There. Duck Mama number one tucked into her enclosure. Food – water – duck – eggs. And no more visitors from other would be mama ducks.

When and if the eggs hatch I will make a corridor of the bales and gently walk the ducklings and their mama to the little hospital coop for the duration.

But I did not intend to have ducklings so that is enough intervention. The rest is up to Nature.

I ordered meat chickens today too. It is a bit quieter now. I think I can manage. Plus there is a lot more to feed fattening chickens in the late summer.

Hope your day is going well!


28 Comments on “ESCONCED

  1. I’m sure Mama duck appreciates this extra hand of security you have provided her! 🙂 Did you ever find Mrs. Flowers?

  2. Are you aware you have a drake amongst them? Maybe the one with the Pom-Pom.. like in The King and I !!!!!!!

  3. How does the duck get out if it wants to? I don’t know anything about broody hens or ducks.

  4. Ceci, your photos are wonderful! Mama duck won’t get too hot, being closed in like that, will she? Her little ‘safe house’ is sure getting the walk-about once-over by the other ducky ladies! Curiosity – how many more of those lovely orange kitties come to the porch at eating time? And how on earth did the blackish-grey one get mixed in? Sure is beautiful! Thanks for the breath of fresh air!

  5. A delightful frisson of vicarious anticipation and hopefulness when we’re waiting for a Farmy event…
    Love the ‘which one of these things does not belong’ pic of the kitties.

  6. Enjoyed the story of the mama duck … sneaky to make her nest hidden away and lay her eggs there. Fingers crossed that you have some ducklings hatch.

    Four plus one of the healthiest kittens I’ve seen in some time. Such glossy fur.

  7. I’m hoping you’ll get ducklings!!!! Glad your weather is not too hot. I’m also glad to read that you are getting some meat chickens. I miss the cows. You are down to the 2 (large) calves and their moms, right?

  8. It will be interesting to see if these ducklings are tamer than your last two batches, love your solution. Laura

  9. Is it just me, or is the Ginger Gene fairly dominant on the Farmy? Cats, pigs, chooks (some of them), ducks (sort of…) and Aunty Del.

  10. I have been gone from WordPress for a long while..and just wanted to say how much I missed your posts! So happy to be “back on the farm” with you! Kim

  11. What a great solution Celi. A new mother couldn’t ask for a better start. Cheers to your resourcefulness!

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