Feeding sugar water to Bees

At this time of year the flowers have begun to fade. There is not as much food around for my friends the bees. NOT because winter is coming yet you understand!  Even flowers need a break sometimes too you know. 

So I set up feeders for the bees.  I make a drink for them of one part water and one part sugar.  They have a feed and then store this in their hives topping up their winter honey. But I have to be careful that they do not drown. So all the trays of sugar water have interesting things in them for the bees to hold onto whilst they drink. 

There are special feeders that you can fit into your hive for when it is really cold but  it is NOT COLD just a wee bit chilly. Time for a cardi for me and some extra special drinkies for the bees.

The  Gypsy summer or the last of the summer wine or something like that is yet to come. In fact the grapes are getting very close to harvest.  It is so lovely outside today, and I shall be spending the whole day outside  in the garden too.  Perfect garden weather. 

So, sshh.

We are having a very quiet feeding frenzy. There is a wee buzz. 

Have a lovely colourful weekend.


86 Comments on “Feeding sugar water to Bees

    • Morning miss Tomatoes, these are very special very old marbles and i just lay them in the dish.. they will be washed and put away again once the bees hibernate in the winter..c

  1. It is easy when they are feeding at this time of year, i loved the blue glass colours of the telegraph wire insulators tho.. can’t go wrong with that really.. c

  2. . . . and I’ll bet your bees have no idea they’re living works of art! What a gorgeous way to feed them. Makes me buzz with pleasure, too.

    • aren’t they brilliant.. they have run out of flowers poor things, i need to work on late summer blooms in the garden! c

    • thank you Miss T, the bees and the glass are a perfect match with the marbles and there are many more wild trays of sugar water that i have not shown.. that all save the bees from drowning in sugar!! So a good result all round.. c

    • No, I love it, i am always commenting in a passionate rush and forgetting to check .. I knew what you meant!!!all good c

  3. I can’t beat any of the other comments on your fabulous photography skills, so I’ll just say God bless you on behalf of them bees 🙂

  4. WOW! Those are beautifull. The bee and marbles is worthy of being blown up an put in a picture frame. 🙂

    • Thank you, was one of those shoots where you do not work with your mouth open in the end there were clouds of bees feeding.. c

  5. Such beautiful photos!! And a wonderful idea to help the bees! You must have a wonderful view of their waggle dance, too 🙂 I love watching honey bees!

  6. These are wonderful photos up-close of these bees. But let me tell you, if it was me (even though my family was born in the deep south), I would’ve run the other way lol. I am not a fan of the flies or gnats LOL. But these photos… beauty

    • Well if you were staying with me Kay you would soon be sitting in a chair watching them, they would not hurt you, I took these shots with bees landing on my camera and tri pod and my hands .. there were so many.. I had to be careful not to hurt them as I moved about.. c

  7. Those marbles have gorgeous colours, and you’ve got the bees to really glow!

    I used to collect marbles as a child, but now I’ve switched from collecting marbles to collecting bees. Mine are enjoying their autumn sugar syrup too.

  8. WOW! These are one of my best photographs that I’ve seen in your blog. You are amazing dear Cecilia, how impressive, how beautiful… Thank you, and I hope and wish you to have a nice weekend too, with my love, nia

  9. I don’t know which is more remarkable, your bee-utiful photos or the care you give the little buzzers. Well done on both counts! You never cease to amaze!

    • Thank you John, early spring and late summer are the only times that they really need feeding but this time they are really hungry.. not too many flowers re-blooming.. not enough rain.. c

  10. Your photography C is just OUTSTANDING, BRILLIANT, MAGNIFICENT! You are truly a gifted photographer! I still can’t wait until the day I get a “real” camera!
    I also go into serious denial when Summer starts cooling down.
    Have a super Sunday.
    🙂 Mandy

    • Thank you mandy, most of that shoot was luck really, and the arty trays i make for them to eat from.. it is still cool this morning but i am promised a warming trend so then we can all stop panicking for a bit! c

  11. You have a fantastic eye for what will make a good photo! I simiply LOVE the colorful marbles and the beautiful bees. My four-year old walked up as I was looking at the pictures and she said, “Oh, those are pretty neat. Kinda gross. But cool, though.” I certainly agree with her that it’s cool!

  12. I have to be so careful not to get any honey from sugar fed bees – I am sucrose intolerant and this really affects me 🙂

    • yes I also do not want sugar honey, so i only start to feed them after i have harvested.. i cannot imagine sugar in the honey doing much for the flavour!! c

  13. No wonder your bees reward you so wel with their beautiful honey – you look after them well and give them special treats! Stunning photos 🙂

  14. Well, these are stunning 2, 3, 4, 5 are my favorites, with 2 and 3 at the very top of the list! I don’t believe I have asked, but what sort of camera and lenses do you use?

    PS. It is very nearly officially Autumn. My latest post, subtitled “A Late, Late Summer Haiku,” was titled in deference to your insistence that, no, it is not Autumn yet!

    • These were photos that were hard to get wrong, with that colour, i have a very badly behaved old Nikon D60, nothing special at all. with a zoom lens that is lovely to work with.. but I am thinking it may be time to get a newer model, some of those moving parts don’t always move anymore..!! c

  15. Wow! fasinating how you feed the bees! As always love your photos.
    Regards Florence x

  16. You need a fall blooming Clematis! Mine is blooming right now, best in a couple years!
    Nice pics of the bees, very colorful.

        • I was also a teacher in NZ, so I do understand, though mine were secondary school kids. Have fun and let me know how they go. Naturally if anything is printed give my site the credit. No problems. c

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  20. So glad you directed to this bee post-it is fantastic. Don’t you love it when the girls all come out for a bit of food? I could sit and watch for the better part of a morning.

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