FreeBee and Big Jude on The Move

Summer is on its way (so they say) and Big Jude and FreeBee the huge mature rescue hogs have been moved through the fields and into the cool airy barn with access to the pig yard for the summer season. The black metal stock trailer they just left is in a smaller pen with full summer sun which is great in the winter but too hot in the summer for these big pet hogs.

They need to move to the barn for the deep shade and access to their summer field that hopefully will be under construction soon.

Hogs are prey animals and very suspicious by nature so moving them is always an exercise in patience. I talk to them the whole time so they can hear me, know where I am and say I over and over again “It’s OK – we’ve got all day”.

Hogs are not herd animals they will spread out to explore each space in his own time.

Mature Hereford Hog on a concrete pad under trees in farmyard.

And their explorations are never in a straight line. Not hogs.

With animals this size, actually with any animals, I allow them to move in their own time. Both these animals will be over 400 pounds now so if they bolt there will be injuries. (Possibly mine). If I wait by the gate, that I want them to move through, calling out and singing to them, they will eventually follow my voice and come to me.

Mature Hereford Hog and mature Berkshire Hog walking through gate into field. Green fields in the background
Mature Berkshire in the foreground and mature Hereford hog in the background in pig yard.

Big Jude was hand raised from a day old so he is a very friendly fellow and feels the need to greet every animal and person he passes. He was out talking to cows way before Free Bee had gone through the first gate.

Once he had explored the new pad Big Jude sauntered back to FreeBee and they both came through the gates together. But thats OK. Hogs get anxious very quickly so the slow pace was much healthier. We had all day after all.

Now they are ensconced in their summer quarters; a palatial open plan home with vaulted ceilings, huge doors opening into their own garden, excellent ventilation, farmhouse features, wood paneling and antique floors. And a comfy bed.

FreeBee got straight to work on constructing the wallow and Jude went to check out the bed.

Tima and the cows were already bored with the carry on and had gone off for a wee lie down.

Black cow lies beside sleeping KuneKune pig

Tima does not look comfortable but the black cow says quite clearly – “Hush, don’t come any closer, the little pig is sleeping.” All that cow needs is a rocking chair and some knitting.

Woman with black shorts and yellow jumper, from behind walking through long green grass into sunset.

My friend and I picked the asparagus in the late evening, then walked down the ditch bank with Boo. Later she helped me herd the ducks into their safe night house and I said to her “Watch their heads – the moment they turn their heads in the direction you want them to go, take a step forward and slowly raise your arms”. Ducks are usually easy to herd but the flock is so much smaller now and they were unsettled.

Weather Central Illinois May 10, 2023

Today I will prepare the ground in the pen Jude and FreeBee just vacated. They have turned it over nicely and stomped in all the straw I spread in there. Today I will sow the pumpkins and watermelons and peas and beans and any other seeds lying about, spread a thin layer of old straw on top and shut it up again. Maybe we will get a crop of winter feed!

Have a lovely day.


20 Comments on “FreeBee and Big Jude on The Move

  1. Today’s photos of the creatures with your understanding remarks are soulful. And the one of your friend in the lowering sunlight by the dandelion heads lane, made me remember the Cadet. Does that dear girl, all grown up by now, ever come around to visit?

  2. Pigs are so smart and surprisingly social. My daughter had a pet pig called Otto who she loved very much.

  3. Chuckling this morning over the new real estate for the hogs! It sounds as if they have just purchased their own condo and are ready to live it up in style 😉

  4. Just to second what everyone has said. Lovely pictures, words and thoughts. It really summed up what the farmy is all about to us faithful followers. Thank you so much for fitting us into your oh so busy schedule.

  5. I want to come back as one of your pigs. Good food, spacious accommodation summer and winter, and no stress…

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