Home Again, Home Again, Jiggedy Jig.

I am home again.  As you can imagine it has been a busy day today.  All the animals are present and accounted for except for a few of Houdinis  chickens.  TonTon has already forgotton I had been away. Mia (little ewe) was immediately at her special door waiting to come out and play. But the look on Daisy’s face! Not impressed At All.  She reached her huge head over the door, nudged my shoulder with her nose and  burped at me. Just burped into my face. Case closed, she said.

On the way home from the airport, quite a long drive, John told me that he had a surprise for me at home.  He had bought me something very special.   Something exciting. Something I will just love.  

Yes you are right. It is a haybaler. It is just the right size for HIS tractor. He saw it for sale on the side of the road and .. well, you know the rest. He hitched his checkbook out of his pocket then hitched the baler to his work truck and towed it home.  He is very pleased with himself. And he bought the rake as well, but the rake does not have a bow. I guess he knew the Jig was up by then.  At this very moment he is putting the baler back together after he took it apart to see how it worked! 

If all was fair in love and war I would buy him a single cow milking machine for HIS UnBirthday present!  Daisy is still unimpressed. But she will be impressed when she gets to eat the sweet alfalfa hay that John will harvest, next summer.  If John can work out how to untangle the strings.  I find it is best to leave the men alone when they get their strings tangled!

Tomorrow if it is fine I will take you for a walk around the Farmy and we will do a proper inspection.  I think I might light the fire this afternoon though, it is getting a wee bit chilly don’t you think?.


73 Comments on “Home Again, Home Again, Jiggedy Jig.

    • Yes he and TonTon did well with the bow! AND I just came back in from making our first bale of hay! In fact we went into the barn and dragged out an old bale of hay, pulled it apart and threw it quite dangerously into the machine and VOILA to our delight we had made ourselves a NEW bale of hay. WOO HOO! awesome.. weird but awesome.. Wake up Rumpy!! c

  1. Jiggedy Jig indeed – bet you´re so pleased to be home! And maybe you could recycle the bow for Daisy when she starts talking to you again 😉

    • Oh why didn’t i think of that, i think that yellow would go very nicely with her big brown eyes! I shall put it on the OUTSIDE wall of her stall or she might eat it .. c

    • Oh what a brilliant idea, i shall give JOHN a vacuum cleaner for his unbirthday! thank you so much.. that is perfect! Miss T you have all the good ideas! c

  2. Great to have you back. Love the new bailer! You could get your own back and paint it a shocking pink colour! te he!! I am sure you will grow to love it as much as John does.
    Regards Florence x

    • Florence, you are so bad!! I would be sent to John Deere HELL.. however, i may study your work and maybe paint a lovely delicate pink ROSE, in a prominent spot! c

  3. I bet you had no idea he would get you one of those! You lucky person you 😀 It must be wonderful to be home again. Looking forward to your morning walk about xx

  4. Welcome home dear Cecilia, I am so happy to hear you from there… I can guess how you were missed… Ah this lovely Daisy, she doesn’t look nice, maybe she is angry that you left her. The surprise seems great. You know, always my best wishes for you and for you family, Thank you, Have a nice new week, with my love, nia

  5. I do believe the milker is a perfect analogue to pair with this gift. But I admit a fine John Deere is a pretty sight, ribbon or no ribbon.

    No matter what Daisy says (or belches), welcome home! 😀 K

    • It is a sweet wee machine..mid eighties john said.. but it did deliver to us a bale of hay this afternoon.( albeit reconstituted from another bale of hay).. and it can tie a KNOT!! so all good.. had to laugh tho! ‘oh thank you darling, a hay baler, oo , just what i always wanted!!’c

      • Well, Mama’s most famous Romantic gift from Dad was bags of composted steer manure, and since you already have plenty of fertilizer producers of your own on the farm, I guess John won’t be able to pull *that* stunt on you, so there may be hope. 😉

        • Manure! I can’t tell you how exciting that would have been for me if I did not have access to good manure.. But the question is did your Mum do the gardening or your Dad?! c

  6. Wonderful! Although we have a joint checkbook and I couldn’t surprise Katherine this way. One year she surprised me with a trip and I was under orders not to look at the checkbook or credit card statement for a set amount of time. Glad you’re home.

    • Well i am glad you were a dutiful husband and did not peek.. Now that i am home i shall play catch up and see what is happening in your kitchen!! c

  7. Speaking of strings getting tangled… When my younger son first joined Pathfinders, he found that we were going to be working on the Knot Tying honor. His response? “Knot Tying honor!? What I need is a Knot Untying honor!” What he learned was that when you tie a proper knot, it can be untied with little difficulty. That’s one of the things that makes it proper.

      • Here’s one that should serve well for that purpose:

        I had to Google “manger knot” for a reference, and was a little surprised that the knot I added to Wikimedia came up first. I guess I HAVE tied that knot before!

  8. I will heed your advice to give a wide berth to men with their strings crossed 🙂

  9. So glad that you made it home safe and sound! 🙂 I think that the baler is a great unbithday present, but then again my wife asked for a grill for mothers day a couple of years ago so I could do more of the cooking. Everytime I use it, she sees it as a present her. (Get the milker, it would complement the baler so well.)

    • California was beautiful weather wise and this morning i certainly got the bite from the Illinois wind..! Thanks Harold c

  10. Welcome home! The airport was “… quite a long drive … “. Tsk, tsk, tsk. At least you were in a car. In the old days, we hitched up a mule team to get to the airport — and there was no fancy schmancy baler waiting for us when we got home. Just that same mule team and a cow named Daisy. Daisy! Wait a minute …

    • Mule team to the airport is a gorgeous and very confusing anachronism, I think you need to pop down to the farmy for a rest!! c

    • So they do and it is true, Though My starter sat out on the counter the whole time i was away as i forgot to stash it back in the fridge, so i am Hoping that it will come back to life, it is being reluctant! (worried frown) c

  11. Welcome home! As one who has asked for – and received – ‘odd’ gifts, I am in awe of your John’s skills!
    (That wood chipper on the back of my tractor? Birthday present, 2 years ago. One of my favorites!)

    • Don’t we love our tractors you and I!! Which reminds me.. i think it is time we got our chipper out, the next two days will be all about pruning, and chipping..c

  12. Welcome home! My husband once came home from the hardware store with a gift for “me” that turned out to be the angle cutting jig he had been desperately coveting for some baseboard project he had going on. Um… yay? Happy unBirthday to both of you!

  13. I don’t know how he contained his excitement for YOU on the ride home. I delivered in my husband’s Easter basket…tiny ducklings..for HIM…touche.
    Glad all is as it should be on the farm…I’ll be back for tomorrow’s inspection. 🙂

    • Oh your ducklings in a basket sounds SO COOL! and yes I could never in a million years been able to keep that a secret for that long! c

  14. I laughed when I read your title, “Home again, home again, jiggedy jig.” My husband says that quite often when we pull into the driveway after a trip away. I’d never heard that before marrying him.

    And, oh, your John, does he have the flair for gift-wrapping, nicely matching a yellow bow with the green and yellow colors of John Deere.

    Welcome home!

    • For some reason I say that all the time too, my kids always get a kick out of it , well at least i think they do audrey!! c

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