This morning in my nightie

I made peach jam .. wow that shot has come up very orange hasn’t it. Well they were very very  bright peaches when I picked them.  Kind of. 

And now the Peach jam. Better colour.  Very yum . Six pounds of fruit. Four cups of sugar and three tablespoons of lemon juice.  Do the wrinkle test. Done.  Eat fast. 

Here is the mint jelly – dripping (it will take the day).. oh and hmm.. yes that is baling twine ..  holding it up.. oh.  Ok moving right along!

These are the little cucumbers that I turned into the pickles you will see below

All before I had even  dressed this morning. I did all this hot and messy work in my nightie early early.  Actually I often work in my night attire in the morning.  The kitchen gets hot.  I am the barefoot cook. Plus I do not like to mix farm chores with canning/bottling. When I make cheese  I have to stay clean for Hours!! It is Awful!  OK I am going to leave you with the pickles as I am going to begin writing my next series of posts that are actually ABOUT how we farm as we do.  But first I am off outside to do dirty stuff.  See you soon. c

2 Comments on “This morning in my nightie

  1. I’m reading along – with baited breath! LOL!!! I’m dying to know how you learned how to do all of this. Ok – on to the next post . . .

    • Like you I learnt how to do it as I went along.. the animals teach you as do the bees.. you should get bees!! c

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