The Cast. Who have I missed?

I am updating The Cast page. Check it out and make sure I have all the present residents. There are not as many now but with the new website imminent it is time for an update. (Make sure I have your email so I can send you the new link – then you won’t miss a thing!).

The Cast of The Farmy (off broadway since 2011), (“snort “said Tima)

BooBoo (thanks for the reminder Mad)

BooBoo - farm dog

NannyBoo is my help meet and my right hand dog.

Mr Flowers

Peacock - mr flowers.

Mr Flowers is our watch dog peacock! He screams any time there is any kind of ruckus. And his tail is so long he is endlessly searching for high perches where he can see everything but not drag his tail. He is a cross between a white and a blue. 


Wai and Boo. Rescue pot belly and mixed breed farm dog

WaiWai and his constant companion Boo. I know he would be prettier from the front but this picture shows Wai’s Eeyore personality perfectly. WaiWai is a rescue pig who came to us badly burned which has resulted in his rather motley skin.  He took a long time to nurse back to health and consequently is a delightfully grumpy old man. 


Rabbit on front of the fire with two farm dogs.

Nelson the Wescue Wabbit lived on the farm for a couple of years before she succumbed to a mink attack during a fierce summer storm on the farm in 2023.  She was the sweetest old rabbit and spent her winters sleeping in front of the fire with the dogs. 

Big Jude and FreeBee

Mature Berkshire pig  in foreground looking through the fence. Hereford hog in the back ground.

Big Jude is a black Berkshire rescue that I found as a newborn at a slaughter house. He lives with FreeBee, another rescue (Hereford) who was born so small the breeder was going to euthanize him. So he gave him to me which is why I called him FreeBee! And now look at them.  Both these hogs worked for five years on an educational farm entertaining children and have come back to the farmy to live out their older years. They probably weigh 400 pounds each so they are on a slim pig diet. 


three ducks


These ducks lay eggs that are used to fatten the plonkers. They wander freely around the farm. It is May 2023 as I write and the flock has disappeared over the fence so I am going out to look for them. Check the blog for updates on the ducks. 


dog in front of big barn with sun setting behind

TonTon in 2023. He is getting older now.  He seldom works the stock anymore preferring to lie under the porch or in front of the fire. He is an old fella. 

LuLu and Vandal

Two marmalade cats

The last of the barncats – LuLu and Vandal. There have always been ginger cats on the farm. They are all neutered so as not to multiply. The wild birds do not need more cats. In fact when these two go I have no intention of getting more. I intend to encourage wild birds. 

Timatanga Moana

Pig and a cow touching noses, almost.

Tima the kunekune in 2023 – she is an old widow now, after Tane shuffled off this mortal coil. Tima is still so naughty (even in her old age) that she lives with cows. If she is out of her field and I leave the back door open,  she will be in the house and running out with bags of potatoes within seconds! Very naughty and a great favourite with children (and cows), (and me). 

We still have many many chickens.

many chickens, red, gold black mostly tails and heads

All bred on the farm. 

Update. Cecilia. May 22 2023

So who have I missed out of the permanent residents. I have a feeling someone is missing.

Have a gorgeous day! I am off to write yesterdays SubStack story then have a big fab meeting with my website team! Thank God for zoom. And phones. I said to my son this morning as he and the children were on their way out the door “How did we do all this before we had smart phones?.”

“God knows how you did it ” he said. “See ya, text me if you need anything!”.

I miss him so when I am not here. That boy who is now a man. We can always see the boy though, can’t we.

Love Love


31 Comments on “The Cast. Who have I missed?

  1. Some of the pictures aren’t loading. Nanny Boo deserves a full portrait and there’s not much on the cows 😉

  2. Love this update, thank you SO much. Wasn’t poor old Nelson a female? That’s always entertained me as l am a female always known as Andy! Safe journey back to the farmy and good luck finding those ducks. My son is 50 this year! and is still a boy to me!

  3. So sad about Nelson, such a beautiful rabbit. Haven’t seen the cats for a long time. And thank you for The Cast of Characters. It’s good to update them, as we know they and we are gone before we know it.

      • I love reading about all your animal friends. But most of all I love Wai Wai. How I remember the terrible state he was in when you first got him and how he has blossomed with your care and love.

      • I’m so glad the older characters won’t be left out. What a long and interesting saga it’s been so far!

  4. Boo is my favorite but through your vivid writings about them, we have come to know & love each of the members of the Farmy Cast of Characters.
    (Except of course that arch fiend & villain the bastard mink.)

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