Nelson has to go. Outside.

As soon as it warms up, Nelson, the rabbit, has to go. Outside.

Outside with all the other badly behaved animals.

To date Nelson has been going in and out of the summer porch (then the weather turned cold again and the door shut) and now she has taken to hiding in the house and refusing to be found.

Domestic Rabbit on straw in glasshouse under heating duct.

Rabbits eat anything – walls, floors, the laundry, electrical cords – anything. This rabbit eats anything except vegetables which is why she can live in the glasshouse where lately she refuses to stay.

Tomorrow – I am going to shift her out to the chicken hospital tomorrow.

The other night I walked through the lounge area in the dark, going to the kitchen, and there was Ton laid out in the middle of the floor – not dead – but complaining about it. I said, get back on your bed, you will trip someone up. Ton turned his mournful face to his bed and showed me that there was a rabbit chewing on a corner of it.

In the night.

In the middle of the night.

How is an old dog meant to sleep. Said Ton

Nelson. I said, shaking my head.

Nelson sighed as only a silvery white rabbit can do. Dogs always get the tastiest beds, she muttered, as I shepherded her back to the glasshouse.

Rabbits belong outside. Stage whispered TonTon, to the departing rabbit. Repositioning his rickety complaining old self on his cushion.

Old border collie dog laying on his bed of blankets and coats

Go to sleep you lot.


PS I have three more days before I am finished with the online teaching. At the moment I am rushing fast from one thing to the other and missing out on things – like food – and it is doing my head in. Not enough time!

27 Comments on “Nelson has to go. Outside.

  1. Oh my dear TonTon. I hate to see you grow old and mournful. I know you said he doesn’t hear at all any more. And it breaks my heart. Such beauty should live forever–happily.

  2. ROFL – Nelson needs to graze …on grass. My friend Auderey’s rabbit ate part of a Christmas decoration and ended up rabbit hospital!

    • She does but she was brought up indoors so she does not like to eat grass!! They do’t put their rabbits out on grass here! Lately – I have got her to eat a little silverbeet though?!

      • I know – I wasn’t criticising, I just thought she might get a taste for grass if she was running around on it.
        Donald Duck took off really fast around luchtime today and I was amazed to see him disappear over the horizon in seconds. I thought he must have gone to find his friends, after a 3 day rest, but no, he was back on the pond an hour later! He seems to like it here, looking after the fish!

  3. I have no idea why my comments are usually lost in the netherland. I’ll try once again: my dear TonTon. It breaks my heart o learn he has grown old and deaf and cranky. Such beauty should live forever in blissful comfort and joy.

  4. Nelson seems to have forgotten gratitude given the fact that you took her in to begin with! I feel as if there will be many more Nelson stories to come, rather she is living in the chicken hospital or manages to work her way back inside the house…somehow. We have a few wild bunnies that roam around the neighborhood. I tossed out some rather wilting bok choy leaves yesterday and the current visitor loved them, along with the carrot the neighbor tossed out.

      • Good point! There will be nothing of worth in my small beds this season anyway and I put their bits of greens waaayyy over by the neighbors fence line, since she is the one that religiously feeds them all the time. They appear to be smart enough to know where the bounty is- at least right now!

  5. Ton’s eyes do look red & weary. It would be very hard to get any sleep with a noisy night nibbler eating your bed out from under you. Remember Bugs’s loud chomping on that carrot? Rabbits seem to be rather thoughtless.

      • I have lived a lifetime of beloved old dogs & their infirmities. So I hope Ton does not suffer much or long & you too will not be worn down helping him through his end of life time. He has been a good & faithful dog for the Farmy & he deserves his rest by the warm fireside.

          • Our blue heeler, Dolly, is also slowing down… And it makes me realize that I, too, am slowing down a bit (only a tiny bit:)). And that it’s all about the cycle of life. That is inevitable. No getting around it. And that then reminds me to enjoy every single moment to the fullest!!! 🙂

  6. That Nelson, she really is a character, love your/ her stories. Poor old Ton. Lucky Ton for having such a “caring carer” at this time of his life. So pleased that you are about to finish your on line teaching, hang in there!

    • Two more teaching days – I am literally beyond the pale now – hanging in rags as my English friends say. I knew this month would be hard with the hours doubling over but Soon Soon!

  7. Awwww poor pup kicked outta his bed! Shame on Nelson! Glad you will be introducing Nelson to another habitat!

  8. At the coastal caravan park where we’re currently holidaying there are lots of wild bunnies, most of them coloured the standard fawn with white tail but there’s one standout chocolate bunny… so cute I dream of catching it and taking it home but I can’t and won’t (watching them entertains our Diesel-Dog who just dreams of chasing them) and will repeat to myself Nelson Nelson Nelson!

    • Oh yes! No answering that siren call!!!

      In Canmore (Alberta) there are whole bunch of rabbits living in peoples gardens and they are all the most beautiful big fluffy multi coloured rabbits. Just wandering about. In the deep AWFUL winter!

  9. I loved this post! My cat carries on conversations with me exactly like this. And I love that you have a rabbit in the house.

    So glad to have you back. I missed you.

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