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Here is my list of favourite things!

Now, if YOU buy through the links on this page the farm will get a small (very small but it all adds up) percentage of the sale. This does NOT increase what YOU pay AT ALL. It is just a way for me to share some of the links to some of the favourite things I use on the farm and in my kitchen and make a few cents along the way.

Also – being a Paddington Bear of very Little Brain this list helps me when I want to reorder something. Many of these I order over and over again. Especially as gifts.

Thank you for beginning your Amazon shopping through my portal. If there is something you buy often and think I might use it too – let me know over in the blog comments or email.

Featured November

Stocking Stuffer

Teddie Organics 100% Pure & Organic Rose Water



Premium quality eyebrow scissors with two professional tweezers made from the highest quality stainless steel.



Travel case for Laptop cords. I have used this one for years.


Worldwide Charging Adapter. From Europe to your living room and anywhere in between, this universal travel adapter plugs in in over 150 countries.


100% Organic & Vegan Bath Bombs. Six wonderful scents and beautifully gift boxed!


Eyelash Brushes. I use these all the time – so handy.

Gorilla Tape – this stuff is awesome. Heavy duty and double thick, like duct tape on steroids


Household Assortment Kit. 18 different everyday project solution hardware items.


Cordless Screw Driver. USB charger with a lightweight design -every woman needs one.Kitchen

The ‘ratchet’ style of this juicer works wonders! A durable, dishwasher safe too that produces up to 20% more juice than convention juicers. And it even comes in fun colors!

The world’s easiest jar opener, in an assortment of bright colors. So simple to use – no hassle and dishwasher safe.

The tastiest Salt: I need to have this salt on hand  in the kitchen in a little egg cup that I brought back from New Zealand in my handbag. Maldon salt is perfect for sprinkling on anything! And crunchy!!

My favourite Pomegranate Molasses. Perfect for salad dressings, ricotta cheesecake and baba ganoush.

This is the Dutch Oven I use to make my favourite bread.

Proofing basket for your lovely dough.

This wonderful knife was brought for me by my Senior Son. And a year later it is still sharp and cutting through my home made bread – even when it is hot. The cover is a must for a sharp knife like this too.

Another reasonably priced purchase. Watch your fingers – this is sharp. I use it almost every day making salads from the kitchen garden.

This is used every day in my kitchen. It fits into the corner of the bench and slides into the fridge easily. I even use it for the food prep scraps when my kitchen is busy. I have four of them. And could still use more when I am prepping the farm to table lunches.

No more trying to get the pepper into the pepper grinder using your hand as a funnel! Easy. Cheap. The perfect gift for someone who has everything.

I have six of these pastry scrapers and give them out as presents all the time.  Many of my woofers take one away as a gift! The best use for them is scooping chopped veg off the chopping board and into the pot, no mess!!

Sharpies! This time of year I am labeling bags and containers for the freezer. I even use these to write on the jars that I use to store leftovers in the fridge.

My sons favourite coffee.

Cannot have enough of these little funnels when working in a busy kitchen!!

Refillable pods for Nespresso Machines. Environmentally friendly, saves money in the long run, and gives you the option to enjoy delicious local coffee!

Refillable pods for the Keurig as well. Recommended by Samantha.


Perfect to have on hand for the upcoming cold season. Non-GMO verified and 100% organic. Sweet and earthy taste with a distinct licorice taste.

A classic. Free of chlorine and works with all machines. One carton is enough for nearly 60 loads!

Do more with less. A concentrated formula with a fresh scent. 

Long-lasting chew toy with fun flavors (like sausage & pancakes!). Helps distract the pups from destructive chewing. 

My favourite DRYER BALLS from New Zealand – no need to use dryer sheets ever again.

I had such trouble with my arms for a while. Carrying heavy milk buckets and heavy bags of grain daily then sleeping so heavily on a hard mattress; resulting in my arms being dead on arrival in the morning then the dreaded pins and needles. After I brought this lovely soft cool mattress topper all those problems went away.  Magic.

Speaking of beds I LOVE crisp linen. I hate those soft slippery sheets that creep off the corners. These are the best sheets I have found  for me on Amazon. They have good deep corners too and fit easily over my mattress and the topper!

Here is my favourite toilet paper. I love that all the little rolls (with a goodly amount of paper in each package) are individually wrapped. It somehow makes them more friendly stacked on the floor of my toilet- and no I am not going to call the toilet a BATHROOM – there is no bath in there!

Toothpaste in case you want to buy something cheap and useful to activate my Amazon portal.

My favourite cordless vacuum cleaner.  I have wooden floors and only a little carpet in the bedroom. I would rather clean up as I go so I needed something I could grab and use and return in a moment. So this is perfect for me. Just like a broom. NO CORDS!  I will never go back to a conventional vacuum cleaner.

Gotta love this little book for passwords and things – perfect gift!

When you lose the plug for the bathroom sink this is much better than a golfball to keep the water in.

Wrinkle Release Spray for the airbnb. The Kitchens Garden Retreat.


Hammock Chair: The best hammock chair for sitting in after a long day on the farm.


My favourite Nursery Spade. I have two of these and woe betide anyone who does not return these spades to their proper place at the end of the day.  It is steel from the blade to the handle.  The first one I bought is on its fourth summer and is showing no signs of slowing down. I love this spade. Keep the blade sharp.

When I start my vegetables in the early spring  or into the late fall these tunnels are perfect. They also come in a carry case, that you can stash them in for storage. Mine have lasted three years already – not bad!!



Vetericyn: this is one of the most important components in Wai’s recovery. It is expensive  but used daily on third degree burns and he never once got an infection.

SWAT Fly ointment is the best cream I have found for repelling flies from Wai’s  wounds. And it smells great.  I put it on top of his zinc creams. If I forget he has maggots within the day. This works.


Boo has a torn ACL so I am working on rebuilding his leg hoping we do not have to resort to surgery. These are the tablets he takes every day. However the most important thing is gentle strengthening of those muscles around the tear.

My favourite thermal gumboots. It gets cold farming in Illinois in the winter!

The electric fence rope I use for the pigs. Nice and easy for them to see and much more manageable for me when I am changing their fencing around all the time.

Skunk Off is the only thing that works for my dogs when they are sprayed by skunks. Just remember after the skunk gets the dog with its spray let the dog dry for an hour or so, then spray with Skunk Off, then leave it in there as long as you can bear it.  I always wash it out the next day.  I make sure to have a bottle of this in the cupboard at all times.


Great for everyone, not just babies! Turns chapped or irritated skin to smooth, healthy skin.

Dermatologist recommended brand for intensive repaid to dry skin. Fragrance-free and it won’t clog pores.

Fights against cavities, strengthens weak spots, and keeps your breath fresh all day long.

Clinique City Block Sheer. No reason why a farm girl cannot wear a nice smooth lightly tinted suntan lotion for the face.  Makes up for the wild unbrushed hair!

FITBIT changed my attitude to steps. Now if I forget to bring something out to the barn and have to return to the house to retrieve it I smile and say: YES! Extra steps!!

This is a lovely rose scented cream for the night time. I have been using it for years.


Thank you for shopping with me!

Love, Celi

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