That Bad Thing

Munch, munch. Morning miss c.

Who dat?

“Oh…um..  (gulp)                                                                                                                                 Which Thing are you?  Thing One or Thing Two.                                                                     Are you the nice Thing?”   (hopefully)

“I’m new. I’m the orphan.                                                                                                              Miss c said be nice to little kitty.” (rising terror)

“You’re not going to take my breakfast are you? Thing.. Um..” (stricken, panic beginning)     Thing One? or Wha..? Help!”

“AAAHHH. You’re the mean Thing!  Oh no.! Don’t touch my stuff!                                             Mine! Mine!”   (baby hiss, baby roar, baby cat expletives,  etc)” I showed that Thing. (munch  fast)  I Learned him.  Bad Thing. Bad, Bad Thing. I am just a wee kitty. (munch much faster)  An orphan! I hate that thing. (mumble mumble mouth full) That was the Mean Thing Two.  White cat told me about that Mean Thing Two.” (munch much much faster until popular processed cat food treat all  gone).

“I am going to tell on that Thing….”


15 Comments on “That Bad Thing

  1. Dear Cecilia, this is so lovely and so beautiful. How much I loved this kitten. And you took beautiful photographs. Thank you, Blessing and Happiness, with my love, nia

  2. I thought you would like this one Nia. This is a very photogenic cat. Hope your day is lovely cecilia

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