Video – 24 seconds out my front door plus a bunny bonus

There you are now.

The leaves are blowing away. Basically it is cold and getting colder. The wind is up now and roaring outside. The weather will be grim today.

Not for Nelson though- she has ventured way out of the glasshouse and is now exploring the wash-house. And, by the way, eating the washing baskets!

Back into the kitchen again!

Good morning!


25 Comments on “Video – 24 seconds out my front door plus a bunny bonus

  1. Aww ~ I love Nelson!! She looks so sweet!! Hugs to her!! Boo and Ton liking her? Have a good day ~ stay warm!!!

  2. As I say in the video, you are never quite ready for the first messy covering of snow. Things left out, uncovered, pets coming in with mucky feet 🙂 As a neighbour habitually says: “It’s all good.”

  3. Lovely bonus video today. I’m sure there’s a lot of goodness in a laundry basket! 😋

  4. Tried to say, love the bonus video, l’m sure there is a lot of goodness in a laundry basket!

  5. Sunday morning here continued to be windy and therefore less than inspiring so we went to town, and the river/beach… which went up on Insta as my #sundayvibes.
    I think it would be cool to have a bunny… despite the nibbling tendencies but Diesel-Dog and Boo are likeminded.

  6. I love Nelson too! That nose and those ears–you can just see the wheels turning in his head! Or maybe he is just deciding if you are going to let him continue to eat the laundry basket… 🙂


  7. Gosh, that looks a bit bleak and cold. Nelson, on the other hand, is clearly very comfortable and cosy, not surprising with a soft, warm coat like that.

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