In the South Island of New Zealand. Above Wanaka, New Zealand.

Welcome to the boonies!

This morning I am beginning to bake bread without my favourite Janie’s Mill flour is proving to be a bit of a challenge.

Baking bread for my family is my favourite thing. ( I have many favourite things). The house we are staying in is on a road called Gin and a Raspberry Road just up the road from the Canmore Pub. And – unforgivably we forgot the gin – so someone had better drive down into Wanaka today!

I stayed at the Cardrona hotel my first night in the South of NZ because I changed my flights to avoid being caught in an ice storm in OHare, Chicago and arriving in New Zealand 24 hours early i treated myself a night in this lovely hotel. It was not expensive and was perfect. The Cardrona is an icon in the South. Everyone knows it.

The rooms opened on to the beer garden and the garden had a playground so all members of our family were happy.

And now we have relocated just up the road ( straight upwards I might add) so we will be returning! The Cardrona is actually hidden behind that group of tall trees down in the valley. This shot is from the bottom of the wild meadows that surround our mountain house.

So here I am – surrounded in colour and slopes that in the winter are covered in snow and skiers. I am more than happy to be here in the summer.

Now, I need to go and roll the dough. I am working with a relative of my sourdough Godzilla, so I am feeling confident – but the flour is from Turkey which seems a bit weird and I have no idea of the milling date the use by date is in 18 months and of course no mention of the grain the flour was made from. How quickly I have become a flour snob!

Talk soon



  1. Ohh summer you lucky thing, and it looks so peaceful and pretty there. Have a fab time with your family.

  2. Oh how lovely. New Zealand is on my bucket list, but I’m not sure at my age, I could tolerate the length of the flight. Have fun with your family.

  3. Oh, to be you right now! It’s so nice to see flowers! Have a wonderful time and include us as you can.

  4. Such beauty everywhere! And charm! The scenery, the flowers! Oh my! Is the weather as perfect as it seems? I sure hope so. I’m so glad you got out sooner rather than later. And hope your flight was smooth.
    A flour snob!!! Ha-ha. Easy to do, huh? Oh I hope to see lots of New Zealand. Any dogs or cats or pets?

  5. goodness … those delphiniums in one of the middle photos are so tall! (or at least, they look like delphiniums to me) even if that part of the bed is raised, i’d say the spike is 50 percent taller than they get here. terrific collection of photos today – thank you.

  6. Oh Celi ~~ I love these pictures!! We haven’t been to New Zealand & Australia yet ~ New Zealand is on the top of the list. Now with the Australian fires ~ I’m thinking we should to New Zealand only. Looks so peaceful here ~ love the accommodations ~ simply beautiful!! Enjoy your trip!!!

    • We hope and believe the Australian fire tragedy is coming to an end this time around. We are well an truly ‘open for business’ and our Government an tourist boards would love you to visit in total safety !

  7. what lovely lively photos! I especially like the shot of lupines! Have a wonderful time- you were so smart to leave early and miss the nasty weather!

  8. Green! I love the green. Everything is browned off and dry here [Victoria], and visibility is down to under a km thanks to the smoke haze. My eyes yearn for vistas of green. Have a wonderful holiday.

  9. How delightful for you. Many years ago I had the opportunity to visit both North and South islands and loved both. I look forward to all your photos of your home.

  10. What beautiful pictures. Enjoy your time with your family and soak up some of the warmth. 😊 wish we had warmth back here at home! Brrrrrr today!

  11. I never knew there was a such thing as a flour snob, and now I know one! Looks sooo beautiful. Enjoy!

  12. I’m so happy you are with your family. This place looks so gorgeous! Thanks for the pics.

  13. I hope our stray bushfire smoke stays away from those pristine slopes. It looks wonderful, a glorious alpine meadow, but with a handy gin supply just down the road 🙂 I also hope Godzilla’s cousin is happy ‘talking Turkish’ to your flour, and that the bread will rise like your spirits!

  14. Sooo jealous ! Summer! I don’t mend winter but seeing all that beautiful green !!! I wouldn’t be making bread I would say let’s eat cake and go for a hike!!😀

  15. What a beautiful location. I’m sure the Turkish flour is great, but weird to find it in New Zealand. Too many air miles.

  16. Enjoy your taste of summer, I can’t wait until we leave for Spain! Not quite summer there but it’s warmer than here so I won’t complain!

  17. Good to find your blog again after a couple years Cecilia! (I used to be under 2boys1homestead). Can’t wait to see what you’re up to!

  18. Beautiful, beautiful New Zealand! Makes me want to head right back there! I just know you all are kicking up your heels and having a wonderful time!!!

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