FreeBee the adorable 450 pound Sitting Hog

FreeBee is a gentle giant of a hog. He poses for the most adorable farmyard hog pictures for such a huge animal. Sitting usually. FreeBee likes to sit.

Hereford hog. 5 year old barrow. Looking straight to camera with a sweet pink nose.

But let’s not forget that he is around 450 pounds of happy Hereford hog with very sharp teeth. And long tusks. I am guessing at his weight – it may be significantly more.

He does have a naturally sweet loving face though. A bit like Sheila but rounder. Sheila was a lean machine of an animal. FreeBee looks cuddlier.

He is vocal but in a low pitched and calming kind of way.

Jude is the dominant pig in the pigsty so I put multiple bowls of small portions of food all down the line then as Jude pushes FreeBee out he has time to rush to the next bowl to grab a bite before Jude reaches him.

Technically he is a barrow. (which means he is no longer in possession of his testicles). They are both barrows.

Yesterday I noticed that FreeB grabs mouthfuls of hay and carries them around the back of their trailer. FreeB does eat a lot of hay so I wonder if he is stockpiling. Jude also grabs his mouthfuls and takes them into the sleeping trailer. He spends a lot of time stacking dry bedding (and any sticks) in there.

Big Black Berkshire Hog playing with a stick in front of his trailer house.

I bet it annoys him that FreeBee eats his bed!

FreeBee arrived on the farm years ago with a group of plonkers destined to grow in my fields for a while. After we had unloaded the bunch of fat piglets, the son leapt out of the trailer cab with the tiniest piglet ever under his arm.

-You are the only person I know who would take this pig. The farmer said. He is the runt and fought to survive but he is too small to sell. I have no use for him. (Well, we all know how that could end)

-I will throw him in for nothing. He said.

-We will call him FreeBee then, I said. Taking the tiny pig into my arms.

FreeBee went off to keep Jude company at the teaching farm where they ate a LOT of vegetables and grew into big strong hogs. They came back five years later and FreeBee is not a sweet little piglet anymore.

Still sweet but not little. And living his best life as a hay thief and a gardener.

And a Sitting Hog.

By the way Jude will still sit on command! I tried it the other day holding up his egg, sit I said in a stern voice and down went his bum! I am going to try and get that on video!

These hogs!!

Have a lovely day!


22 Comments on “FreeBee the adorable 450 pound Sitting Hog

  1. You & E.B. White have taught us pigless folk to know the charms of the porcine clan. I wish I had known a few in my brief years as a farmerette. (I can’t see FreeBe’s tusks…)

  2. I love FreeBee! My daughter had a pet farm pig when she was first married. His name was Otto and he was so smart. Everyone loved him.

    • Otto!! That is a perfect name for a pig! I always wanted a house pig but it did not work out that way. Anyway – imagine FreeBee in the house!? He would need a wing of his own!

      • He would need one indeed. They eventually had to build Otto a house of his own. It was a very large doghouse but he loved it.

  3. They both turned out to be very handsome pigs and large considering their original sizes.

  4. Perfect pictures of these two today! Jude with his stick! Isn’t it Ton who has always wandered the farm with sticks? Has he been teaching Jude that trick?

    • Ton used to carry sticks but not this year. This year he goes out with me then returns to the door ( once he has found it) and waits to be let back in – then to his bed.

      • Poor ole Ton old is he now? And I have forgotten now but why did he come back to the Farm to live after he had gone to your mother in laws to live?

          • Ah well, I hope his remaining time will be comfortable and pain free and I’m sure you will see to that. He’s been such a loyal friend to the Farmy. We just had to say good-bye to our beloved almost 16 year old Tilly a few months ago. It’s the worst, isn’t it and never gets any easier. But we can’t live without our most loyal and loved animal friends.
            Is your mother in law still planning on coming to live in the ex-guest/airbnb cottage now that she isn’t as spry as she once was? It would be so hard to give up one’s complete independence but something we all must face I guess. 🙁

            • John’s daughter has moved in and is minding her. There is a lot of family close by. She does not want to leave her own home which is fair enough/

  5. It’s amazing how those gorgeous pigs have turned out after their sad beginnings. Well done to all of you involved🐷🐖🐽

    • They are such lovely hogs and also really even tempered. I can’t wait to get them into their bigger space. It needs to warm up a bit first though!

  6. I’m trying all sorts of combinations with the email. Maybe this one will work.

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