Tea Cups and Jars

Did I tell you that John has predicted that spring is coming early? Just a thought. 

So now we have these growing in the South Window. I know, they will get leggy. However you always plant tomatoes right up to their leaves as they are one of the few plants that will grow roots from the stem if planted deeply and that is a good thing. So they are forgiving.  And John just gets desperate to start growing and he was never one for rules and dates anyway.  Those little first leaves have such promise in this mornings sunrise.

Yesterday I felt like something crunchy to nibble on so I cruised about and found these Sunflower and Cheese Crackers from Food in Jars. Oh excellent,  I thought to myself Low carb, crispy and healthy. Went to the pantry and only a half cup of sunflower seeds.   But I did have raw almonds and my ever present flax seeds.  Do visit Food in Jars to get the recipe. In the food processor I pulsed flax seeds, almonds, a few caraway seeds and sunflower seeds to make up a cup, then a cup of grated cheese and then water to make a dough. Rolled out and cooked.  So here they are in a Tea Cup. 

A Girl with a Teacup introduced me to this fantastic dressing which I had made the other day. It is made with chickpeas and oil and garlic and vinegar and other stuff and is very very tasty. We have been eating it with everything. So I took my crackers and dipped them in! YUM! It was a lovely taste of summer. Here is the Summer Dressing in a Jar. 

Teacups and Jars. Get it!

Now it is time to look on your calender and see what your last frost date was. Count back six weeks.  Some seeds will need to be sown soon.   And some other seeds need to be chilled. We will talk about those tomorrow.

It is  great morning, 14F here and the sun is rising into a clear sky.  No wind. A perfect winter day.  All the animals will be out in the cool sun today! Me too.

Good morning


PS. Here are the Answers to your questions from yesterday:

  • Use copper pieces to clean the jars as the copper is soft and will not scratch the glass.
  • Vinegar is for shine.
  • ChgJohn commented that using the same principal, add ice and a little salt to the inside of your coffee pot (the glass carafe)  and shake that around to clean it.
  • Yummy said to use coke to get those burnt bits off the stainless steel pots, which just underscores why I do not drink coke!! Just use it as a cleaning product!

Sam added a tip to the discussion about improving your photos.  Using the principle of thirds applied to light: e.g. One third light or two third dark.  Or the barn would be two thirds dark and the sky one third light. And vice versa.

Have fun


75 Comments on “Tea Cups and Jars

  1. Dearest I heard this early Spring in somewhere else too… Isn’t it strange? Your first photograph is amazing, fascinated me. You are doing great… and sharing so nice, good and interesting things always. And I can see how busy lady you are, in there… Thank you, Have a nice and enjoyable day, with my love, nia

    • Morning Nia, we will be watching to see when your spring is too. I hope you have a window so you can grow some herbs! c

  2. In London we haven’t really had winter! I’ve got a geranium which is still flowering, albeit slowly.
    I loved Food in Jars and subscribed too – thanks for mentioning it 😉

    • It is a most unusual winter but I am not going to argue with a mild one, the last four out here have been severe, we needed a break! c

  3. I like the look of those crackers. My retired dentist husband told me that if you drop an extracted tooth into a glass of coke and leave it overnight, there will be no tooth in the morning. Since when I also have not drunk coke! 

  4. My, Celi, you sure are planting early! I’m waiting until sometime in March — after my visit home. Since I’m only doing about a dozen tomatoes (some earmarked for my neighbors’ gardens), it’s not that big of a deal. Thanks for mentioning the coffee pot cleaning. Just to be clear, we used this on the glass carafes, of the type one sees in use at many diners and restaurants.

  5. I’ve seen recipes for baking things in coffee cans, etc. but never gave it a go. The dressing recipe looks right up my alley! Hopefully John is correct!!! t

  6. I will have to show Big Man this and translate it as we don´t even get frost here and could probably be harvesting tropical fruits right now (ok, a slight exaggeration) but NO…if it´s not the Feast of Saint whoever, no planting of tomatoes allowed! Hmph…. 😉

    • Do you grow winter cabbages and lettuce, and plant your onions and garlic on the shortest day, things like that? You probably have a garden all year round! Lucky girl.. c

      • No cabbages as one of my brothers in law does that but yes to when we plant the onions and garlic and we have chard, celery and citrus fruit all year round and are just about to get more artichokes and broad beans ready to eat…lucky us!

