The Last of the Wedding.

Wedding Dress

Jeep Cufflinks


College Girls with Scabby Knees.

Dancing Bridesmaids

That was yesterday and this morning I have a tired brain. Soon Third Son will come and collect me and carry me off to the Central Valley. It is a four hour drive and he is one of those drivers who you have to bribe to stop along the way for photos! Β He likes to get into his car and drive to where he is going without stopping!

Tonight we shall commence to COOK!


60 Comments on “The Last of the Wedding.

  1. Brilliant photos – a totally different look at a wedding. Loved the fabric…was that the bride or a guest? And I could feel the relief those throbbing feet felt once they had kicked their shoes off!

  2. I agree with Mandy, ” πŸ™‚ ” and all. And with all of the cooking to be done and your Son coming up, I’d say the fun has just begun. YAY!

  3. These photos are the BEST! You have a great eye for taking pics! Looks like there was lots of dancing!! And now looking forward to hearing what you’ll be cooking!!

  4. I, too, have been away so just popping in to catch up, I’d almost missed the wedding!! Love this series of photos, especially zipping up the dress… Iconic wedding moments with a “c” twist… Love them !

  5. The word that comes to my mind looking at this handful of photos is tenderness. Something in the way you use light and your loving eye maybe? Hope the party is fabulous x Joanna

  6. As always, just lovely, lovely photo compositions. Yes, my daughter played sports straight through college – soccer and basketball – and I’ve seen my share of scabby kneed friends! πŸ˜‰

  7. Perspective and detail. You nailed it in those wedding images. Photo storytelling at its best. Excellent.

    P.S. I hope your son stops for some photo ops. If not, here’s my advice: Clean the car windows, set the camera on a fast shutter speed and shoot to your heart’s content as you travel. Works great as long as you’re the passenger.

  8. if I had scabby knees in college, I think my grandmother would have wanted to make me put on stockings LOL. Wonderful post.. and I love those jeep cufflinks

  9. I love the incongruity of you, in the midst of a wedding, grubbing around on the floor taking photos. A true zealot.
    The light through the dress being zipped up is lovely in its delicacy.

  10. I loved this first photograph, wedding dress and shoes… Wonderful. Once again Congratulations and my best wishes for them. You really took so nice photographs, these college girls made me smile… and yes, dancing ladies… Thank you dear Cecilia, with my love, nia

  11. Love the photos. So beautiful and real. Especially the bit of the bride’s dress and shoes. It my have been a gorgeous wedding. And college girls with scabby knees? I did my best tree climbing in the first year of university, which is how I came by my knee scabs back in the day. What were they up to?

  12. Beautiful photos, so well observed. I love the scabby knees, no matter how glamourous you may look, there are those scabby knees showing through to another life away from the wedding πŸ™‚

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