Happy New Year Everyone

If I get back to the farm after a days work at the mill –

– in time to see the animals, my favorite part of the evening is tucking Wai and Tima into bed at night. It is always dark in the barn by then and I have to turn the light on but the only movements they make are to burrow deeper into the straw in anticipation and grunt softly in thanks as I cover them totally in about a foot of straw then lay the pig blankets on top. We have lots of pig blankets passed down from Sheila.

It was raining ice when I first awoke this morning so I thought I had better get some New Years wishes out to you in case the ice brings down the power lines.

The animals and birds won’t be coming too far out of the barns today – it is nasty out there.

The windows are covered in ice. It is dark and gloomy in the house. I can’t see out the windows which exacerbates the cocoon feeling we all learnt in 2020: hunkering down, waiting it out.

Do you remember that year when we had an ice storm and the ice built up so thickly on the wires that the weight pulled miles of power poles down. We lost power for 6 days. Another reason for me wanting to get my New Years wishes out to you early! Though I think it might warm up a touch later on today then the rain will just be rain.

Thankfully we are not milking and have no animals or birds that need warm lights so if the power goes out everyone will be ok.

If we have all been cocooned for so long what will we look like when we emerge – large dusty moths or vibrant little worker butterflies. I think I will emerge as a large angry shark. Especially if vaccines expire before even getting out of their boxes. I will be a large angry shark and just swim home. Have lunch with my daughter in Melbourne on the way past- she always has the best lunches.

There is no ice on the trees yet. But this is a dreadful day. Wind and ice. Blowing ice and 29F ( minus 2). At least it is not too cold.

I move around the mill a lot. Here is my kit. The lap top slides right in there – perfect.

Masks up people! Eat real food and drink lots of good water.

We still have a ways to go.

In case you are looking for one – here is an exceptional focaccia recipe.

It is in my bread blog over at Janie’s Mill. I am addicted! You can make it with any medium protein flour if you don’t have any Janies Mill flour in your fridge.

I am going to toast some focaccia right now to go with a fried egg for my breakfast this morning. The ducks are only laying one egg a day in the winter and the chooks about four – but that is fine because with all the restaurant scraps these eggs are exceptional!

As are you.

Happy New Year.


62 Comments on “Happy New Year Everyone

  1. I think that the weather system is moving this way, we are in for snow and freezing rain tomorrow. I will be cocooning too. Stay safe and I hope you get that vaccine in your arm soon!

    • I am not sure when I will be eligible nor how to sign up for it. There does not seem to be any directions. I need to get my mother-in-law in first – but once I get mine I will wait the required time then go out to California and see my son. I can’t wait!

  2. Happy New Year! So glad we made it this far. I’m hopeful that this year is going to be much, much better, and that you’ll be able to visit home again soon.

    • Hullo Charlotte lovely! I am pinning my hopes on the second half of the year. This constant anxiety is wearing on the whole population- it is like a universal down grade. But it is easier to pick out our happy moments. Take care!

  3. Happy New Year. The images of those ice=coated windows made me shiver! Seeing your post, I recalled that a year ago we had planned to visit New Zealand about this time – and then the world changed. Let’s all hope for those vaccines to put an end to hunkering down – sometime in 2021!

    • The trees are icing up now which is not a good sign. But if we get a sunrise tomorrow it will be beautiful – in the last bad ice storm the limbs on our big tree got so heavy they broke off. The lawn was a litter of branches. Hopefully it does not get that bad. 60 sounds just lovely.

  4. Always so glad to see a post from you. Keep taking good care of yourself so that as soon as it’s safe and possible, you can go to see your family. Happy New Year.

  5. In winter 1973-1974 Waco in Central TX had 6 ice storms. Most of the city lost power during 2 of them. 30,000 Households and all of Downtown businesses were without power for 72 hrs. I pray you don’t have that. Happy New Year from smalltown Texas.

    • The 70’s had some wild weather. We had big snowstorms here in 1977 when I was here. But I hate ice the most. 6 ice storms in one winter in Texas sounds outrageous.

