An award on a late late summers day

Look what miss valentine sent me, an award, this is wonderful! She is a stunning, sensitive, honest, hardworking girl with freckles who loves m&m’s and I would love you to drop by and say hullo. And thank you for this Miss V.

Evidently and most excitingly I am to nominate 15 more bloggers and so I shall compile a list for you. How lovely. I love lists.  Awards such as these tell us that the blog world is a generous world. And really it is my pleasure to be out here with you all.

Also I am to tell you 7 things about myself that you do not already know.

1.  I like to have a glass of wine when I cook because if I have a glass of wine while I cook, I cook better. They say you should never mix cooking with drinking, but I am sure just a wee sip (giggle) is OK.

2 I wear my socks inside out because I do not like that little seamy bit touching my toes.

3. Years ago when my children  were school age, senior son was having trouble with a poetry assignment at school, the night before it was due, we pulled a random novel from my collection and I just read random sentences to him and he randomly wrote them down and randomly rearranged them and received a random A. I still remember the  line from one of the poems.  It was ‘the flip side of a lions eye’. Cool.

4. My favourite and constant companion on my travels, my cabin bag is called The Tardis. And no it does not look like a telephone booth.

5. At all times in my head there is a soundtrack playing and sometimes it escapes and I sing along! Horrors. Though sometimes the soundtrack is a song I HATE then I have to consciously change tracks!  Which takes a good deal of concentration and loud humming whilst holding your hands over your ears.

6. When I was taking those shots of the bees the other day the scent of sugar was on my hands. So bees were gathering on my camera, my fingers, hands and up my arms as I was shooting and I did not scream and run away! Though I walked very smartly in the other direction.

7. I hate housework and I hate shopping. This is why I garden!!

And soon I need to go out and do some work in the gardens. This is a shot of my asparagus field. There are about 500 plants down there. More going in next year. When the fronds are yellowed I will cut it all back and heap all the beds up with compost. This is the first crop of the spring. Asparagus is a superfood.

Miss Guinea 2011 says thank you for her award. She is very happy about it. Um. On the inside I guess, she is not one for showing her emotions.

And so in the interests of social networking  and the fun of playing the game I  shall begin the impossible task of compiling the list of bloggers to pass this award on to.

This is the best bit and the worst bit because I am sure my list will get too long.

I adore many more sites as well. So this is only a selection of the sites I think you would enjoy visiting and who deserve an award. They are an eclectic bunch!

PS (added the day after) I just read about another person getting this award and the rule was to pass on the award to 5 more people so maybe if you like you can choose which rules to comply with.. i was given the number 15 which was tons of fun!) c


64 Comments on “An award on a late late summers day

  1. 1. Not drink wine while cooking? Simply outrageous.
    2. Me too, it gives me the heebies to feel the seam.
    3. I didn’t do anything as clever as that, but I do my child’s Afrikaans school assignments, she won’t speak the language.
    4. I don’t have a Tardus.
    5. I sang a Josh Groban song this morning, I didn’t even know I knew it … nuff said.
    6. *screams and runs away*
    7. *Smirks and blows a kiss at Our Alice*
    Congrats on the award and thanks for all the links to blogs I don’t know yet.

  2. I thought it was actually the law to drink a glass of wine whilst cooking, and I have always been a very law abiding girl 🙂 Congrats on the award and good to know a little more about you. Very jealous of the asparagus…it takes a while to get going doesn´t it?

    • Yes tanya.. 4 years before you can get a good crop from it, though after two years you can pick a little.. they say the longer you leave it unpicked the better. There are a few of these awards going around at the mo!! c

  3. Lucky you! An award – go C! Now could you tell me how to get a link to someones blog to show up on a post? Tried to link yours and failed miserably. Time And Relative Dimension In Space = Tardis. Long time Whovian here 😉 Guess that makes one thing you didn’t know about me.

    • OK, write the word (e.g, here) into your text , highlight the word, go to the little link it (looks like a chain) icon in the middle of the top row above your text and click on that, a wee box will come up asking you for the address, cut and paste the address that you want to link TO into the box and press add link. Your highlighted word in you test is now an active link and will change colour. That should work. let me know how it goes! do you have a tardis too ?!c

      • Hmm, I never thought of it until Ms. Dashfield spelled it out, but I guess that means my skull is also the location of a Tardis. Does that make me “Dr. Whaaaaat?” Thanks, C, for explaining the linking process–I’d been trying to suss that out too. So many things to learn here in this Relative Dimension of cyberspace! Thanks to Ms. D for asking so I could learn as well. 🙂

        • From now on I should call you Dr What!? and you know it kind of fits!! I hope my rather garbled explanation of linking works. It really is quite simple and being a Bear of Little brain i was quite chuffed to be able to ANSWER such a question!! c

      • YAYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! It worked! No, I do not have a tardis but I have a tshirt with the Cybermen on it and I actually got to see the 10th Dr. and his companion, Donna, when we went to England. I was beside myself! I’d really like to have a remote control Dalek! Oh, and glad to be of assistance, Dr. What 🙂 Hey wait! Are you a Pooh Bear now, C?

