Sunday Morning in December

My first Sunday off in a few weeks. The dwindling days of December 2021 are plodding off the calendar. 2022 is going to be the year of decisive action. No more making do.

Here is my 24 seconds. With all this rain and generally warm days the fields are still green.

It is cold outside. We had the storms and winds on Friday night but no tornadoes thanks gods. It was a wild black night and Saturday was grim for a number of reasons but Sunday has dawned sunny and clear and cold. Just right for the branch and yard clean up.

I love the frost on the deck.

In 10 days I fly out to California for a Christmas celebration. Which is good. I feel my wings unfurling and they need direction.

Water for birds and ducks and pigs in the winter is a constant worry – with the weather getting colder. I am trialing water close to the house so John can easily fill it while I am away. Wai walks past the house a couple of times a day so he will find it. I don’t worry about Tima so much – she will always find a way to get what she wants. Everything but the cows are free range and the cows have all the gates open now.

The theory is to fill the water bowl with warm water in the morning then empty the bowl after the last chores at night so it is not full of ice by the following morning – making it hard to refill! We can’t leave a heater in it – not with ducks.

Tia has been sold to a friend of John’s and went to live in Kentucky last week. I hope they did not get mixed up in those devastating tornadoes. We have not heard yet.

This wee miss has it sorted.

Living in the glasshouse agrees with her.

I hope you are all ok.


25 Comments on “Sunday Morning in December

  1. The weather has been so bizarre. I am glad that you did not have to deal with the tornadoes. Nelson looks very content in the glass house!

  2. It doesn’t matter how often I wander from the farm, every time I return it is like I have never been gone. Chris

  3. Hey Celi. Hope you don’t mind – did a post about you this morning on A World Apart. Did not use your excellent photos but did encourage all to visit. I do love the Farmy

  4. Hi Celi. December in Wellington is very wet this year but not cold.I am glad to see that Wai is doing so well. Personally I’d like to see some more photos of him, but I love all the photos you put up. I hope you have a great Christmas in California. And look forward to seeing some photos after that visit. Happy Christmas from the other side of the world. BTW Did you see Chris’s post on a world apart today? She just loves the idea of a farm.

  5. So happy for your upcoming fly-away! I know how much you love to hit the jet trails! The farm looks so beautiful…The stillness is sometimes amazing. Love from Italy.

  6. Love the photos of frost, they’re helping me to think cool in our current heatwave. Days and days and days of 30°C+, interspersed with intense thunderstorms with lightning, thunder and high winds. Poor doggo doesn’t know where to put himself and I’ve taken to putting one of his beds in the shower each morning for him to retreat to if/when a storm arrives suddenly. I do miss proper cold, and Nature tucking herself up for the winter. It doesn’t happen here in the tropics, she just naps quickly!

  7. If it weren’t for that one brown leaf wedged between the deck boards giving the occasional flutter in the breeze, I’d almost swear this was a black and white still with the cock’s crow overdubbed as background…
    So restful after so much tumult. Glad you made it through unscathed Miss C.

  8. You’re a very hard working lady with all the responsibilities you have at work and at home. Makes me feel like a lazy slug cause I don’t even do a fraction of your daily work in a week. 😉

  9. The tornados and photos of the devastation have made the news in Australia. Wow. Your pond and morning look beautifully serene by contrast. Happy to read you are going to California for Christmas. It’s nice to have something to count down the days for. And, I hope 2022 heralds respite and opportunities from the hunkered-downedness of 2020 and 2021, for all of us in our own ways ♡

  10. Your photos are beautiful. I no longer have my fam and miss my donkeys so much. So it is with pleasure that I view yours. I’m also make bread from scratch (wish I could get some of your flours here in Ontario Canada). I do make a nice oatmeal bread ( a recipe of my Mother’s). I don’t comment often but I enjoy your blogs. A very Merry Christmas to you and yours. I don’t remember who Tia is dog or pig (hope she is safe).

  11. I couldn’t get any internet the last 2 days in the city I was visiting. They thought nothing of it. So I’m quite late. I miss seeing the ducks in the pond though I suppose they are hiding from the cold. Enjoy your Christmas in California.

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