In Bed

I have decided this morning to quite simply lie in bed and do this mornings work here.

It is a still and overcast morning after a night of gentle steady rain. Maybe it is going to be hot – I don’t know. After a year working in the depths of the mill I have lost track of weather. It is always cold in there – we have to refrigerate the flour. So I am refrigerated all day long.

The ducks are laying consistently – waiting for their pond with ill-grace. They spend a lot of time out in the shorn fields picking up dropped wheat.

The new chickens have started laying their little green eggs for my green eggs and ham!

BooBoo and TonTon sleep sprawled all over the floors and when they hear my car coming up the track after work, they erupt from the doors protesting that they ‘just now laid down after a big busy day at dog-work! Whadayamean I’m lookin’ dog-fat!!’

I still collect pig scraps from the local restaurant- on my way home from work- buckets and buckets of scooped watermelon and grapes and strawberries and greens – a salad bar in a bucket!

The dogs help me feed the plonkers.

WaiWai comes creeping out. Complaining softly. He is still covered in zinc, patches of bright pink skin showing through- he sleeps all day in the empty barn. Poppy is down the back in an enormous field of pig feed and Tima is in another diet field. She is happier now because that she is where she used to live with Tane.

But none of these pigs can sleep in the same place. If there is ever an escape the fights are awful, so winter will be interesting.

Cows in over-grown fields. Gardens high with flowering weeds amidst my jungles. I feel liberated by allowing myself to stop pulling weeds and letting the wild trees grow. Trees love tree friends. Weeds are ok. All my forests are growing – the Fellowship Forest down the back is shooting up. Poppy lies in the afternoon shade from those little trees. Her field is lush.

I will get up now I think. 7.30am! That was a pretty big lie-in.

Everything is pretty lazy.

Later now. After a day.

And now again to sleep. I like my sleep.


25 Comments on “In Bed

  1. That title terrified me; I feared the worst, that you’d caught a corona-dose. I’m glad it’s you being kind to yourself. I hope you’ll take today slowly and gently, a contrast to your ever-busy life. If I can’t be reincarnated as my dog, I’d like to come back as one of your pigs…

  2. Thank you for this news bulletin. It is so good to hear of you all there in the deep summer country where’ll I’ll bet the insect chorus is deafening of an evening. And if your skies have cleared tonight, the stars are brilliant & the the moon spectacular. I think of you & miss you every one. All keep safe & well.

  3. Good for you, having a lie-in. You deserve it if anybody does! Sounds like all is well for the time being. What will you do to separate the fighter pigs for the winter? Time enough to think of that later. Do enjoy every minute not at work. I worked in an office where they always seemed to have the air conditioning aimed right at me. I should be better-preserved! I retired 3 years ago and am just nicely thawing out! Sleep well!

  4. So very good to have a sign of life . . . better still to see you sensible . . . good to get farmy news . . . . take care . . .

  5. You take care!! My garden wishes I didn’t have to work! And my dog !! I appreciate you and your words when they arrive!! It’s like raising 5 kids alone all over again these days🤪

  6. Isn’t just snuggling-in wonderful?!t So great for the body-bones and psyche…………….. The gardens, trees and animals look and sound wonderfully fit, and I truly thank you for this beautiful breath of fresh air, Ceci!

  7. That’s a beautiful post. The pigs are luscious…and that green field! Beautiful…rimmed with young determined trees. Made me very happy. Have a lovely day Cecilia.

  8. What a lovely lovely post. A joyous catch up of farmy news. The cast all look and sound well, and the farm looks wonderful. A lie in for you,what a rare and very well deserved treat. If only you could do that more often. 💕🐖

  9. I’m glad to hear that you’re having a bit of a lie-in. You deserve to treat yourself with how hard you work every day. Glad things weren’t as I feared on first reading the title. (Hugs)

  10. Warms the old cockles of my heart this post. And so happy to see Ton Ton and Wai Wai. Speaking of your forests, I read yesterday that forests migrate, slowly, very slowly, to be sure, but they migrate all the same. Who knew? They do this by dropping their seeds ahead of themselves. Read this on NPR.

  11. it’s good to have a lovely lie in ….sometimes I do that also! It’s not being lazy- just re-charging your batteries!

  12. This post warms the cockles of my heart. And so happy to see TonTon and WaiWai. Speaking of forests, I read on NPR site that forests migrate slowly, very slowly, but move they do–by casting their seeds in front of themselves. Who knew? Not me.

  13. Oh the pig salad bar looks so yummy. I love romaine ribs! Squeeze of lemon, sprinkle of salt and pepper and I’m eating high on the hog. 😉 Pun intended. Hi Ton and Boo…..

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