  6. Pouring rain & the wind is blowing it sideways here in Asheville, but the temperature is well above freezing, so our windows are rain spattered but not iced. Happy & safe & a much better New Year to all of you there at the farm & to everyone in this fellowship around the world. I am waiting for the annual New Year’s Day concert from Vienna at 11 a.m. on NPR. Some of you may be going to listen & clap along too. Cheers to all of us who’ve made it through 2020, battered but still standing.

  7. Yes, a new year and hopefully many new and wonderful things to come for our world!!! Sending you and all the Fellowship of the Farmy virtual hugs and the best wishes for the New Year!!! xoxoxoxo

  8. Your post is a wonderful beginning for 2021! Fingers crossed your frzing rain will go to snow or just rain quickly. In CO we are 15F but no new snow so far this year 🙂

    • A universal downgrade, what a great way to describe 2020 ( you are so good with words) . Let’s hope that we get upgraded in 2021 .

  9. Yes we are getting a bit of sleet too. It warms me so to know that Tima and Wai continue to receive their snuggling and cozy treatment and that they grunt in appreciation. The size and scope of the mill astonishes me! I had NO idea it was on such a large scale. I don’t know exactly what I pictured, but it wasn’t that! Amazing place!

    I sure hope 2021 is a whole lot better than 2020 and that you get the vaccine for your mother-in-law and John and yourself quickly. We (old folks) have not heard a thing. We only know health care workers are getting theirs, which is absolutely right.

    Just so happy to hear from you, Cecilia! I guess we have to accept January weather since December was pretty mild, or at least snow and iceless. Happy New Year!

    • Hopefully they start with the old folks soon – John ( of course) is one of those who will never have the vaccine. He thinks it is all some kind of communist plot! But MIL and I sure will – if only so we can travel again!

  10. Happy New Year to the Fellowship! Ice on the windows…brrrrrr. Maybe try contacting your local health department or county seat. The roll out has been less than informative. Texas has a decent map of providers, but I couldn’t find anything like that for Illinois. In Texas, they are giving the vaccine to age 65+ now, so maybe Illinois is too. Good luck and stay safe!

  11. Happy New Year! It is so good to hear from you. It’s probably very difficult for you to get home before dark these days, but we are gaining minutes every day, so there is that to look forward to. So glad that Tima and WaiWai still look forward to being tucked in. I have no idea when my husband and I will get our vaccines, our state keeps getting less in the shipments than they are told they will be getting each week, but I think that is happening in many states. It will get here, i just hope it will be sooner rather than later! Love to you and the Farmy

  12. So nice to read one of your posts again! Missed you…a lot. Happy New Year all!

  13. Hi Celi, I’m sending you warm greetings from NZ to your tough life in the cocoon. I think of how the British hunkered down during the war, and discovered resilience they didn’t know they had. What was the term now – oh yes, the Blitz. You are in your own Blitz. This too will pass. Hang on in there, and thank goodness you are no longer milking or having to keep animals extra warm.

    • I agree that life is easier without the farming. I certainly could not farm and work as well. And we can only be grateful that we are not being routinely bombed – that makes all our complaints look quite pathetic!

  14. A much Happier New Year to the whole Fellowship. Celi, I had to laugh. For all the years I’ve followed you, photos of you have been as rare as hen’s teeth. Now, we are treated to not one but TWO photos of our friend and mentor and inspirer at the same time. Looking good, girl… This year, I turn 60, and we had/have plans to gather in NSW for a big celebration with friends and family. It’s looking less and less likely as NSW is experiencing a sharp uptick in cases and they’re having trouble tracing because of the massively irresponsible behaviour of just a few. I’m hoping this is not an omen for the year ahead.
    Finally, let me send you some Wet season warmth; 80°F at 7am, very high humidity, lots of rain and thunderstorms on the way. There’s a beautiful monsoon front across PNG and the Solomons. Stay well and safe, Miss C. Love from tropical North Queensland xxx

    • I know! I have been so quiet for so long that a couple of shots ( taken by myself with the timer on my phone) seemed quite appropriate. Take care now! Once more into the breech!

