How to Make an Ice Bucket for Chilled Champagne

A special occasion needs a special ice bucket just for the bubbly. Here is how to make a nice Icy Ice Bucket. 

  • Fill a clean bucket with water.
  • Sit the bucket outside overnight so that the water in the bucket freezes.
  • The next day, upturn the bucket and bash it until the ice slides out.
  • Gently knock a hole into the top and pour out the little bit of unfrozen icy water in the middle.  Pour some of the water onto the table.
  • Set your ice bucket into the puddle on the table , where it will quickly freeze TO the table. And there you have it – a very stable Icy Ice bucket! 

Lower your chilled champagne into it’s bucket. Then take the champagne out of it’s bucket. Pop the cork softly, into the palm of your hand. Gently, don’t bruise the  bubbles. 

Pour. Let the champagne slide down the side of the glass. Don’t pop those bubbles. The bubbles are Good. Return your bottle to the  ice bucket.

Clink.  Cheers.  Drink.  Happy Birthday To Me!

love celi

PS Be careful eating the berries – they are frozen solid by now!!  (bubbly laughter). And don’t stay out too long or you and your champagne will be frozen solid too.  However if the weather stays nice and cold, ( I know this is a contradiction in terms but bear with me) your frozen  ice bucket will wait on its frozen table to chill the Christmas champagne as well.   Maybe even New Years.  You never know.


115 Comments on “How to Make an Ice Bucket for Chilled Champagne

  1. So beautiful…. First of all because of the photographs… and secondly how makes me to be there and to drink in this great ambience… You are so artistic dear Cecilia, Thank you, with my love, nia

  2. What a fab idea. Is it your birthday? If it is Many happy returns. Have a lovely day. Will be back later to catch up with what you have been doing. I have just spied the fab photos and those pies!!! Oh no – the diet will go out of the window.
    Regards Florence x

  3. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Celi, Happy Birthday to you. (sung in my best voice) 🙂
    I LOVE your ice bucket – although not sure I would be able to make one like that here without the help of my chest freezer!
    I will toast in your honour this evening wishing you a wonderful year ahead.
    🙂 Mandy

  4. Happy Birth Day to you.
    It’s a nice idea, but this will not work in my country. If i will try to these steps, then we can drink this bottle of Champagne instead of tea. 🙂

  5. ¡Cumpleaños Feliz, cumpleaños feliz! Yay for your birthday, you deserve champagne after making that amazing ice bucket and taking those fantastic photos. Wishing you a wonderful day and a year ahead full of wonderful things…yuo deserve no less 🙂

  6. 🙂 That’s some clever ice bucket! You know, I’d love to see snow someday but I’m kinda afraid of it. I mean, I live in the tropics where it never gets that cold yet some nights I use an equivalent of two blankets to feel warm in bed. I wonder at myself! Still, I hope to one day try out your winter experiments 🙂

  7. Happy Birthday! Some of my favorite people have birthdays on December 11–it’s a special day! Love this idea–unfortunately (or fortunately) it hasn’t been cold enough here in the northeast to freeze ice!

  8. Cheers! Skål! Prost! Egészségére! Salut! Cin cin! L’Chaim!
    Gratulerer med dagen (A very happy birthday to you), my darling, and many many more!
    And now I *know* that we are twins-separated-at-birth (though as usual I’m the slooowwww kid, having arrived a whole day later). May your whole year be overflowing with joy and delight.

    • So you are the 12th, wow there are quite a few of us Sago;s meeting here. Thank you for the birthday greetings and have a fab day tomorrow, though the way we are I will get to say that then too! c

  9. OH how I hearts me some champagne! If that region wasn’t so damn cold, I’d live right there next to the source.

    • Well it is pretty cold, though today looks like it may warm up a bit, we will get above freezing so that is all good! c

  10. … and I’ve had New Zealand “sparkling wine” … and It’s good! pretty darn good!

