A little Jack

The Frost I meant. Jack Frost was here. Not the drink! Not in the morning, I am being good today!  You guys!!  Look: Cupboard Love -Chooks, hoping to ambush me.

Here is a little Jack Frost this morning.

and here. 

The corn is still hanging in there.

The rooster above is illustrating for Katherine, who is going out to celebrate her birthday on Saturday, what not to do,  while wearing high heels and carrying a cocktail glass. 

These grapes were left so we can see what happens as the weather gets colder and the grape gets older. We are thinking about making ice wine one year!

Now I am going to go and write you a little story for tomorrow.


55 Comments on “A little Jack

  1. Frost!! Oh my!! I thought Jack was going to reference Jack O’Latern, not frost!! I’m not a cold weather lover but your photos have me feeling like I’d like to be right there!! And a little bit of Jack in your coffee to warm things up a bit!

  2. We’ve not had frost yet in the City and I haven’t had any Jack in ages. Considering that this lovely photographed post was about frost, it’s surprising how many of your readers are suggesting you go ahead and have a little Jack in the morning, Perhaps I should blog about using vodka as an astringent.

    • I am sure you don’t need the encouragement!! However, I am working on a Barn Vodka Martini, it will be served in a small bucket, self icing in the winter.. any ideas?!! c

  3. Hi Cecilia. Super photos. Do chickens always cross their legs! Looking forward to the story tomorrow.
    Florence x

    • I just realised he had crossed his legs when i got him up on the screen.. then it was.. oh wow.. slightly out of focus but could not resist his pose! c

    • Isn’t he lovely, he is only young and spends all day with his own girls out in the fields away from the other roosters.. he comes into the barn at night tho.. c

  4. Love the grapes! You should bring them in after they dry on the vine – homemade raisins!
    It’s still unusually warm here…no sign of frost yet. Our nights are still above 50 – that’s VERY odd…
    I’m ready for a crisp, frosty morning!

    • Wow, you are warm. i have started digging about for the gloves and woolly hats for the morning walks.. I will test your raisin theory too.. i will keep you posted! c

      • Oh yes, it works! We´ve made some that way too. Or you could make sweet dessert wine with the raisins..doesn´t make much though…

    • It is a lovely place to awake, I open the kitchen door and every animal on the farm turns to see if I am food! c

  5. Ha, I got so excited I had to go back and read. Thanks for the early birthday present. It’s next month, but hey I think I need to put on high heels and hold a cocktail this Saturday just for kicks!

  6. Wonderful photographs you captured dear Cecilia, especially the dark one with the silhuette! You are amazing. Thank you and Have a nice weekend, with my love, nia

    • It is next to be written after The Work I am writing now. I think I will write it as a screen play. I love that it has resonated with you. c

  7. Celi, please, please tell me your run a b&b. I will come. I will wander your grounds and feed your chickens if you want and collect eggs. This city girl needs her City Slickers moment. Did you ever see that movie? Love the photos as usual.

    • Oh celia those chickens are happy as larks, since we finished harvesting they have not had their chicken coop closed at all. The FREE in free range. The yolks in their eggs are a deep orange -they forage all day long! c

  8. Your photo’s are great…beautiful images all around you….I love the vineyard at this time of year…and I laughed at your posing rooster…a great ‘country’ image!

    • You will fall over sweetie. I looked at him thinking do you want to go to the Loo? are you holding on? what is going on here.. ah.. you are switching eyes,, aha.. snap.. c

  9. Yes the winter is coming and I’m hoping it doesn’t come to bad this year. We shall see. That reminds me, I think I want some grapes now 🙂

  10. Wow…you have a “coq au Riesling ” at the horizon ! You seem optimistic. I hope you don’t have foxes and magpies hidden in the landscape. Great photos !

  11. We had frost this week, too. Snow is in the forecast for next week, so we’re off to fit the kids with new parkas and snowpants this weekend (they do grow!). That is, after we clear away the perennials and pack up the fall yard for the big freeze. A glass of ice wine after dinner sounds about perfect 🙂

    • Hi Brydie, I am looking forward to the ice wine and for that we really do need more Volume.. so I shall be planting another few dozen vines this summer. then a few years after that (sigh) we should be able to make the ice wine.. wine just take so long!! c

    • That is a grand idea having it as a screen saver. If you ever want to knick one of the shots just go for it. I don’t sell them anymore. Just put my name on the card!! c

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