As I moved from one job to the next mending fences and cleaning out pens, laying in straw and filling water tanks, shifting pigs – a flock of ducks waddled along behind me. Scolding and chattering.

I collected eighteen duck eggs yesterday so maybe they will get a chance to pay their way after all. No duck likes to be under-estimated.

You might have read in the lounge of comments yesterday about how Sheila and Poppy took over the front rat-house sleeping quarters. Early in the morning they ousted Molly’s Three then took their place – all before breakfast. It was a perfect switch with only minimum structural damage. No damaged animals. When I went to feed them yesterday I was surprised to find two huge hogs sleeping in the dusty rat house and three smaller hogs delightedly grubbing under the oak tree down the back.

How they managed such a perfect swap I do not know.

It just reminds me that animals as large and strong and low to the ground as Sheila and Poppy only stay where they are put because they want to. If they choose to get out they just put their noses under a pig panel or piece of fence and push up, lifting the whole fence off. Sheila has a good five hundred pounds of heft and Poppy is not far behind. I am sure Poppy led the charge with Sheila standing bossily beside her. ” .. and hurry up we don’t want to be late for breakfast.”

They are happier now. These two big girls. Smug even. And I had been planning to shift the three anyway – just not this weekend. Just who is the farmer anyway?!

TonTon. Sometimes if he cannot find a stick to carry around he will grab a piece of straw. It makes him look a bit silly.

Chickens in their cubby holes. See that red dot under the laying boxes? Yes. Of course. They lay under there as well.

5.30am – the oven is on and the bread is on it’s last short rise in the bannetons. Puffing up with bubbles of air.

Well it is Monday – and time to plan my week. Let’s look at the weather.

Still nice!


15 Comments on “DUCK DUCK

  1. That pig “tale” is wonderful, did make me laugh. All those ducks’ eggs, great; and Ton Ton with a straw in his mouth, hilarious! Have a good week.

  2. I wish I had the energy and mentality to get up that early and get things accomplished! Never underestimate a duck, that is great. They must have heard you talking about them yesterday and rallied the troops.

  3. That Sheila! She thought Well Miss C is so busy “Poppy, let’s just get ourselves settled in for her. Those little rug rat pigs can just move somewhere else.”

  4. Ton Ton the Sagacious couldn’t possibly look silly; we all know he’s the genius of Dogkind and scarcely needs a human to give directions. But I agree a stick would look more impressive. Love the idea of those two supremely and superbly confident porcine ladies taking themselves off to more commodious accommodation without so much as a by your leave. They’re lying there thinking “Oh yes, right, of *course* it was Miss C’s idea to have us here all along. As if!”

  5. Glad the nice weather is holding on for you and your winter preparations. Ton, Sheila and Poppy probably know your routines down pat. Hope you have a good week. Laura

  6. Love the Piggies picture!!! Smiles~~ front and back!!!!! Where is WaiWai? Is he still doing ok? Beautiful Duckies ~~ laying golden eggs and quacken’ away!! and of course my Buddy TonTon ~ hugs to him for me!! and also for Boo Boy!!

  7. I’m with Kate on TonTon. I brought his face up with intensity and tears stung my eyes. He is so beautiful.

  8. I told a small oak tree that hadn’t grown much in two years to get on with it or she was out. She got on with it and is ten feet tall now. Conversations about expectations do work! Sheila told Poppy that she wasn’t sure she could those stairs this winter and Poppy went from there. Good boy, Ton!

  9. A piece of straw is Ton Ton’s toothpick? It’s nice that the pigs arranged things themselves! And good news about more duck eggs!

    • My thoughts exactly – often I look at the things these two old pigs do and I do a double take and think surely not. But I guess like us they learn stuff over time.

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