You know that particular type of foot therapy where they rub specific areas of the foot that are supposed to be connected to specific areas of your body. Like your instep is connected to your liver or something.

I can’t remember what it is called but I often think of this when I have to run across the sharp stones on the drive way on my bare feet just to collect that one thing I left in the car. I push myself on to run faster thinking maybe the sharp stones on the soles of my bare feet are helping my eyesight or something – or my long time ago broken big toe which is making its presence felt lately or my heart which has always had an irregular rhythm surprising everyone by its longevity and brute strength.

We all have something wrong with ourselves. A body is a body filled with errors and imperfections, it’s OK. Our perfect bodies were never perfect so just run faster over the sharp stones in your bare feet.

I have a theory that if I run faster over difficult terrain I become lighter and the sharp stones hurt less.

I have never been attracted to the snails plodding pace.

It is Hawke’s Bay dry now. I grew up in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand and we are used to very little rainfall in the summer months. That’s why we are sheep country. So, last night I was very pleased to be woken by lashings of rain hitting my face. I got up to close the windows and watched the storm for a while. It was very satisfactory. I slept very well after that.

Today I am making a rye bread. A cracked rye bread actually. our cracked rye is very popular and I want to find out why. I need to look back on that recipe comments page you left me and see if any of you used cracked rye in your loaves.

Here are yesterday’s loaves. With all this free purge flour I can experiment and bake often. I am getting better, too.

Time to wean these fellas. Poppy is getting crabby with them. Just beginning yesterday. So, that is my sign. I will start making the preparations.

Chicks are here.

Love celi



  1. That foot thing — reflexology. I had a friend whose aunt was a reflexologist. She always was asking if anyone wanted their feet “done.” Your running over the sharp stones reminds me of a piece of advice I grew up with. When the gas tank in the car was getting low, my dad used to grin and say, “We’ll drive faster so we don’t run out.”

  2. I love the *idea* of travelling fleetly and lightly over stony paths, but the reality is really rather different. With my slightly numb feet, I lurch, hobble and trip. All the lightness is in my head. Imaginary reflexology, perhaps!

  3. Oh, our Daddys, Shoreacres, still good for a chuckle & a grin after all these years. A great way to start the start my day. As to running barefoot over sharp stones – Yikes! Not this tender-footed, flat-footed, poet & don’t know it – but her feet show it, they’re Longfellows. (Ha-Ha ~ my Daddy.)

  4. Rain! Lucky you, we haven’t had a drop since 25 April and already our winter temperatures are hitting 28C.
    Wind must blow in August for rain in October. Let’s hope weather is reading the same book. Laura

  5. No doubt Poppy will breathe a huge sigh of relief when the babies go off on their own! 🙂

  6. Ah, the last of your piglet weaners. SO good for you (tho’ a bit sad for uspiglet groupies)!

  7. Running over sharp stones! I hobble over. Funny I’ve noticed my small grandchildren can run and walk perfectly ok over our gravel driveway of very sharp stones. Not good for me trying to catch them without shoes on. 😂 Your bread looks so good! Have a great day.

  8. I always appreciate your extraordinary weather. Now I live in Los Angeles, where the weather is almost always the same, sunny and calm, but I’ve lived mostly in New England where the weather is constantly changing and unpredictable but not huge and dramatic like yours.

  9. I have a funny heartbeat as well! And a sore toe! Ha ha. Your bread is beautiful. And with that, the things we have in common come to a halt. My bread is never anything to write home about.

  10. whereever you live is amazing……….the bread, your animals, adorable chicks, makes me think we now need to get more chicks too! thank you for sharing part of your life.

  11. Run like the wind!! Think that’s what we used to call fleet-footed. All is well until you hit one lone stone in the road, then it hurts like all get out and resulting in a stone bruise. YEE-OW! Reflexology – I swear by it! And Ceci – those are the most beautiful loaves of bread I have ever seen! Adorable baby peeps! Have a happy day!

  12. Sheila will be pleased to have her friend back. Yay for rain. We need rain here as well. Too many days of 100 degrees, ugh. I’m ready for fall! Is the chicken tractor ready for inhabitants?

  13. My brother and I had the same theory about hot sand, that it was cooler if you ran across it.

  14. There is something wonderfully grounding about tactile underfoot sensations, every time the feeling takes me back to being a barefoot kid… especially when it feels oochy ouchy 😁

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