    • Today I am drinking Aussie sparkles,,(No, you are right not champers AT ALL) Jacobs Creek. it is not too bad and I can buy it out here on the prairies, and it has bubbles! c

  11. Happy Birthday! I love a little bubbly to celebrate birthdays!! Hope you have a very nice day and all your wishes come true!! Darn my 80 degree weather is just not going to work for this!!

  12. So, ya kinda snuck the birthday thing in, didn’t ya! “How to make an ice bucket … “, indeed! I should’ve known when last night’s News showed security camera footage of a cow and dog attempting to buy party favors at a Walmart that … Wait a minute … um … Nevermind … Oh! Stay outta the barn for a while.

    Have a surprising birthday, Celi, and many more!

    • I told them about Walmart!

      Thank you John, I had better climb the ladder in the barn and throw down the hay before i wack the top off a bottle of champers! c

  13. Celi – Happy Birthday which you share with my older sister today. Now here’s to a woman who will swoon over an ice bucket and not bat an eye at the absence of a birthday cake. Guess Ton Ton can’t cook! 😀

    • Happy birthday to your sister too. No cake, but I am making up for it by putting frozen fruit in with my bubbles!! TonTon is useless in the kitchen!! Have a great sunday evening Soul. c

  14. Happy birthday! It doesn’t get cold enough here on a regular basis to make one of them, but I might could have last night!

    • Still up and down, just below and above freezing, but in a few weeks we will drop below freezing, go even further and stay there for a while. I will keep you posted. Just to shock you all! c

  15. That is so cool, reminds me of iced over puddles in the UK with that lovely frosty film on top and you put your foot through it and then wet feet :o) Happy Birthday and cheers my dear!

    • kisses straight back to you Cinful Cindy. I love to think of you having your afternoon glass out in the rose filled garden! c

    • The bucket is great for all kind of drinks. When we have gatherings I line the verandah table with them and they hold the coke, the beer, the wine, the water!! anything that likes to stay very cold and will be drunk before it freezes! c

      • Good thought. Oh, and happy birthday to you!! Mine is coming up as well…kinda a stressful time of year to be born for our poor mamas. I hope you have/had a wonderful day!

          • Yes, I did, and it’s simply not fair! Not by my parents, but by others. I think they justified it by saying that they spent more on the gift…but I wasn’t buying that when I was a kid!!! Mine’s January 3rd, so it’s after, and I always (rudely) imagined that they waited for the after-Christmas sales to get me something then! Greedy thing.

  16. Great photos… I’m now craving a wee sip!! Happy Birthday.. I hope it isn’t over where you are and I’ve missed it! I hope everything was just as you’d like it:)

  17. Awww Happy Birthday Ms. Cecilia :). I LOVE this Birthday treat you had.. I think I would love this for myself. But I better let me stepfather read this post so my mom can get this for her birthday :). I hope you enjoyed your day

    • What a great idea, tell your StepDad to rest the water for a few hours so there are not bubbles in it when it freezes, I keep forgetting to do that step. c

    • I would love you to try it honey, it is so simple it is silly! Though the snow trick is just as good and quite romantic too!! c

  18. Belated Birthday wishes, Dear Lady!
    Now, go put a fat, white birthday candle (only one, no need for age revealing mulitples!) in that now-empty ice bucket, and make a lantern to light the way to the party!

    • What a stunning idea, and as it melts the light will catch all the drips! I shall do that, you are a clever wee thing! c

  19. Hope I’m not too late in wishing you a very Happy Birthday and may your celebration continue! Love the ice bucket, if only we could make one that way here…supposed to go back up to the 60’s tomorrow. I raise a glass and say cheers to you, Cecilia!

  20. Happy birthday!
    Well, I’m a bit late, so I have to hope it was a good one.
    Cool idea, but “Sit the bucket outside overnight so that the water in the bucket freezes.” won’t work very often over here.

  21. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, C!!!! I am sorry to be so late sending my birthday wishes, but my daughter keeps hijacking my computer. Hugs to you from The Great White North. I hope it was a great day for you!

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