Morning Walk through the weeds down the back.

Early this morning I took you all to walk the fences with me. I do this walk every morning and evening for the dogs toilet time.  This is the wild area, where the weeds and all that wild  grass is allowed to grow. I even throw seed gathered from the garden down  there to encourage wildflowers.   We cannot farm it anyway as the farmers are paid a government subsidy NOT to grow on it.  It is along a waterway.

As we pass I need to point out that our vines are still hanging in there. 

Thing Two is admiring Our Johns fence. It has kept the deer and coyotes out so far.

Daisy through the fence. So quiet and gentle at this time of the morning. 

A profusion of my weeds.  This is one my favorite shots this week.

There now. Home. I have made the pesto and will pop the recipe into a post tomorrow. I added lemon basil to this mornings mix but I am not sure that it is a success.  Good old fashioned basil is the best.  Lemon basil has a fantastic scent, and is good in salads when really fresh. The scent is quite divine. I roll the leaves over my skin  when no-one is looking. It is my favorite new herbal fragrance. No money in it though!

Still no rain but just a bit cooler, so I had better get out there and get busy.

Firstly, while the bread is rising, I will go and cut another load of corn stalks. Soon they will be too dry, the sweetcorn will be finished and the protein levels will drop so then at last I will be able to stop this chore. It is my least favorite job.  But I cannot let free, good food go to waste. Lots of fibre,  average forage.  Except I am doing the foraging.  The farm animals  seem grateful though. Well they better.

Talk to you tomorrow.


7 Comments on “Morning Walk through the weeds down the back.

    • Linda, thank you. It means a lot to hear that. I gather from your address that you work in yoga. I have worked through the Salute to the Sun every morning since I was 12. Maybe that is why I love the morning light the best . Drop in again. I will be here.. c

  1. Mmm, as an aromatherapist I would love to try lemon basil – it sounds divine, I don’t think we get this herb in the UK. I look forward to reading your recipe. I think our British bumble bees would enjoy your garden! Thanks for post the lovely pictures.

    • Thank you Emma. We bought the lemon basil seed off the internet. Hope you can find some over there it is indeed heavenly. I will make the lemon basil pesto tomorrow as well .. such a shame that i cannot post Tastes! ! c

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