Escaping the cold for the Holidays!

Good morning everyone!

I am back in California for a couple of weeks to spend time with the children!

Wow, the end of the year was so busy! All of a sudden we are singing Christmas Carols. And my son surprised the kids with a store bought gingerbread house that they spent all morning decorating.

I am also sliding headfirst into Season One: Winter, The Kitchen’s Garden Sustainable Homes Course! (TKG Sustainable Homes). Kick off around January 10. I am writing like crazy!!

The first course will be free because I will be working out the kinks as we go along! It will be a bit of a think tank! Join in!!

There will be a private slack channel for us to stay in touch during the 6 weeks of the course. And a weekly video chat.

So much to set up – with my Paddington Bear Brain!

It is desperately cold this morning out on the farm. -9f But John has reported that everyone is alive and well, though the cold, cold wind is keeping them all inside.

The snow that was forecast did not eventuate thankfully. Just an inch or so he said. Probably too cold to snow.

This is how I left it!

The chill will have frozen the green wheat to the ground. I can’t believe that the weather turned so brutal just as I left for these few weeks.

And by the time I return, on the 29th, the temperatures will be back in the 50’s and raining. Quite mad!

This is why we are designing sustainable lifestyles that are robust, resilient and ready for change.

My portrait – drawn by Kora.

So much has changed in WordPress world and today I need to begin watching utube videos and cleaning up this blog. There are a few obsolete bits and pieces. If you have any tips – let me know!

Don’t forget to tell us what books we should be reading this holidays. Just pop into the library and leave a message!

Let me know in the messages if you would like to sign on for the first TKG Sustainable Homes course. This one will be Fellowship, Friends and Family and Free and I am so looking forward to it!

There will limited space so let me know asap!

Breakfast Bars with my Muesli Cookie recipe. more raisins – less sugar!

I hope you all have a lovely holiday week.

Talk soon!


23 Comments on “Escaping the cold for the Holidays!

  1. I was hoping to join in. My goal for the new year was to make my home and lifestyle easier on the planet.
    At this point though my husband is very ill and we are currently taking it one day at a time.
    In my quiet moments I look forward to educating myself more.
    Blessings for a Merry Christmas and a gentle and kind 2023.

    • Oh Diana. I am so sorry to hear about your husband. Please lean in if you need support from me and The Fellowship. Get in touch with me when you are ready. If all goes well these courses will cycle through the seasons.

      All our love for the recovery of your husband – and look after yourself too remember.strap on that life jacket and eat well!

  2. I’m glad you are spending time basking in the warmth of family and the California sunshine. I don’t know about sustainable housing and my plans for any future I might have will be to stay put in this over 55 apartment complex for my duration. It’s small by comparison to what I had but all my needs are met. I have internet 🙂 and my son 3 blocks away. The building is old and could use some updating. I see lots of places that could make it more energy efficient. Even in this mountain climate, I’m using very little heat with all the common walls insulating us more. If I were a bit younger and in different circumstances, I’d probably be all over the class. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, Cecilia.

  3. Hoping to join in, Cece! The course sounds wonderful. We are currently iced in–freezing rain all night but not as awful as some ice storms we’ve had when all the bushes and trees are coated in ice. And we still have power, knock wood. It is forecast to all melt tomorrow, fingers crossed. I wish you a most wonderful holiday with your son and his kids.

    • I would love to have you in the little 9 day FREE workshop – starting in a couple of weeks – it is very easy going and packed full of interesting info. I think I have your email address – if you want the info sent to another address just email me at Thank you so much ! So exciting to have you onboard.

  4. Good morning Miss C and happy holidays! The weather everywhere is crazy and playing havoc with travel for so many. Glad you got out and to CA. I would love to be included in what you have put together for the course. I am making slow but steady changes here, mostly in what I purchase and moving away from remaining disposable items to lessen impact on our landfills at this point. I recently read and loved Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer. I will add that to the library list.

    • Hi Deb!! I would SO love to have you in the course.
      In a few weeks I am starting a FREE 9 day workshop. Its not too intensive, all online, slack and a couple of zooms – tons of fun. All you have to do is send me your email address and I will get you on the list. Can you write to me at and I will send you the confirmation email. Thank you – email soon!!

  5. I love the gingerbread house – I wish I had one! Instead, I’ve been cooking a honey and mustard glazed gammon today.
    There was snow and freezing temperatures in London last week, but now it’s up to abuout 13ºC!

  6. I’d love to join in the course but it’s possible that I’m in an incompatible timezone and hemisphere… summer here in Australia. But I’m really looking forward to hearing all about it. Best wishes to you and yours for a fabulous festive season and a wonderful 2023.

    • I think you will be ok! I have a few people beaming in from NZ too! The FREE workshop will begin in a couple of weeks and only lasts 9 days – that way we can run across a couple of weekends. It might be a bit of a Think Tank so I would love your input. If you can send me your email address to: (just copy and paste the address – I am still working on getting a domain and a website and all that stuff but I want to start sharing straight away!!! – you know how I am). Talk soon!

  7. Have a good family Christmas, Miss C, and festive wishes from another warm place Down Under. Dale and I are meeting up in early February together with another blogging friend, so we shall raise a glass then to your new endeavour. All the best from toasty warm north Queensland!

  8. I love the pencil in your hair in the drawing. I often keep one in my ponytail as well, especially when I am teaching. The kids, especially the elementary ones, find it fascinating–I tell them it is so I always have one handy!

  9. Courses! Another ornament to add to your tree of life.
    Cheery thoughts indeed. You do so well with busy, so I know you be successful.
    Onward and jingle (wildly) as we go? Merry Christmas to your Realm(s).

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