        • we once got a few vacuum cleaner hoses and a cone shaped vacuum cleaner and put them in the car and drove around town hanging out the windows shouting “seek and destroy!.. seek and destroy!” laughing like we were going to bust! .. now let me go and check your post! c

  4. Congratulations dear Cecilia, it was so nice to read all these 7 items, about you 🙂 I loved the first one. And yessss your lovely cat! Wonderful. And Thank you for this list, this is so exciting, Good Luck for all of them. With my love, nia

      • Dear Cecilia, how you made me excited! Thank you so much, it is so exciting to be among all these beautiful Blogs… And yes, how nice to meet with beautiful people and with their beautiful blogs. As I said to Kathryn, I feel myself very rich one by meeting with you all. On the other hand dear Cecilia, right now, I don’t know what to do… I don’t know anything about this… If you explain all details what to do I would be so glad. If you wish you can write email too. Thank you so much once again, besides your beautiful stories and sharings and photographs, now you carry us in such a nice exciting moments too. Blessing and Happiness, with my love, nia

        • Very easy nia, you just write 7 things about yourself that we did not know, then nominate 5 or 15 more people for the award (I have seen differing numbers) and add a link back to me somewhere on the page so people can see who gave you the award.. easy and fun .. c

  5. Congrats on the award, that’s so exciting! I am all about having a glass of wine while cooking…gets the juices flowing. Much more creative with a little inspiration. 😉 Miss Guinea is awesome!

  6. I’m not absolutely certain that it isn’t best sometimes to just have the glass of wine *instead of* cooking . . . .
    C, your receipt of the award is completely deserved! You have given so much wisdom and joy to so many of us already that the award is simply validating what we already knew. Cheers! Your excellence humbles me in your sharing the limelight with others of us. That is certainly reflective of what I’ve come to know of you, and indeed, the blogiverse is proving full of wonderful people well worth the meeting.
    Happy award day!!

    • I think that you are right, the blog world is quite an intense and generous series of relationships.. and yes, wine instead of cooking.. on fridays i do exactly that, a glass of wine and a BLT is what we have had all summer!

  7. Thanks C! You’re very kind! I love Miss Guinea! 🙂

    We have all of seven asparagus plants, which should give us a couple of mouthfuls of asparagus eventually, and I think you’ve very brave with bees. I’d have thrown the camera and run away screaming! 🙂

    • celia you naughty girl never run from a bee, they have so many eyes that they kind of see everything in a flickery fast forward so it will terrify the poor little bee. Just very slowly and calmly.. back away from the bee! c

  8. Love number 3. What a wonderful mum you are to have thought of it!
    …and looove your guinea fowl. Brains the size of half peas but there is something so very endearing about them. Funny looking things they are.

  9. Oh wow, Thank you for awarding me this award. I am so grateful to you for doing that :). I would have though my good friend Greg would have beat me out with his blog lol. I love his blog like I love yours. Thank you so much. And to be honest, I always have a song in my head LOL. And sometimes I start to hum and then outright sing LOL. It’s funny to watch for most people but hey it happens lol.

    • Thank you Kay, your blog brings the diversity to our lives, plus the dreams! I look forward to hearing more about you too! c

  10. lovely getting to know more about you! I don’t like the seams of my socks touching the tips of my toes either 🙂 PS, you use your widget feature to add the blog award to the side bar 🙂

  11. Congratulations on the award C! Well deserved. It was fun learning more about you and I too have a mandatory glass of wine or G&T helping me through dinner preparations and cooking.
    Housework, what’s that again – thankfully I have a wonderful lady who comes 3 days a week – I would not be a happy person without her in our life!
    Have a super weekend.
    🙂 Mandy

    • Thank you Mandy, I believe I saw an award out there for you too on another wee blog yesterday, so congrats to you also.. c

  12. Take a day off from the computer, and look what happens! A friend gets an award, then passes the honor along!
    A thousand thanks, Dear C, for including me on this list, though it’s going to take a few days to come up with 15 bloggers I read who haven’t already played this game…
    Now, as to the first item on your list – are there really people who cook WITHOUT a glass of wine in-hand? I had no idea!
    Do you take some of that lovely asparagus to market, or horde it all for yourself? 😀

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  14. Congrats to you! And thanks so much for the sweet shout-out! Your tidbit about your son’s poetry assignment cracked me up. Ah, poetry. I suppose it’s all in the eye of the beholder. 🙂

  15. Wow I got an award from you Thanks a lot! And I find your #2 funny and odd at the same time, your the first person I knew that does it.

  16. Oh wow, I was so suprised to see my name on your list!! Thank you, C. I shall start on my list *thinks*, and put up my award 🙂

    I loved your list – we have a lot in common, including the inside out socks!!

    • You are welcome, and once again i am genuinely surprised that so many of us wear our socks inside out.. maybe we should get busy on designing a seam less sock! or one designed to wear inside out! c

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