I need to tell you

That our poor old Tane died earlier this week. I am so sad for us and so glad/sad for his release.

He was a good old fellow- I know that in the larger scheme of things and especially at the time of global stress and anxiety and illness, and death, losing a pet pig is small. But there you are.

Tane died in his sleep – deep in his straw bed with Tima his warm fat wife cuddled in beside him.

Tima is still lost without him – she lies outside their home looking inside during the day. The last few nights she has taken to sleeping in the same room as WaiWai, though he is not the cuddling sort. I go in and cover them both up at night. They both say thank you.

I am what my Mum used to call crying tired.

Not enough help at the mill and everyone so grateful for flour. And losing my kunekune boar who had a bad hip and the sweetest disposition.

Talk soon


75 Comments on “I need to tell you

  1. Dear Cecilia,
    In times as tragic as the one we are experiencing due to the coronavirus pandemic. Stories like this resize our suffering to a human measure. Thank you for sharing and making our day to day more bearable.
    Greetings from Mallorca!

  2. It is all hard; there is such a sweetness about your creatures; he was lucky to have you; wishing you wonderful days

  3. Thank you for sharing with us. Methinks the loveliest way to depart this world would be to go to sleep . . sleep everlasting. May you and yours find some peace this Easter . . . it is Good Friday here . . . We are all in this together . . . and it all will come to an end. Heart-warming to see but one dead in New Zealand and 51 in all of Australia. Fining stupid people does help . . .

  4. Oh, I am so sorry, Celi. Tane was a dear love, very special & the only kunekune boar I’ve ever known. He will be missed & remembered by all of us. He left you all in his own sweet way. I am sorry for Tima now. I hope she & Wai can become respectful friends to each other. Please get some rest, as much as you can, knowing you are doing good essential work that benefits so many. I send my best thoughts to you. Be comforted & stay safe & healthy.

  5. I’m so sorry C. He was a good, sweet pig. I hope Tima and you get adjusted soon. Bill is working from home and I am working in the yard, making masks, and crocheting. Our city has the virus, but not too extensive….yet. Stay safe and rest if you can!

  6. Poor Tane! You can take comfort in the fact that he had a good life and died in his sleep – that must be the best way to go!
    I hope that there’s some sunshine in the world to lift your spirits over the weekend.

  7. Oh Celi, I am so sorry. No matter how old or how infirmed, loosing one of our four-legged friends is never easy. Two weeks ago we lost my husband’s 34 year old quarter horse, Jesse. Jesse was foaled at my husband’s parents’s farm, and my husband raised him from a colt. I knew Jesse as long as I have known my husband–over 20 years now. Though it was time and Jesse was failing and in pain, it doesn’t make his passing less heartbreaking. I imagine it is the same for you with Tane. I like to think of Jesse up there in the beautiful rolling pastures of heaven with a young, strong body, basking in the sunshine and grazing on lush grass. Maybe your Tane joined him today.

  8. Tears. Poor Tima, Wai and most of all you. He will not be forgotten!

  9. Sorry to hear this!! It’s hard to loose living beings that you love and care for!! You take care!! Big hug!!

  10. Oh no! I am so very sorry C, and feeling the heartbreak with you. I will miss that goofy face. Hugs to you and everyone else here who was touched by that special pig.

  11. So sorry for you, it is always a sad moment and in the middle of the world falling apart seems small but certainly must loom large for you. ❤

  12. Ah, poor boy. Not hurting any longer. I’m glad he went quietly and without needing any sort of stressful intervention. He was such a cheerful little goblin of a pig, ugly but endearing, always glad to see you. You’ve gone from healthy weary, to bone tired, to crying tired. Please look after yourself as much as your mind and heart will allow. I know you’re doing important work, but all that will screech to a halt if you become ill from exhaustion.

  13. So sorry about Tane, that face of his! I am so glad though he went peaceful in his sleep. Take care of yourself, sorrow and overwork are not good for one’s health.

  14. So sorry for the loss of your sweet Tane- went back to look at old pictures of him. Losing a pet is like losing a friend- we won’t forget him. Poor Tima❤️

    • Awww sad news 😞 RIP Tane, you were a good boy 💜
      Crying tired is an apt description for a lot of us still trudging to work and running for hours on end just to trudge home and sleep again. Hope we all get some rest soon x

  15. Ah geez, it still hurts though you tell yourself he had a good life and went peacefully. He was a lucky pig in life to have been loved and in death to be mourned.

