Summery Sunday

We had a sweet little Sunday morning, today.

The sun was in and out and the temperature was perfect.

We brought the cows back from across the way. The whole herd. Well – all five of them. John will work on the fences over there and in a few months they will go back there to camp for the winter.

This is not the best shot but I love this fat dove-gray chook. She lays green eggs. And is pretty sweet. John’s pond.

A little walk around the farmy on a Sunday.

I am making a steak and cheese, potato top pie with peas for dinner. Perfect!

Hope you are all well – plodding along in the new world.

Be kind.

Take care.


35 Comments on “Summery Sunday

  1. Green eggs and ham? I’ll have to think on that. Everyone looks content. Enjoy your transition into fall Celi and thank you for letting us visit.

  2. Love your photos. Your clouds looks so much like ours in SW France! … coming back up for air … really love that you keep the farmy going. … don’t forget lippy!

  3. What a lovely gentle post. Everything looking lovely and what a pond. Lucky ducks. You stay well too.

  4. Beautiful pictures. I love the lay of the land where you are. I must have been meant to live in one of those wide open states where you can see for miles and miles. Here in southern Indiana (as opposed to northern Indiana) it’s very hilly and heavily forested and so long looks are not really possible. Thanks for letting me drink in those long looks of yours sort of like the ginger cat in your second picture.

  5. Oh your blue skies are so enticing….we are shrouded in smoke here for the third or fourth or fifth day, I’ve lost count. It’s awful–but I’m grateful we’ve not lost homes like so many. Reading your blog is a cheerful note to the day!

  6. I love your pictures today. That chicken is gorgeous. Never heard of green eggs. She looks sweet…sort of like my Grandmother! And Boo is looking rather like my severe grandfather who stood for no nonsense. I love all the animals. Thank you for sharing them with us. They help with all the sadness and madness out there.

  7. Hello, c. I thought, I’ll be … never seen a cow leg-up on a trough to drink water. And then I washed the fingerprints from my specs, and discovered it was a cat! Keep yourself and those you love safe and well, c. xx

  8. Oh, Ceci ! Your photos are like a breath of fresh air. Something I can actually see and GREEN! A hint of BLUE sky. All we’ve been seeing for days is gray or orange. Today is very orange and surreal. Odd how the lack of sun affects your sense of well-being. I nearly cried when I saw your beautiful farmy photos. Thank you so much, Ceci ! It would be my guess that your son near Fresno is going through a similar experience. Hope he is safe and well. Thank you, again!

  9. Oh I’m so happy to SEEE the creatures, especially Boo and Ton. Auntie Del and Tia. I have this photo that I downloaded from May 27, 2019 of Auntie Del, Tia and her little guy, all snuggled together and it’s misty misty on the farm. I went back to find this photo but could not. Are the other two the ones you are cow-sitting? I don’t know their names, or if they have names.
    In any event, thank you for the walk-about the farm. It feels like forever since we’ve seen their faces. And that cat! How many are there now?

  10. This was just the best thing to see as I take a break from cleaning. Thanks C!

  11. How lovely the Farmy is looking, and how peaceful and contented you sound. I’m so glad. For about the millionth time, I wished I lived closer; I’ve just got a new sourdough starter going (my last one had been stored as dried flakes too long and didn’t make it), and I’d so love some of your lovely flours, but shipping costs would be just stupid, not to mention difficult due to quarantine/food importing restrictions. Never mind, I’ll find something better than the bog-standard baker’s flour I’m currently using.

  12. This is so lovely and bright! Out in Oregon we are socked in with smoke and it is nice to remember that the sky is out there somewhere!

  13. Everything looks so wonderful. John did a good job on the pond. Our weather this week is smoke and more smoke. In the hazardous range all week. At least fires stopped advancing on us. Would love to be where you are right now. Sweet gray hen.

  14. ‘Do the cuffs and collars match ?’ . . . Best line of the week . . . .lovely to hear from you and say hello to all the ‘family’ . . . !

  15. Sounds like a lovely Sunday. Boo is looking very mature and in control and that is a handsome rooster. That sweet grey chook needs a name, Jane Grey pops in my mind. Hope all is staying well with you. Take care

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