TonTon is back on the farm. He was wearing Nanny out with his early morning starts. Out here on the farm my co-worker is up by 4am. So Ton is trained to get up early too.

So back to the farm he came: Bed, Bowl and All, and Nanny went to bed and slept for twelve hours straight!

Well, we gave it a crack!

It was cold for a moment but the wind has brought an uptick in temperatures again.

So we are settled in the 40’s for the week. The nights are a little cold but nothing too wintry so far. I hope this continues up until my flight date – which is the 11th of this month. I fly out to New Zealand then if all goes well I will catch another flight straight down to Queenstown, New Zealand. Some of my family will meet me there and finally I will be able to show you the South Island of New Zealand.

More on that later. I have given Tima her own pen for while I am away. It is hard to make sure Tane gets fed wile Tima is around. So Tima is out with the big pigs – next door to Sheila and Poppy- and Tane took himself in to sleep with WaiWai. Much to Wai’s horror I might add. Wai hates Tima – he has ended up blooded when Tima is around and so he associates Tane with Fat Tima.

But eventually I was able to get WaiWai to lie down so I could cover him up. They have to share this big mound of straw – and will get used to it. Both are survivors. And survivors can be sprites when faced with a challenge.

I will have them settled by the time I go and Tane will get better attention in the barn.

Speaking of pigs in the barn.

The Six are so grateful that they are allowed into the sunny center pen now. They spend more time here than outside!

I hope you have a lovely day.

This mornings bread is spelt, rye and glenn. When this loaf is perfected I will share the recipe with you. It is very tasty!

Off to work for me.

Love celi

35 Comments on “LOOK WHO IS BACK

  1. Good morning Celi! I was wondering when you were heading off for New Zealand! You must be very excited about it! And going to the South Island this time will be wonderful! It is so beautiful there! All looks well on the farmy, as it is here too. We get the warmish weather for awhile too, which I don’t mind at all. Hey, Happy New Year!!! May it be a wonderful one!!! xoxo

    • My mother came from the South Island so every Christmas holidays ( the summer hols in NZ) we went Down South. I adore the South Island and will get even further off the beaten track then ever this time. It will be wonderful

  2. Good ideas don’t always work out, mores the pity but at least you gave it a try. That fat Tima is a hooligan! Wai Wai is looking good! 👍 Happy New Year to you and yours.

    • Poor WaiWai. He has twice tried to fight Fatima through the fence and hit his tusks stuck in the wire- both times I had to cut his grisly self out with wire cutters. Hopefully he learns today this is not a good fight!

  3. You know I love hearing news of Tane. I hope everything goes smoothly while you’re gone. I always travel better when I know things are set up for the good at home while I’m gone.

  4. Love the pics! Who would have considered that early morning rising thing? lol. Well, plan B will reveal itself. Welcome home Ton! Happy New Year!

  5. Ton needs a farmy and a stick. No farmy and stick at Nannys. Looking forward to pics from the South island.

  6. Hi celi, wishing you a very happy and healthy new year….enjoy your holiday. Lovely pictures as usual of the farm, and your bread looks yummy. x

  7. New Year, new challenges – Excellent! I’m glad Ton is back, I wasn’t sure he was cut out for the quiet life! I particularly love the photo of Sheila with her ‘heavenly visitor’. That bright doorway behind her looks like an alien or angel has beamed down 🙂 What’s the countdown for New Zealand? I bet you know to the hour, let alone the day…

  8. awwww I bet Ton is happy to be back home…..it was a sweet gesture, but I am sure your mother-in-law is happy sleeping in!

  9. Aww ~~ welcome home Ton!!! Bet you are one happy boy!! I love all the pictures ~ It’s great to see all the Farmy Kids again!!! Love the Cat pictures!! Good ole Sheila!!! The Piggies sunbathing!!! And good ole Wai!!

  10. Hi TON!!! Glad to see you again. Happy New Year/Decade…. bah humbug.

  11. I know how fortunate we are to have a dog who isn’t a ‘morning person’… my stepmother’s dog gets her up at daylight. So pleased your break will take you to our Southern Hemisphere summer.

  12. Look forward to seeing the South Island through your eyes. It is one of the best places we’ve ever been. xx

  13. How well I know the early riser’s dog! My John would be up before 5, after he died his dog thought that should continue – not so, said I. I believe one day he barked for near 45 minutes while I pulled the covers and a pillow over my head. Eventually we agreed that between 6:30 and 7:00 was a much more civilized time to rise. It’s uncanny how spot on he is with the time, no matter if it’s light out or still dark. I believe many of the dog rescues have ‘seniors for seniors’ deals, that my suit your MIL.

  14. Welcome back TonTon – Collies are more content with a lot of work. Fantastic sunshine – the animals look so happy, except perhaps the ginger cats…

  15. I must have missed something—why was TonTon OFF the farm?

  16. So happy for TonTon and you! Hope after his mini vacation, he’s a new man!

  17. How on earth do you come up with the names? Is there a random name app for farm animals?

  18. Hey Celi .. happy to hear that TonTon is back. My hubby and I will be in Central on the 15th .. it would be super to be able to catch up! Let me know .. HNY 🙂💫

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