        • Artichokes. I love their flowers. I am putting in quite a few this year for the bees, not to eat- to flower! Wild! You are so lucky being able to grow all year round and i cannot tell you how envious I am of your lemon tree.. c

  7. I’m with Your John…but I only plant onion seeds and pansies this early!
    Marisa’s Food in Jars is exceptional; I made a bunch of her stuff last summer, like the Tomato-Basil Jam.

    • Oh Tomato basil jam that sounds divine.. now we really are longing for those summer tastes, a long way to go yet! John plants his tomatoes out when they are quite big so i kind of see his logic. Though i also have sown some onion seeds and the celery.. and pansies what a good idea! c

  8. How simply delicious these crackers are!! Love their rustic look and the dressing sounds fabulous…I love all our creative bloggers!!

  9. Seems like everyone gets the urge to start planting this time of year. Our frost date is Feb 15 – but we’ve had a mild winter ( with lots of rain) so some stuff wants to appear early. Just the thought of tomatoes…..can’t wait! (and the rackers look yum)

  10. Thanks for the answers and tips, Celi, some very useful things to know. I’m going to check out these yummy sounding and looking recipes from Food in Jars and A Girl with a Teacup right now! Have a beautiful day!

  11. Your recipes were a plus today because they are Gluten Free and I can eat them. Hurray, I can’t wait to try them, and thanks! ~ Lynda

  12. Yes, this is a great cracker recipe. I’ve done it both with and without the cheese. The only thing I’d change next time I make it is to season the ‘dough’ more liberally, as I’ve been too timid with it thus far and I like something with a little more inherent character. This will nudge me to get after making them again; thanks!

  13. I don’t have even a small garden, but only a balcony where I grow some herbs, but the funny thing is that some keep green during the Winter. I still have fresh Asian chives and parsley, so I almost feel like in Spring! The crackers and the dip look both delicious.

  14. Oooooooohh! Tomato seedlings, and here am I getting all excited about a few snowdrops! I’d better go and check my seed packet to see when I can plant my toms!

  15. Not sure if I’m supposed to be here during an internet blackout, but I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Wow – two great recipes. Thanks for that, Celi.

    • Yeah i was not aware of all that as I never read the news or watch tv, no radio or anything, I had better do some research. c

  16. That dressing sounds totally yummy and I love the beautiful jar you have put it in. It’s been a mild winter here so it feels a bit spring like on certain days. I could believe my eyes last week, when I saw some roses, in the west of Ireland, just coming into bloom.

    • Oh roses, how lovely, I am not sure about the early spring, i think it is possible we will have a late winter, but we will see.. c

  17. Such pretty things Celi – your blog is always so pretty. Must be why it’s one of my favourite places to come with my morning cup of tea. I’m currently collecting old jars and bottles for my new kitchen (I wanted to make your pyramid of cans but was voted out, boo!) so this post and the last are nice and handy. Ta!

  18. I just love using my old mason jars for just about anything. And this dressing looks amazing. And the sunflower and cheese crackers look really good.

  19. Thank you for introducing me to two new blogs Cecilia and thank you for all the tips.
    I never drink cola but I do use it to clean stubborn spots, it works like a charm. How people drink it knowing what it does their bodies is something I will never understand

  20. We’re on low carb too, and those crackers sound great. Sent the link to my hubby as I am a pretty poor baker… For a spring update, my tulips are about 5-6 inches out of the ground already. One of my blueberry bushes put flowers out in November…aaaaarrrgghhhh…

    • Oh no, best i check my blueberries, hopefully they are not dong the same thing, surely yours will flower again at the proper time, fingers crossed. c

  21. Hello. I’ve just bookmarked your blog. It looks great. You mentioned lavender, and that you have some in the fridge? Exactly what is the deal with lavender? I have tried to grow it for two years now – the English kind. I’ve tried moist, I’ve tried dry, and it just doesn’t seem to respond? I really liked your time management post too. I admire you for your 5.30am starts! I’m pretty organised, but that just seems superhuman!

    • Hi and welcome. I sow my lavender seeds into little pots and cover with a little media, then moisten and pop the pots into a shoebox that I put into the back of the refrigerator. I leave them there for 6 weeks. Then bring the pots out and put them in the window to germinate. My bees love lavender so I sow some every year. But they are inclement and I get about a 50 percent strike rate. c

      • Ok, I will try that method. Thanks. And I feel a bit better now that I know it’s just their natural temperament and not me! I guess 50% is much higher than in nature though, now that I think about it. I think I’ve only ever had one naturally struck lavender seedling ever.

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