Bees move house.

As promised here are the photos of us housing the new bees.  I am learning as we go with bees but one thing for sure is that when working with them I  move slowly and gently so as not to cause a ruckus. For some reason this is always accompanied by a soothing monologue. I tell them what I am doing and why.  In a very low and soothing voice. I drone on!!! (terrible pun)  OK, First the new super. For the moment it is sitting on a window screen which is set on a pallet under the trees. I was horrified to discover that the Pallet has Monsanto proudly stenciled onto the side .. horrors. I will paint peace signs all over their name later on!!

Here I am unpacking the nuc. It was a perfect temporary home.  You can see the frames that I placed in there are full of bees. I will unpack each of those frames and replace them in the new super carrying their load of buzzing girls with them.

Mercy, those gardening gloves are ugly aren’t they. My beekeepers outfits are just whatever is hanging around that is pale. I wear long-sleeves because when I get hot I begin to glow (ladies never sweat they glow – don’t you know) and it seems the little bees are a bit attracted to the ‘glow’ and they tickle when they stand on me.  Hence the covered arms and legs in 98 degree heat. Moving slowly and calmly is an exercise in discipline when it is that hot!

And next we will see a frame of busy little bees, they really are moving so fast in there, desperately worried about their new babies as they are transported.

And the relief when they are all finally in their new home.

Now look below and you will see all the wee girls who have been left behind in the cardboard nuc. They will have to do The Crawl. You will remember last time they  did the bee crawl. Once again I will place the box so that they can see the dark entrance and hopefully they will puddle straight in like good little bees.

And on with the lid. Technically it is not actually a lid but we are still awaiting a delivery from my bee stuff suppliers. So in a week or so they will get a new top and bottom and a second story.

Well, all the left over bees did crawl straight in. So grateful for the extra room I am sure. Those nuc’s are useful but small.  Now this hive can get on with the important business of making babies and storing honey.  I am not sure that I will be stealing any honey from this hive this year,  we will see. If they give up any for me I will show you.

Well my gas tank was filled this morning (yay) so I am going to pick some peaches, set the gas burners aflame and  make peach jam.  Then pickle all the little cucumbers that seem to have been multiplying in the bottom of my ‘fridge.

See you again soon.


5 Comments on “Bees move house.

  1. Cucumbers…place cucumbers in a mixing bowl and cover with brine-450g(2 cups)of salt to 4 and 3 quartersof a litre of water..granulated sea salt best. Set aside for 3 days, drain well and pack into jars(prick the skins of the cucumbers first).Pour hot spiced vinegar into the jars covers tightly and leave for 24hrs. Strain off vinegar, bring to the boil and then pour it over the cucumbers again. Repeat until the cucumbers have a good green colour. Cover with vinegar in jars add dill seeds and seal….

  2. Oh no no no. I can deal with bees, but there is NO WAY I could be doing what you’re doing there. It’s sweet that you speak softly, and move slowly gently, it shows they like and trust you to move them, but I would have to be in full get up so there was no way they could sting me lol. I went to a bee place when I was young, and we had these huge space looking suits to wear, and that was fine by me! The are a very interesting creature though, and I love that they can see colors that we don’t even know exist!

  3. I love learning about the bees! Now every time I see a honey bee when I’m out and about I think about your blog and how much I’ve learned. While we were camping I blathered on about your blog and then at one point I thought to myself, “These people must think I’m crazy talking about a woman that I’ve never met and that I know so much about her farm and animals.” LOL But oh well, who says we can’t make far away friends?

    Hope you have a lovely day to day and get a bit of a reprieve from the heat. We’re set for the 90’s for a couple more days and then storms move in and we go back down to the high 80’s. I’ve decided that I don’t mind 90 too much, but once it hits 94-95 it starts to feel just a little too hot. I can’t imagine working outside in your 104 degree weather!


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