  16. Thank you for letting us know. I am so sorry for your, and our loss. He was a good and brave little pig. Covid-19 has now shaped our lives but doesn’t define them, life is changed because of it but at the same times carries on around its manifestations. There is room for sadness quite unrelated. I’m sad but know Tane lived the best life he could and is now is at peace. It’s all any of us can hope for when our time comes.

  17. I am so sorry and sad for the loss of Tane. Also sad for Tima. I hope you are well and staying safe and healthy. Take care 💕

  18. They are family plain and simple. We mourn family. We may regret other passings, but family is intimate, and leaves a void that doesn’t get filled when it’s gone. Sorry for your loss Cecilia.

  19. Oh C I am so sad for everyone….your kindness to all animals reminds of what is important. We love you.

  20. So sorry to hear of the passing of your sweet Tane. I’m glad his pain is done. I know you and all of us will miss him. I’m sorry it had to happen during this incredibly challenging time. We are all with you in spirit. You are a brave and kind and strong and tender person. Give Tima a hug from me.

  21. I’m sorry. It’s sad to lose a sweet animal–and sad to watch their companions. I’m sorry you don’t have enough help at the mill, but glad it’s doing well. I got my flour on Tuesday and will use some of it this weekend for sure. Take care.

  22. DEar Celi, sad for you and glad for darling Tane … he had a lovely life… apart from his physical ailments, and knew nothing but love.
    And what an easy happy way to go, cuddled up to Tima. Look after yourself, and Keep well

  23. I’m so sorry to hear this. I know he was having a tough time of it so his loss must be bitter sweet. It’s hard to lose a beloved pet/animal even when you know its for the best.

  24. I’m so sorry, Celi. Sometimes it’s just the last straw. He had a good life, though, that’s what I try to think always. We lost a foundation mare this year, she was ancient and lived for years outdoors with a friend.

  25. Sorry for your loss. It’s hard to lose one of the Farmy/Family

  26. Thank you for letting us know. I’m very sad for you. Tane had a good life with you and I hope Tima can recover. xoxo

  27. I am so sorry. What’s happening in the world doesn’t make the loss any less significant. It probably makes it worse. These animals are helping us get through our difficult times. I feel your exhaustion. Courage. Love. x

  28. In a time when we’re being overwhelmed with statistics, Tane’s last gift to us is his reminder that every individual, every creature, counts. I’m so sorry, but I’m glad for that gift.

  29. So sorry Celi to hear this, at least the life he had was a good one despite his arthritis, poor boy. Stay safe.

  30. Everyone has said it all, but none can feel the heartache both you and Tima share in your separate hearts. Is there a story on how he came to live on the farmy? He was there with you when I joined a few years back. Love to you all! Stay happy, stay well!

  31. Oh, so sad, especially poor Tima waiting for him. She must be so confused. I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m glad that his passing was peaceful.

    These are exhausting times. I do hope you manage to get a good rest Celi. As they say in Spanish “mucho ánimo!” (wishing you strength and encouragement)

  32. The worst thing about animals is they break your heart like no other. Lots of hugs and get some rest.

  33. I am SO sorry Celi,that is such sad news, you must feel bereft. He was such a delightful wonky old thing with such a funny face. Poor Tima too, she’ll have some adjusting to do. I can imagine how Wai Wai will react if she tries to attach herself to him. Please look after yourself, you really need some “me” time, some hopes!

  34. He had the best life he could have with your love and care. I’ll miss him too. Poor Tima.

  35. I am so sorry to hear to hear this sad, sad news. A mixed bag of feelings is certainly normal. I knew it must be something big that kept you away. That’s a lot to deal with right now. Thank you for letting us know. My heart hurts for you. And of course Tima. They grieve too. Take care of yourself, please.

  36. Ditto what Deb said above, sending love and hugs. And do go easy on yourself. xoxo

  37. C – I am so sorry. What a sweet boy. Thank you for sharing him with us. May he rest in kunekune heaven. xoxox maggie


  39. I am so so sorry, Celi. Tane was one of my favorites on the Farmy. I know how hard this is. Love and hugs to you. Take care, and give Tima and Wai some extra hugs too.

