Like Pat I am back and tethered again. Sometimes – oftentimes I do feel tethered. Though it is light this bracelet around my ankle.

I was in California for a very short time, and now I am back.

My head aches – well not my head exactly more the branch that holds my head aloft. It keeps nodding like an ache.

Del is well on her way to being dried up now. I hope she goes well. While I was away I left instructions for her to stay on the concrete on dry hay to help her with her udder. So, yesterday when she saw me unhitch Pats Gate then move through the Fall fields to open the gate to the banked field ( one with grass still in it I have saved for this month), she literally raced after me, pig jumping around me alarmingly – her excitement at the promise of the open field threatening us both.

She is a big tall cow. Her legs are long but her round barrel cows belly swings and rocks with speed. I stopped midstep – turned to her as she clowned to a halt, her head down, heels raised. The thunder of her lightening look.

Out! I snapped at her, pointing with my right hand, my left hand flicking down to bring the excited dogs in from under the heels of the wild cow. Dog. Behind.

Del rolled her eyes in pretense, hooves skidding with brakes, then all of a motion she whirled again throwing clumps of cold earth and galloped away. Picking her speed back up, streaking past the gate in a big arc timed to bring her back to the gate at the exact moment I opened it.

And through she gate she flew slowing on her dime. Her horsey cow head dropped to graze. The air pink as frothy bleeding light.

Tia and her calf soon trotted in – leaving all the dramatics to Aunty.

I hope you are having a good few days.

Love celi

26 Comments on “Tethered

  1. Love this! The speeding cow visual is fabulous, as are the pics, thanks!

  2. Good to be back on farmy after your whirlwind trip. Holding thumbs that Del continues to sail through her drieing up. Laura

  3. Oh Del just missed you!! None of the animals are the same without You!!
    Looks like big ole WaiWai is still hanging on there!!!
    Have a beautiful day!!!

  4. I’m wondering who Pat is. I can’t believe I missed any posts. Beautiful photos all the same! And so happy to see WaiWai. I’ve been thinking of Mr. Flowers too, not to mention Boo and Ton and well, everybody. Is he still with you?

    • It is I…. or Me…. or this crazy lady in Texas…. I went on a cruise and floated a few days. Now there is a Pat that often visits the farm physically too, but I don’t think she has been untethered recently.

      I love this story. It sounds like Aunty showed some PURE JOY and EXCITEMENT. We could ALL use a tad of that daily.

  5. This last bit reads like a film script, with exact physical directions! Welcome back, Miss C. You have been missed – and what a drum roll to bring us all back in on!

  6. But there’s something magic in watching the pure joy of an animal, especially a large animal. Oft it is best to just stand still in one place and watch their show.

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