  15. And may I follow up Kate’s good wishes with those equal in warmth from summery, showery NSW thankfully with nary a bushfire in sight ! Great to hear from you . . . and your two wonderful photos caused a smile on my face also ! I have not uttered the three usual words used at the beginning of a year . . . methinks we have quite a time to go to be ‘happy’ . . . . but I wish you health and daily satisfaction in what you do and patience and a sense of acceptance that this too will pass . . . the sun will in its own time come out to make matters ‘normal’ again. As Kate has stated the majority here are furious that a few thru’ selfish lack of understanding have managed to spoil our wonderful achievements against the monster. However I feel this country has never been as warmly united before . . . most of us agreeing with a late vaccine deployment here waiting for the variants to come off the ’emergency use’ status. Don’t think we will be travelling the world awhile but so much innovative is happening here we mostly wait in peace. Best to you . . . selfishly I am glad the temperatures here are in their high 20-s . . . keep well . . .

  16. Happy New Year. A delicious way to start the new year. I can see how beautiful the bread looks, and it makes my mouth water! You paint such a vivid picture of all the animals (and people), all hunkered down. I’m looking forward to spring and putting this past year into the history books. Thank you Celi for the lovely intro to 2021.

  17. Happy New Year, everyone! So nice to see from all of you again! Last night, at midnight, my hub came from the back of the house to the front, sweeping with my broom as he came through, asked our grandson to open the front door quickly and, with a mighty flourish, swept the old year out and let the new one enter our home. It came in warm and happy, with a small joyous family to greet it! Ceci, thank you for the wonderful photos and imagery through your words and photos! It was wonderful being able step outside of my home and visit with you and the farmy family around the world! Greeting to you all!!!!

  18. Happy New Year Celi! We were there in the Midwest when that horrible ice storm hit years ago. It was just before Christmas and even in a small town we were without power for two days and nights and then suddenly on Christmas Eve the power returned! We hunkered down and toasted hot dogs and marshmallows in the fireplace at my parents’ house. We made newspaper logs from stacks of old papers and in between eating and rolling papers, we played Monopoly. It was actually a fun-ish time. I think you should use that stunning new black and blonde photo of yourself for a new profile photo! It’s so striking. xxx

  19. Happy New Year. We have fared ok here in our regional part of Australia… but I worry for our more populated areas but more so for those overseas. All I can say is I hope is gets better. Take care ♡

  20. Happy new year Celi and the fellowship of the farmy. Here’s to health and happiness!

  21. Happy New Year, Celi and to all the Fellowship.
    I’m hoping this will be a significantly better year for everyone.
    We had rain then snow yesterday but the hill was already well coated from a couple days before and so slick no one can get up it even with 4-wheel drive. I so want to live somewhere the land is flatter and somewhere not as cold in the winters.
    All the best to everyone.

  22. Notifications aren’t working again. Happy New Year to you and yours. I love how you go cover the pigs before you call it a night yourself. Working in the mill has to be better than crowded places like grocery stores. I rarely leave the house anymore. If I had your weather, I probably wouldn’t get out of bed. We’ve had lots of rain but it’s warmer than yours. Keep staying well and HAPPY!

  23. May 2021 bring a steady and smooth path toward more community and compassion.
    Over the summer, I gave up trying to find a sourdough recipe my kids would eat. But winter is such a baking season I’ve headed back into instant yeast and am wondering if they’d like focaccia. Today is buttermilk scones first.
    Do the ducks mind the cold much?

  24. Happy New Year to you too. Hope that nasty weather doesn’t last long. It’s been rather nice here although overcast like most January’s.

  25. Coming up for air. 11 days into 2021 and being in accounting in America is always a harried time. I dream of someday working for a company with a 9/30 annual close. That way it is DONE when the Holiday’s come around.

    Happy New Year

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