  40. Sorry to hear but you have him a good life. Your pigs have become like family to me and I thank you for it.

  41. He loved you so very much that he slept away. His sweet tusky smile will be missed. I certainly will miss him. Poor Tima, it’s benothing that could be explained to her. I hope she and WaiWai will be friendlier. I know you will miss him too. He was much more than a pet pig, he was family. Hugs and condolences to you.

  42. Dear Celi, I’m so sorry. Sending love and hugs. And poor Tima. Letting creatures of any type and disposition into our hearts means we break a wee bit when they go. But we’d have much less in life without them in the first place. Bless Tane the funny fella. I’m glad he went in his sleep but that must have been a great shock for you. It sounds as if, unsurprisingly, you’re completely wrung out. Take care and stay safe.

  43. Oh Celi. I’m so sorry for you and for Tima. As you say, Tane is released from his constant discomfort. But life is hard enough and having a new hole torn in your life’s fabric right now is so hard. I hope Tima and Wai find a good bond.

  44. I am so sad and sorry for you and for Tima. As some others have said perhaps she and WaiWai in time will become close. Even though he’s not the cuddly type, maybe Tima will wear him down the way some women are sometimes able to do. WaiWai could use a little cuddling himself, if only he would/could accept it. Tucking
    them in at night —and hearing their thank-yous must be so bittersweet.
    Crying tired is is — I don’t know what to say.
    Except, Cecilia, you must take care of yourself. You must. Please.

  45. Awww. Cecilia, please don’t downplay your grief – definitely take the time to sit in it if you need to. That must be so rough on you and I’m sorry it came at such a difficult time. There’s a lot to be done, but you don’t get better from crying tired without that good cry and a long nap, right?
    I think a lot of us are crying tired right now. Please let yourself cry and rest whenever you can wherever and whoever you are that’s reading this.

  46. I’m so sorry for the loss of Tane…so sad. I know you all are grieving and Tima must especially be grieving. And that grief is made even harder by grieving the loss of a “normal” life right now. I hope you find peace and comfort in the fact that you gave Tane such a wonderful and joyful life and place to live, and that his passing was wrapped up in that comfort. Hang in there and take care of you while you are taking care of everyone else and your animals. ❤

  47. I joined the Fellowship after having stumbled onto “THE ILL WIND THAT BLEW NO GOOD” post back when you first wrote it. I often refer people experiencing grief to it. I’m sorry your newest loss, Miss C, particularly when your days don’t leave much time for adequate bereavement. You have my condolences.

  48. Dear Cecelia
    Ditto what everyone else has said here…I am so sorry about your dear Tane! I remember when you got he and Tima! And I think it’s so endearing that you call her his warm fat wife. How good that he could go snuggled up next to her. I hope she is doing ok and you too! It doesn’t ever get any easier does it?
    Take care of yourself and those around you…
    Thinking of you…Chris

  49. I am so sorry for your loss, Celi. John and I were glad to have met the cutie-pie. Sending virtual hugs and kisses your way. Hope you are well and safe. XOXO

  50. I am just now catching up on some reading. You know Tane was my favorite. If for some reason you couldn’t keep him, I would have borrowed a trailer and driven all of the way up there to fetch him. I loved him THAT much! I know the last couple of years were hard on him, lame as he was. Any time you posted a photo of him I was so happy. I will miss those sweet tusks. He was a hero to me…

    I lost my Mr. T on March 1st. I’ve been horribly lost without that lug bug around. Oscar and Lollipop are still missing their big brother. Poor Tima. Perhaps with winter almost behind us she will perk up a bit. I’ll be sending positive vibes to both of you.

  51. I’m so sorry to hear about Tane. I remember when he first came. I held a little one moment memorial of his life on the farmy. I’m so glad to have known of it. It’s amazing how much “little” things that have nothing to do with the virus hit harder than they would normally. All the time in the world for those all locked up, yet no time to mourn.

    On a brighter subject, I for one, am baking a lot more. I’m still working at my hospital job, but the nights off somehow seem longer, so I’m baking with sourdough again. Something about the pandemic is reminding me that I don’t want to lose that skill. I haven’t tried your mill yet, but if I run out of my own supply, I’m planning to.

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