A Room with No View

A broken window in California.

So, I have relocated.  I am out in orchard country now. Soon we will plant the cuttings I brought from my garden for Third Sons herb garden.  Then I am taking on another supermarket, with a better list. I am getting good at this. My son is a great cook too so he is fun to shop with. The chilli bin/cooler, that travelled across America ahead of me, has been opened and we will be grilling lamb chops this evening. Sorry John, I know it is below freezing and has been snowing out there and you and Daisy are in a winter routine but out here in  California it is a beautiful, calm, clear and sunny day!

Love c

70 Comments on “A Room with No View

  1. They sure are keeping you busy! How nice that you brought cuttings for your Son’s garden. You should have plenty of room in your bags for the return trip home. I can’t wait to see what souvenirs you’ll be bringing us.

    • There is something wrong with my suitcase John, it does not matter how much I take out it is endlessly over flowing!! ha ha ha. c

    • It was broken in My brother in laws workshop, and a few hours after I took the shots yesterday, the man cam to fix it!! lucky! c

  2. I have never been to California it’s somewhere I would like to visit some day, orchard country sounds so evocative. Enjoy the rest of your trip and safe journey home.

  3. Say a big HI to third son from the Neville-Smith clan..i cast my mind back to all those years ago when he used to come and hang out and help build fences and mix concrete with us…enjoy your time.
    love Deb

  4. Your comment ‘cooking with my own son is great as we know exactly where each other is going in the kitchen’ is a beautiful statement about parenting. No doubt many others have the special thing they nurtured in and now share with their children – possibly different things with different children. I enjoyed watching Jamie Oliver cook with his father. Pleasure in each other’s company, a shared journey over a lifetime, the sense of a skill moving from one to another and blossoming. Such are the joys of parenting.

  5. Brill photos as always, but what about your grocery shopping – are you finding interesting things that you might want to plant in your own garden back home?

  6. are you having fun? I don’t have time to read all your news – sorry 😦 life is chaotic so I just popped in to say hi!

  7. Sounds so nice to be in there dear Cecilia… I can imagine… This is a wonderful gift, Herb Garden. And your son he is a great cook too, this is so beautiful. Seems that you will be travelling in different climates… Ah, lovely Daisy, I am sure everybody and every little friends are missing you, 🙂 Thank you dear Cecilia, Blessing and Happiness, with my love, nia

  8. Sorry I forgot again to say that these photographs are amazing. You captured such a nice and interesting shots. Thank you, dear Cecilia, with my love, nia

  9. I’ve been to a lot of places in the country, including a few in this world and nothing compares to the life one can live in NorCal. 🙂

  10. Temperatures are up and down around here. Flurries yes, but nothing I would call snow. That’s waiting for you when you come back. Enjoy it while you got it out there!

  11. Chilly bin is the best phrase ever! Haven’t heard it in soooo long now that I live in the States, but I say it to myself in my head every time I pack the cooler for a party or camping…

    • It is funny how we say things without thinking and it is entertaining for the people who have never heard such a collection of words! c

      • In grad school there were only three of us that served as teaching fellows in my second year, so we were very close. One of the guys was from Oz (and had his 16-year-old daughter along for the year), and when we got together for one of our family afternoons we played Pictionary (artists are terrible at it, contrary to the general belief, because we waste too much time on attempted pictorialism instead of quick symbols). John’s brother was also visiting from Oz. By the end of the game we were all paralyzed with laughter, because of course half of the clues were strictly Americanisms and half of John and Libbie and Dave’s answers were straight-up Aussie terms. We all spent the whole time trying to sort our candy floss from our cotton candy and our chooks from our hens. Too right!

  12. Is that what cotton candy is? I can just imagine the hysteria, that really would have been a fun night, especially if there was not a correctness nitwit in the bunch!! She’ll be right bro, where are the sheilas? c

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