and writing checks to pay bills. I tend to adopt new tech (or new anything) when I see a need, and so far I don’t see the need. But I’m glad you love your phone — may it live long and prosper!

  14. I am afraid it is a case of ‘vive la difference’ here also 🙂 ! I do live in a virtual ‘dark spot’ and phone plans using a lot of data are very expensive here – I have had a smartphone for about 5 years as I needed a number to give to the market survey companies for which I work. Never need it, never use it but for emergency texts . . ., yes, far too small a keypad for me ! I love the big desktop in my library and the three free landlines around the house . . . absolute control when I work and the access I give others to interrupt my ‘real’ life 🙂 ! But I could not live without news, in as it happens, or about sixty newsletters, many from university medical departments or all the cooking tomes from around the world or all the sales ads which oft are current for few hours only or being able to access the committees for which I work . . . or being able to talk to lovely Mr Google every hour or so . . . what a wonderful daily stimulation and learning experience. Methinks keeping in contact with friends on the computer and phone works just great for me too. Yes, I still often write cheques and do have more than one calendar hanging and have a big red ledger book so all my financial dealings going ten years back are instantly visible. Thus I feel I am in complete charge of my time and my connections . . as I said vive la etc . . . .

  15. I managed to get a Samsung smartphone at Bestbuy for about $50.00 It was set up for a Tracphone account as I don’t want to have a monthly bill. It’s $125.00 for a year’s activation and for me there are enough minutes and texts and a sharply limited amount of data. On the other hand, if I need to it will be easy to buy more time, texts, data. Of course your needs are different however this may be of use.

  16. Is this where I write “how about ‘them apples!” It was another great weekend even with a momentary phone loss 🙂

  17. I just went with Google Fi, at 20.00 per month and a new Moto G6 for under $100. Works great! I use my WiFi for data, and I’m set. I own Apple stock, but that is to stuff to sell to other people. Their gear is too expensive in comparison now.

  18. I used to go for the latest and greatest but when Apple decided the latest and greatest should be $1000, well no thanks. So I go for the third latest and greatest. Given the crazy profits of those that make and sell these phones, it’s definite price gouging. Annoying.

  19. People like to pretend that phones, the computer in our pocket, are somehow bad. But in reality they are all the things you just said. The way we tether are lives to people who live far from us. The way we build connection to people we would never have known without it. The way we learn, The way to do business. The way we relax. It’s a good thing.
    But like all good things – it can no doubt be taken to unhealthy levels. But I challenge the idea that the people who take it to unhealthy levels represent the median user of the technology.
    The computer in our pocket is useful and emotionally connecting us. It’s a good thing.

  20. I do too, it’s incredible to me how this little technological device entwined itself so heavily in my life in a relatively short time.

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