Salsa in Spite of the Hungry Chicken

Anger is a brief madness”    Horace

The chickens have been banished to the hen house for the duration (they have a great big run and it is cool in there) because it was discovered that they have discovered the Tomato Garden.  Some naughty chooks have been feasting on big fat  tomatoes.   Very Wayward behaviour.  I think we have already established that these chickens are NOT ALWAYS NICE.

So they were not let out yesterday at lunchtime and retaliated by only laying 5 eggs. Though I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt with the eggs because yesterday we were over 100F/38C again and that was the 7th day in a row. The humidity is sitting at around 80 percent + all day and night. And the thunder storms are lighting the skies every night but NOT A drop of rain for me.  Over a month with no rain now. But there you are. I wanted to have a lifestyle with no roof.

Our John  was cross as two sticks when he saw the damage to his crop. ( Is anyone else  interested in the world-wide tendency for tomatoes to be a MANS crop?) Anyway every year he carefully times the planting of sweet white onions, cilantro and jalapeno so that they all start to ripen together then he can make his fresh SALSA every day.


Peeled and chopped Tomatoes, Cilantro, Squeeze of Lime, White Onions finely diced, Jalapeno deseeded and finely chopped, crushed garlic clove,  salt and pepper

You and I will have to decide how much of what. I have gleaned the above ingredients with careful spying. I will go out and pick it all shortly and then we can have a go at making it.

Oh, as I was writing it slowly got darker and darker and now after all my complaining about no rain we are overcome by quite a powerful little storm.  Fingers crossed for precipitation. So here it is 8.30 am,  quite dark with massive thunder and lightening and very strong winds. The screen door swung open in the wind and TonTon took this as an invitation to come in, and who should stumble in on his heels but Mary’s Cat, looking quite surprised to have discovered ‘inside.’  Hey, it has started to rain now. Excellent.  Anyway kittens are not allowed in the house until they are 6 months old and even then only for the occasional supervised visit so Mary’s Cat has been placed back out in the lovely dry cats corner  under the hammock where the others are sheltering on their bright red blankie. She is fine!

Rain through my study window. So cool how it catches in the screen outside the glass. 

Well,  I cannot go and pick all our ingredients now,  so lets look at making CROSTINI to go with the Salsa.  You saw a picture of crostini on an earlier page. If I could work out this link thing I could show you, lots to learn.

Crostini can be made like a ciabatta, just smaller grilled toasts. But I make it in the oven so that we can store it in a jar and eat it for days like crackers.  I have been making it like this for so many years that have NO idea who taught me.

If you see some tasty long french sticks at the supermarket grab them and a bottle of extra virgin olive oil in a glass bottle.. no cheap stuff.  Let the bread sit for a day or so.  We only make this crostini out of stale bread.

Turn oven on to a medium heat.

Slice your french sticks about 1/4 inch thick. Or at least slice them all the same width so they cook evenly. I pour oil into a big plate and very quickly dip the bread  on one side, then I pile the little crostini up so a wet side is sat above a dry side, osmosis  and gravity does the rest.  You may choose to brush the oil on.  Spread the little breads out on baking sheets.

Place in the oven and TURN THE TEMP DOWN TO LOW.  Turn over when one side is golden. They will take a good 30 minutes or so to bake until crunchy. Raise the temp a little if they are not browning.  Cool on paper towels.  You may choose to shake a little salt on them when they are still hot.  Just a little.  I have no problems with  a little added salt from my kitchen. 

Well, I am going out into the rain to  gather the ingredients for Salsa and talk Our John into making some for lunch.   I will be watching. Domestic espionage!  Still dark and stormy.  I love thunder and lightening.  And Rain.


7 Comments on “Salsa in Spite of the Hungry Chicken

  1. It was so nice for me to read your post, I can almost imagine… Salsa seems so beautiful. But most of them I loved the rain glass… I can see the green touches behind the glass too. And also your lovely cats… Thank you for sharing with us, Have a nice new week dear Cecilia, with my love, nia

  2. That is my favourite shot too. Through the rainy glass. Thank you, nia. We will both see what pictures the new week brings. c

  3. Chickens are evil creatures – hahahaha ooh poor mary’s cat oh well outside it goes

    Finally – C please take away the dreadful London rain (although today god has been gracious with it’s warm weather and soaked us with sunshine…

    Love Jx

  4. Well you know I am so taken with your posts that I decided on the weekend to read all posts starting with the first. I am trying not to leave comments as it interferes with my reading time but I just had to! Wow!

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